11 best Salomon Gore-Tex hiking shoes

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High-quality waterproof footgear, such as a pair of Salomon Gore-Tex hiking shoes, are crucial in helping you have a safe outdoor excursion. These low-cut models feature a GTX-lined upper to protect your feet from various wet conditions. They also sport a number of technologies which deliver comfort, support, and grip to your every stride. If you want to stay protected from the elements during your trip, you should include Salomon Gore-Tex hiking shoes in your considerations.

How Gore-Tex works in the best waterproof Salomon hiking shoes for men and women

best salomon gore tex hiking shoes
Best Salomon Gore-Tex hiking shoes - December 2019

Some of Salomon’s shoes for hikers come with a Gore-Tex liner to counter all sorts of wet conditions. The surface of this membrane contains more than a billion microscopic pores to prevent water penetration. This microporous build also allows moisture and heat to pass through, granting breathability.

Where and when to use Salomon Gore-Tex hiking shoes

  • A day hike is where your waterproof trail shoes from Salomon are going to be maximized. This type of outdoor activity is less challenging than backpacking. It can also be completed within a single day. The low-top design increases your ankle’s range of movement. Its lightweight construction also allows you to be more agile during your hike.
  • Salomon Gore-Tex hiking shoes will be handy if you anticipate wet grounds. Their Gore-Tex membranes yield protection against these challenges without compromising breathability. Therefore, you can tackle these trails without worrying about wet feet.

The two types of waterproof membranes usually used in the best Salomon Gore-Tex hiking shoes

Gore-Tex Extended Comfort. This Gore-Tex variant is built for non-insulated models. This laminate is geared towards optimal heat and moisture transfer. The result is a membrane that offers both waterproofness and breathability.

Gore-Tex Performance Comfort. A Gore-Tex Performance Comfort liner is engineered for outdoor enthusiasts who need moderate insulation along with water protection. Its design also allows excess moisture to escape, granting a level of breathability. These qualities come together to protect adventurers from changing weather conditions.

When not to use Salomon Gore-Tex hiking shoes

The brand’s waterproof offerings aren’t meant to be used in every environment. Shown below are several conditions that are not suitable for your Salomon Gore-Tex hiking shoes.

  • For some people, tackling uneven terrain while you’re carrying a backpack might lead to slips or falls if you’re not wearing the right footwear. Using your Salomon Gore-Tex hiking shoes can be detrimental in this situation because they don’t offer ample support to your ankles. Opting for high-quality boots should be your primary option because they deliver sufficient ankle support and traction for those difficult trail conditions.
  • Taking your Salomon Gore-Tex hiking shoes in a dry and humid environment may not be a good idea. The presence of an additional layer within the footgear’s upper restricts airflow and causes your feet to sweat. An alternative you might want to consider is to wear breathable hiking shoes that don’t weigh much for your trip. They are lighter and more comfortable during a warm hike.

4 best Salomon Gore-Tex hiking shoes

  1. Salomon OUTline GTX
  2. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX
  3. Salomon X Ultra Prime CS WP
  4. Salomon OUTbound GTX
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