14 best Sidi cycling shoes

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    • Road

      Shoes designed for long distance rides on the bike therefore little attention went into off-bike use. These shoes usually have a smooth and rigid plastic or carbon sole, devoid of grips or lugs, while the uppers are usually vented for breathability. See road cycling shoes


      These shoes have more aggressive, lugged outsoles to better aid the rider while off the bike. Tends to be crafted from tougher and water resistant materials for rough and muddy trails. This section includes Enduro cycling shoes. See mountain cycling shoes


      Almost similar to road shoes but are designed to be easily removable, have soft lining for sockless comfort, and good drainage. See Triathlon cycling shoes


      Also take after road shoes, but tend to be very simple in aesthetic and almost always equipped with traditional lace closures. See track cycling shoes


      Often called spinning shoes and related to fitness, this type is considered to be a fusion of both road and mountain shoes, as it has more rubber than a road shoe for walking around but sleeker than a mountain bike shoe. See indoor cycling shoes


      This cycling activity houses various footwear designs. When the course is wet, shoes used resemble mountain bike shoes, but if it is wet, flat pedals and sneakers are usually used. See Cyclocross cycling shoes


      These shoes usually display a casually stylish design that includes footwear used for leisurely biking, commuting, and touring. It houses skate-inspired bike sneakers, BMX footwear and bike sandals suitable for the urban jungle to rocky terrains. See casual cycling shoes.


      Cycling shoes with insulated and/or waterproof features and usually with over-the-ankle coverage. Engineered to protect from the cold, wind or moisture during chilly seasons. See winter cycling shoes

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    • 2 holes

      The most common type of cleat system as it could be used for all types of cycling. Get shoes with a 2-bolt cleat system

      3 holes

      Most commonly used for road cycling because it provides a stable platform for energy transfer and more secure connection to the bike while cycling. Get shoes with a 3-bolt cleat system

      4 holes

      These shoes are almost exclusively made for riding. It provides more adjustability options in the shoe-pedal connection. Get shoes with a 4-bolt cleat system


      Cycling shoes with normal rubber sole designs. Do not feature any bolt system and are often used for casual cycling. Get Flat cycling shoes

      Cleat design
    • Lace

      Cycling footwear that uses shoelaces to secure feet in place. See lace-up cycling shoes

      Velcro Strap

      Also called hook and loop, this closure system fastens via straps. These shoes are relatively easy to put on and off. See Velcro strap cycling shoes


      This closure is a patented system that consists of three parts: micro-adjustable dial, ultra durable yet lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides. It is designed to provide optimal fit and precision. See BOA-equipped cycling shoes


      Shoes with a device that secures two loose ends. It is usually made from metal or plastic.


      Shoes that use a micro-adjusting plastic strap, usually located at the top of the shoe. See Ratchet cycling shoes

    • Traction Tread

      Shoes with this feature provide excellent grip and are essentially slip-resistant. Check Traction Tread cycling shoes


      Crafted from waterproof materials, these shoes protect the wearer’s feet from getting wet and may be used in wet conditions. Check waterproof cycling shoes


      These shoes' materials are able to hold off the penetration of water to some degree but not fully. See water-resistant cycling shoes


      Shoes with reflective materials aim to enhance visibility in low-light areas for the wearer’s safety. Check reflective cycling shoes


      Cycling shoes that allow air to permeate through the materials. These shoes usually employ perforated textiles or there are ventilation holes throughout. See breathable cycling shoes

      Replaceable Sole

      Most often found on Road Cycling shoes' smooth outsoles. The sole guards provide traction and grip when off the bike. Replaceable ones are deemed to be more practical. See shoes with Replaceable Sole Guards

      Lace Tucks

      Lace closures are the original lockdown system of cycling shoes. However, cyclists fear these laces getting caught in their bikes while riding. This is where Lace Tucks come in handy. Some shoes employ different techniques such as sleeves, pockets, and garter loops to keep laces safe and tucked away. See cycling shoes with Lace Tucks

    • Color
    • Collection
      • Leather Upper

        This material is commonly used in leisure-based cycling shoes. Due to its durable and flexible nature, leather works excellently for commuting or hike-a-biking. See leather cycling shoes

      • Technology

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        $250 $140 Save 44%
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        $215 $162 Save 25%
      3. Sidi Alba - black
        Any color
        Sidi Alba - Black/Red
        Sidi Alba - Black/White/Red
        $200 $120 Save 40%
      4. Sidi Shot Matt - Black
        $550 $289 Save 47%
      5. Sidi Kaos - White
        $300 $200 Save 33%
      6. No image
        $355 $279 Save 21%
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      8. Sidi Cape - Black
        $325 $204 Save 37%
      9. Sidi Shot - White
        $350 $320 Save 9%
      10. No image
        $500 $352 Save 30%
      11. Sidi Trace - Black
        $200 $190 Save 5%
      12. Sidi SD15 - Sand Black
        $225 $135 Save 40%
      13. No image
        $215 $163 Save 24%
      14. No image
        $400 $215 Save 46%

      Armed with over half a century of experience, Sidi is one of the few cycling brands that riders hold in high standards. Recognized for their superb craftsmanship, these Italian-bred shoes have been chosen by countless athletes. The brand combines its substantial background with innovation to continue providing excellent cycling footwear for the modern cyclist.

      And, if you want to know more about Sidi bike shoes, below is everything you need.

      Types of men's and women's Sidi cycling shoes 

      Every brand sorts their shoe designs into several sections to provide an easier and more pleasant experience for the inquiring customer. For Sidi, there are four main categories which are Road, MTB, Outdoor, and Freetime. The first two groups were further broken down into Mega and Woman subcategories. 

      The women’s section houses models designed with women’s lasts and the Mega division showcases shoes with structures made for wide feet. Lastly, Sidi shoes with matte finishings are distinguished from the rest through the label “Matt” in their official names.

      best Sidi cycling shoes

      Best Sidi cycling shoes - December 2019


      Generally, Sidi’s road cycling shoes display the traditional structure of bike footwear - narrow last, stiff sole, on-the-fly adjustments, and lightweight structure. Shoes in this category employ the following fastening types: the Tecno-3 Push system, Velcro straps, and the Caliper buckle. The section also includes triathlon-based models and winter road-specific designs. 


      Footwear in this department closely resembles the designs of shoes in the former category. Only this time, additional toe protective overlays are noticeable, and their soles are evidently more rugged and bulkier. Sidi MTB shoes also include winter-equipped models and several hiking footwear-like designs.


      Sidi models that fall under this section are designed for cycling on super rough trails. Apart from being able to withstand the outdoors, these shoes are also engineered to keep the rider comfortable when they take inevitable short walks in the woods. This category also consists of winter-ready models as well as sneaker-like designs.


      The shoes in this category are meant for urban commuting or short leisurely rides. These designs also look relatively casual and resemble the aesthetic of every day sneakers. However, these pairs are still engineered with cycling features such as ultra-grippy soles and heel cups.

      Exclusive Sidi shoe technologies 

      Most brands come up with several unique innovations that could only be found in their products. Companies use this to attract consumers and to simply offer a unique and possible efficient experience to the wearer. Find out what technologies Sidi has to offer below.

      Tecno-3 Push system

      This system is Sidi’s version of the BOA dial. It features a series of cable designs that work in conjunction with a buckle or a dial to provide an accurate fit. Depending on the lacing design, the lightweight Sidi wire material could sometimes be attached to a strap or go through different interconnected loops. The Tecno-3 buckle is the primary mechanism that facilitates the adjustment. Just push the center button to release the buckle and wind or unwind to tighten or loosen.

      The whole fastening system is replaceable and serviceable. The Sidi Ergo 5 shoe features this innovation.

      Soft Instep closure system

      The Soft Instep closure system is essentially a specially engineered strap developed by Sidi. It is anatomically curved to perfectly shape after the top of the foot. Underneath the belt, a soft, thermo-formed EVA pad is fused for an even distribution of pressure. It could be adjusted in both sides of the strap to center the foam directly on top of the foot no matter its shape.

      This innovation gets rid of the need for an additional high instep extender. The strap is replaceable. One of the many shoes that use this is the Sidi MTB Trace.

      Caliper buckle

      The Caliper buckle is Sidi’s version of the ratchet buckle. It has the same purpose and aesthetic as the ratchet but works a bit differently. To completely open the clasp lift both sides at the same time. Once it’s open, the strap is free to move. We suggest pulling the strap as snug as you like at first then push both sides down to close.

      To loosen and achieve that ideal fit, just push the center button to unbind in increments. The Sidi MTB Cape employs this feature.

      Sidi heel cup

      The brand’s heel cup design consists of an external layer in the rear area. It is designed to keep the foot in an optimal position while pedaling. The heel cup also prevents the structure of the shoe from being deformed due to extreme performance or prolonged pressure. Check out the Sidi Shot for an example.

      An adjustable heel retention device

      Working in unison with the Sidi heel cup, the retention device optimizes the shoe’s fit by reinforcing the top part of the heel. It tightens the top of the heel to prevent heel slippage during steep climbs and sprints. Each side of the device can be adjusted, allowing the wearer to achieve that optimal fit.

      Turning the screw towards the “+” sign will tighten the fit while turning in towards the “-” sign loosens the fit. The device is replaceable. One of Sidi’s models that employ this device is the Sidi Wire 2 Carbon.

      Frequently asked questions

      How do Sidi cycling shoes fit?

      “Do Sidi shoes run small?” “Are Sidi shoes true to size?” 

      These are just some of the curious questions usually inquired by cycling enthusiasts who are in search of their next purchase. Researching and studying how a brand or a specific model fits is an intelligent first step towards this goal. Although due to very distinct foot shapes and needs, the reviews you find might not apply to you.

      But don’t fret, there are several ways to find your perfect fitting pair. Finding the correct fit is very important as it can keep you comfortable while optimizing your pedaling power. Check out some tips below.

      • Before you start, consider if you are going to wear socks or go barefoot. 
      • Measure your feet in cm or inches. If you choose to wear socks, you will take the measurements with socks on. And if you decide to go barefoot, take it sockless.
      • Take note of the number you got and search for the corresponding shoe size in Sidi’s size chart.
      • You can also check out thorough reviews of Sidi models on our site. You will be provided with information regarding the available sizes and widths as well as on the best size option to get.

      Do Sidi shoes stretch?

      Cycling shoes, in general, do not stretch like the casual sneaker. Materials used in cycling performance footwear are engineered to maintain its shape to provide the athlete with essential support while pedaling. Hence, if a pair feels too constricting right out the box, you should opt for the next size up.

      Where are Sidi bike shoes made?

      The majority of the company’s shoes are made in Italy or Romania. But at least two models have been reported to be made in China. Although the U.S. division’s president reassured that the process was highly supervised by the main office. The two models that were said to be manufactured in China are old models and are no longer in Sidi’s lineup.

      Which replacement part does Sidi provide?

      Since the brand uses several exclusive technologies in their shoes, consumers can only get the replacement from Sidi alone. Here are the company’s spare parts available.

      • Tecno-3 Push system (available in short and long variations)
      • Soft Instep straps (available in varying sizes)
      • Caliper buckle
      • Strap for Caliper buckle
      • The adjustable heel retention device
      • Anti-slip heel rubber pads
      • Vent Air intake for the sole
      • Toe rubber inserts
      • SRS Sole Replacement System or MTB rubber inserts to cover the full sole
      • Insoles (available in Memory, Comfort Fit, and London options)

      How to clean Sidi cycling shoes?

      Proper care and upkeep of your cycling shoes can extend their life and usage. Hence, knowing how to regularly maintain your footwear is essential. Check below for tips you can try.

      • Store your shoes in a cool, dry place that is out of reach of the sunlight and is well-ventilated.
      • For dirt and stains, clean with a damp sponge.
      • Fill the insides with paper towels or newspaper to absorb any moisture and to keep the shape.
      • If your pair isn’t dirty after using, just run a soft brush throughout to remove debris and dust.
      • If the model you own features a lot of hardware, regularly clean them and apply a silicone-based lubricant.
      • Routinely check all screws if any need to be tightened, especially the heel pads and sole inserts such as the SRS Sole Replacement System. 

      14 best Sidi cycling shoes

      1. Sidi Alba 2
      2. Sidi Trace 2
      3. Sidi Shot Matt
      4. Sidi Ergo 5
      5. Sidi T-4 Air Carbon
      6. Sidi Kaos
      7. Sidi Alba
      8. Sidi Genius 7
      9. Sidi Wire 2 Carbon
      10. Sidi Trace
      11. Sidi Shot
      12. Sidi Cape
      13. Sidi Drako 2 SRS
      14. Sidi SD15