7 best Salewa mountaineering boots

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Mountaineering is more challenging than a hiking or backpacking trip. As such, the equipment you’re going to use should last long. Otherwise, your safety and performance in this kind of environment will be put at risk. In this matter, a pair of hiking shoes or backpacking boots won’t be enough. You need competent footwear, such as the Salewa mountaineering boots, to help you accomplish your outdoor goal.

Benefits of the best Salewa mountaineering boots

best Salewa mountaineering boots

Best Salewa mountaineering boots - August 2018

Fit and comfort

Salewa mountaineering boots are designed to fit you comfortably. The brand’s patented lacing system  is used in select boots  for a snug fit. An overlapping tongue and an anatomical cuff work in unison to provide sufficient comfort. On the inside, there’s a removable footbed  with interchangeable layers. These layers are suitable for a wide variety of foot shapes and sizes, letting you customize the boot’s fit.

Important details to remember when fitting a pair of Salewa mountaineering boots

  • Salewa offers mountaineering footwear for men and women.
  • Men’s sizes are around 6 to 13. Women’s boots range from 6 to 11. 
  • The brand’s footgear also comes in half-sizes for a precise fit.
  • You can refer to Salewa’s sizing guide if you don’t know your size. Measure first the width and length of your foot in centimeters and match it to the chart’s corresponding size.
  • Always compensate for the additional bulk from your socks to the overall fit. The same can be said to your foot as it swells during the afternoon. You need to include these factors so you can get an exact fit from your Salewa mountaineering boots.


Salewa mountaineering boots are engineered to keep your footing secure. The brand’s boots are equipped with Vibram outsoles  to render competent traction. The outsole’s surface is filled with an aggressive lug pattern than bites deeply into varied ground conditions. These lugs also disperse debris and dirt as you move along. Moreover, Salewa’s line of mountaineering footwear is compatible  with crampons to increase your grip. These features give the traction you need in this demanding environment.


A mountaineering trip wouldn’t be complete without your trusty backpack and all the outdoor essentials that you’re going to bring. The additional weight on your back can be dangerous, especially if you’re tackling all sorts of obstacles. Salewa mountaineering boots are packed with features that grant the support you need. The footgear’s high-cut design prevents your ankles from twisting the wrong way. The boot’s midsole component  provides cushioning and shock absorption, especially when you’re on a steep trail. Salewa’s footbed technology and lacing system  locks your heel in place and supports it as you move. All of these components work together to keep you stable on your trip.


Going high up a mountain can test the limits of your gear. Salewa mountaineering boots are built with durability as one of its main strengths. The outdoor brand uses sturdy materials, such as suede  or nubuck  leather, to construct the boot’s upper. A rubber rand  wraps all around the upper to make it tougher. The boot’s midsole  and outsole  are made of heavy-duty rubber compounds that can endure constant bending and contact with the ground.


Your feet are exposed to the elements if you don’t use the proper kind of gear. Salewa mountaineering boots are packed with technologies to keep your feet safe. Foremost among these features is a waterproof liner  to prevent water from entering the footwear. This fabric also contains moderate insulating properties to keep your feet warm. As mentioned earlier, a rubber rand wraps around the boot’s upper to protect your foot. Plus, the tough suede or nubuck leather uppers are resistant to abrasions and the elements.

Advantages of the best Salewa mountaineering boots


Do a quick search online, and you’ll find a wide range of Salewa mountaineering boots available on the market. The same can also be said if you check out your nearest outdoor gear store. Salewa products are being sold in 30 countries around the globe . There are also around 2,500 shops that carry the brand’s products. Moreover, outdoor bloggers and websites have reviewed  select Salewa mountaineering boots positively. These reviews, along with a global market presence, are the proof of how the brand’s line of alpine footwear is well received by its consumers.


The brand’s line of mountaineering footwear is priced according to the technologies each model features. The most affordable pair you can purchase starts at $279  while premium Salewa mountaineering boots range from $339  to $499 .

Shoe technologies

  • 3D Lacing. Select Salewa mountaineering boots use the brand’s patented 3D Lacing feature . This system is divided into three adjustable sections, the forefoot, midfoot, and cuff. The technology allows you to customize the boot’s fit so you can perform better.
  • Premium Salewa mountaineering boots use an upper with Superfabric technology  in it. This fabric is characterized by the presence of small, hard guard plates on its surface. The result is a durable and flexible material that improves the boot’s resistance to abrasions.  
  • 3F System. Salewa’s proprietary technology allows you to lock the heel, sole, and instep together as you lace the boot. This feature provides additional support and improves the fit of the footwear.
  • 3S Combi System. This technology features a midsole  made of multi-density microporous rubber. There’s also a thermoplastic urethane (TPU) insert located in the heel section that improves compatibility with semi-automatic crampons.
  • This is Salewa’s patented midsole technology. Mountaineering boots  equipped with Bilight midsoles are ergonomic, durable, and absorbs shock well. These midsoles provide ample support while you’re tackling steep trails.
  • Flex Collar. The brand’s finest mountaineering boots use Flex Collar technology . This feature increases the freedom of your ankles to bend, especially during a downhill trail. The collar also reduces fatigue on your foot.
  • Multi-Fit Footbed+. This technology allows you to customize the fit of your mountaineering footgear . You can choose between two interchangeable layers that suit the width of your foot and attach it to the footbed.
  • Cleansport NXT. The insides of the best Salewa mountaineering boots are coated with Cleansport NXT technology . This feature helps prevent the footwear’s interior from producing a foul odor.
  • Gore-Tex. Mountaineering boots manufactured by Salewa come with a Gore-Tex liner. This specialized fabric contains over a billion microscopic pores on its surface. These pores block water while allowing moisture to pass through it, making it both waterproof and breathable at the same time.
  • Vibram. Salewa mountaineering boots are equipped with Vibram outsoles to deliver the traction you need. The surface of these outsoles is filled with an aggressive lug pattern to keep your foot planted securely on the ground.

Frequently asked questions about the best Salewa mountaineering boots

My alpine footwear is no longer resistant to water. What should I do?

Your boots will accumulate dirt, debris, and dust whenever you use them for a trip. These things affect the ability of your footgear to resist light drizzles, stains, and spillage. The outdoor brand recommends  the use of a specific water-repellent solution (check their website for details). You can apply this product on your Salewa mountaineering boots to restore its water repellency. The best kind of treatment solution is safe to use on the brand’s fabric, suede, and nubuck leather footwear without affecting its breathability.

What’s the ideal way to clean my Salewa mountaineering boots?

  • Shake out any trace of sand, dirt, or gravel inside your footwear before washing
  • Use lukewarm water, a piece of cloth or a brush to clean your footgear.
  • Don’t clean your Salewa mountaineering boots with chlorine bleach as it may affect its quality.
  • You need to remove the footbed and clean it separately and thoroughly.
  • After cleaning your boots, place them in a spot far from any direct source of heat. DIrect sunlight and other heat sources can ruin them. It is recommended to leave your footwear in a place with moderate temperatures to dry.
  • You can also use convection-style dryers for your Salewa mountaineering boots.

5 best Salewa mountaineering boots

  1. Salewa Rapace GTX
  2. Salewa Crow GTX
  3. Salewa Vultur Evo GTX
  4. Salewa Vultur Vertical GTX
  5. Salewa Raven 3 GTX
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