Salomon motion control running shoes (May 2017)

Recreational and professional runners would love Salomon motion control shoes for their great blend of cushioning and performance. The brand’s athletic footwear range will surely help those who suffer from over pronation more than the usual and boost their running efficiency on the trail and track.

Why are Salomon’s Best Motion Control Shoes worth buying?

  • Motion control shoes are great for moderate to severe over pronators, since they decelerate pronation during heel-to-toe transition.
  • Runner with low arches are likely to experience leg and joint pressure, and foot fatigue if they use shoes with lesser motion control properties. Salomon motion control shoes will keep them comfortable and supported throughout the run.
  • Motion control shoes are bulky and heavy, yet stable and comfortable for recovery runs, long-distance running and training.

How to pick the best Salomon Motion Control Shoes?

  • Midsole cushioning. The midsole is crucial in controlling the motion of your foot. If you are flat-footed, make sure to get a shoe with premium cushioning to decelerate over pronation and foot fatigue. Salomon motion control shoes have the Molded EVA midsole or the Dual Density as midsole cushioning.
  • Heel firmness. Choose a shoe with a rigid heel, since it helps keep the foot in place while running. It reduces over pronation and slipping as well. You can find the AC Skeleton and AC Tendon to secure heel firmness in Salomon’s best motion control shoes.
  • Medial Support. Additional support in the midfoot is crucial to facilitate a smooth transition sans the trouble of inward foot rolling motions. Salomon has medial support technologies, such as the Pronation Control compound and the AC2 Muscle.