6 best Salomon road running shoes

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          When running on outdoor terrain, trails, mountains, and other areas, a runner will surely come across challenging surfaces that tend to make the exercise unbearable. When we are faced with struggles like this, it is good to know that we can rely on a variety of Salomon shoes for road running.

          The Salomon road running shoes are the perfect companion for long and challenging running adventures. These shoes are made with the top quality materials that are designed to improve running performance and increase the product’s durability. 

          Salomon is committed to developing products and processes which are environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle.

          Competitive Technologies Showcased in Salomon Road Running Shoes

          best salomon road running shoes
          Best Salomon road running shoes - October 2019

          Salomon has developed several state-of-the-art technologies and materials that can never be found anywhere else except in their line of shoes. These technologies have been utilized to produce the best Salomon shoes for road running.

          Here are some of the prominent features showcased in the range of Salomon running shoes:

          • Vibe - The Salomon’s Vibe technology is formed by combining Energy Cell+ and Opal. Energy Cell+ is a compression-molded EVA midsole, while the Opal is a Thermoplastic Polypropylene material that is lighter and softer than TPU’s. Energy Cell+ and Opal interact with each other to reduce the impact vibrations causing fatigue. The Vibe technology lies in the midsoles of Salomon running shoes like the Sense Ride 2
          • Advanced Chassis design - Salomon created a support feature that the company has used for more than a decade. The chassis is a layer of plastic or dense foam placed between the midsole and rubber outsole. Salomon developed a more advanced chassis design that does not only adjust to the foot’s movement but also help the midsole cushioning retain its shape and make the shoe more efficient during movement. 
          • EndoFit™ - Salomon running shoes feature an internal sleeve that is designed to hug the foot securely and comfortably. Salomon developed a technology that does not only accommodates the foot’s natural movement but also protects the skin from irritation.
          • Quicklace™ - Salomon Quicklace System has been a patented design for over 10 years. It is an arrangement of fit-securing components that are made to regulate the in-shoe feel quickly.
          • Anti-debris mesh - The upper mesh of Salomon’s running shoes serves as a barrier against dust and debris. What differentiates Salomon shoes’ mesh upper from other brands is its ability to effectively prevent the entry of physical elements while allowing the air into the foot chamber. 
          • Contagrip® - Salomon developed outsoles that deliver a perfect blend of durability and grip by combining different densities that work in any conditions. 

          Reasons for choosing Salomon road running shoes

          Choosing the ideal running shoe among a variety of choices available isn’t quite easy. You need to make sure that the shoe fits your needs and feels comfortable to help you run faster. It is helpful to know the information and consumers’ feedback about the running gear that will be with you over the next hundred miles. 

          Here are some of the many reasons why people like Salomon road running shoes. 

          • Value - Salomon running shoes are dependable running companions made with great attention to detail. Salomon shoes are regularly updated using only top quality materials and the latest technology. Even though Salomon running shoes cost a bit more than some other brands, people found the quality of these shoes to be outstanding and worthy of investment.
          • Comfort - Salomon running shoes have a high rebound midsole that absorbs shock and provides high energy return. Consumers testified that Salomon road shoes offer just enough cushioning to keep the foot comfortable over uncertain grounds and longer distances. 
          • Durability and Performance - The upper of the Salomon running shoes are created using more sophisticated materials, providing additional breathability and durability for the shoes. The outsoles of Salomon road running shoes are widely known for their exceptional gripping ability, providing great traction across all kinds of terrain, both wet and dry. 

          Frequently Asked Questions

          What are the differences between Salomon road running shoes and Salomon trail running shoes?

          The main difference between Salomon road running shoes and trail running shoes are about the type of terrain. For trail running, it is advisable to have shoes with good tread and built-in protection, as well as foot support and stability for uneven grounds.

          Outsole Tread Patterns affect friction, especially under liquid contaminated conditions. The deeper the outsole cleats, the better gripping performance the shoe will provide. 

          Built-in Protection is a common feature of trail running shoes. Steel toes or rock plates protect the foot from rocky terrains and sharp vegetation. 

          Foot Support provides anatomical arch support that helps reduce pain and provides heel-to-toe comfort when running on rugged terrain. 

          What makes the Salomon shoe designs different from others?

          Runners seeking rugged outdoor options prefer Salomon because it has been proven that the brand delivers, and they have never been disappointed.

          All Salomon road running shoes are made out of high-quality materials designed to be sturdy enough to last longer than other options available in the market, which claim to do the same. Only a few other brands can measure up to the value, performance, and confidence that exude from the use of Salomon running gears.

          How do I clean my Salomon road running shoes?

          Proper cleaning of Salomon road running shoes is important to promote durability and longevity. It is important to check the care instructions included on the tag or shoe package. 

          Here are some of the cleaning tips that will help preserve the Salomon running shoes. 

          • Do not wash the shoe in a washing machine.
          • It is not advisable to use outside heat to dry the shoes as the heat from the sun can significantly damage the shoe materials.
          • Post-use wiping for dirt or mud should be more than enough to eliminate any debris as it may affect the overall look of the shoe. 
          • Apply wax coating on the leader upper as recommended by Salomon. 

          8 best Salomon road running shoes

          1. Salomon Sonic RA Max
          2. Salomon Predict RA
          3. Salomon Sonic RA Pro 2
          4. Salomon Sonic 3 Balance
          5. Salomon Sonic 3 Accelerate
          6. Salomon Sonic RA 2
          7. Salomon Sonic RA Max 2
          8. Salomon Sonic 3 Confidence
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