Salomon minimalist running shoes (June 2017)

According to a total of 100, 000 shoe reviews from professional and casual runners, Salomon shoes are great footwear alternatives for those who put priority in track-and-trail comfort and performance. From the off- roads to the pavement, the brand offers top-notch platforms incorporated with advanced footwear tech. If you wish to ride the minimalist running trend, make Salomon your partner.

Why should you invest in Salomon minimalist shoes for running?

  • Minimalist shoes are somewhat similar to low drop shoes, but the former are more focused on a minimal structure than better ground contact. The minimal- structured platform has lesser features for the track or trail, enabling a much better natural running movement for runners.
  • The best Salomon minimalist shoes do not have much technical features, so you can expect a lighter yet versatile platform. In fact, this type of shoe is best for speed training and racing. Some runners also use them for sports, cross training and casual wear.
  • Minimalist shoes can be designed for the track or trail. However minimalist trail shoes are bulkier and heavier as compared to the track version because a thick outsole and more cushioning are needed to provide adequate protection and traction on the trail.
  • If you want to adapt mid- foot or forefoot striking, the best Salomon minimalist shoes can help. The minimal cushioning and fit condition the foot to land on its forefoot or mid- foot.

What do you need to know about the best Salomon minimalist shoes?

  • Weight. The weight measurements of the best Salomon minimalist shoes vary, depending on their technical construction and amount of cushioning. Your running speed can be affected by the weight of your shoe platform. If you wish to pursue minimalist racing on the track or trail, make sure that the weight of your shoe model is not more than 200 grams. However, if your sole purpose is just to run and train regularly, then the average weight will do. Even minimalist trail shoes can weigh heavily, so it should be a consideration to ponder upon.
  • Heel-to-toe drop. A shoe’s drop can determine the amount of ground contact you can expect. The best Salomon minimalist shoes do not necessarily have low drops, but you can look forward to lesser cushioning and a minimal structure as compared to neutral shoes. The cushioning can determine the drop for you, so choose a minimal mid-sole that would allow you more or less 6 mm – zero drop profile. The lower your drop is, the more natural your running movement will be. Salomon features a range of trusted mid-sole technologies, including the ProFeel Film, Injected EVA, LT Muscle, OS Tendon, and the Proprioception feature.
  • Outsole. The best Salomon minimalist shoes feature varying materials in their outsole. Despite a minimal structure, you should also prioritize sole protection if you are running on terrain with irregularities. Debris protection and shock attenuation properties may vary depending on the outsole material, so choose a pair with tough, abrasion- resistant rubber compounds. Salomon uses outsole technologies, like Dynamic Traction lugs, the Contagrip outsole and 3D grip multidirectional traction, to enhance the shoe’s sole protection, traction and grip.