4 best Salewa hiking boots

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    Shoes or boots for hikes that only last for half a day. Flexibility and lightness are the highlights of these kinds of footwear. See the best day hiking shoes and the best day hiking boots.


    For multi-day trips with a heavy pack. Manufacturers emphasize durability and support in the creation of backpacking boots. See backpacking boots

    Speed Hiking

    Designed for users who want to cover a greater distance by going fast, usually with a light pack. See speed hiking shoes.

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    Boots that grant insulation to the user during hikes. See winter hiking boots.


    Mainly sandals. Aside from hiking they can be used for other purposes such as water activities. See multi-sport hiking sandals.

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    Casual hikers can choose day hiking footwear or multi-sport sandals. More info here.

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    Shoes with a cuff that goes below the ankle. See low-cut hiking shoes.


    Boots with an ankle-height cuff. They provide extra ankle support. See mid-cut hiking boots and mid-cut mountaineering boots.


    Boots with a cuff that goes above the ankle. In the case of insulated ones, they may reach the calf. Also grants extra ankle support. See high-cut hiking boots and high-cut mountaineering boots.

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    Generally, for trails that are easy to tackle, go with low-cut shoes. Go mid to high if there are more trail obstacles.

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    Footwear with few offers from online retailers and sold out in most sizes.


    Shoes that have been taken out of production but are still sold by most online shops.


    Shoes that just came out and have not received sufficient feedback from the buyers.


    Completely prevents water intrusions up to the height of the footwear or the gusset. As for waterproof sandals, they dry quickly. See waterproof hiking footwear.

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    Footwear that has some degree of water protection. See water repellent hiking footwear.


    Here at RunRepeat, hiking footwear that goes below 500 grams are considered lightweight. See lightweight hiking footwear

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    Water protection isn't necessary if there are no wet elements along the trail.

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            Beverly Sills, a famous operatic soprano during the 50s to 70s, once said there are no shortcuts to any place worth going . Sills’ quote can be applied if you’re someone who spends a considerable amount of time to hike. Before going on your next adventure, you need to make the necessary preparations to ensure your hike goes smoothly. One of the things you need to invest in is a trusted pair of hikers. Among the footwear options you can consider are Salewa hiking boots.

            Perks of the best men's and women's Salewa hiking boots

            best salewa hiking boots
            Best Salewa hiking boots - December 2019

            The footgear you wear plays a crucial role in the success of your hike. Salewa’s hikers are developed to protect your feet and enhance your performance on the trail. They offer an ideal balance between lightweight hiking shoes and burly backpacking boots. Here are several benefits you’ll gain when wearing Salewa hiking boots on your next outdoor adventure.

            Fit and comfort

            Your footwear must be comfortable if you want to conquer a trail. At the same time, they should fit you well too. Salewa hiking boots provide a snug fit for your foot without causing any discomfort to it. A climbing lacing system  is included in some of the brand’s hikers to secure your foot down to the toe box. On the inside, you’ll find an adaptive memory foam  in the heel section to eliminate excess space that causes friction. Salewa also uses a removable footbed in some of its best boots to enhance fit and comfort. This footbed can be customized  by attaching an interchangeable layer that suits your foot width. Salewa’s patented 3F technology  is found in its finest boots to enhance fit. This feature is a wired frame  that connects the back of the boot to the lacing system and the sole component. The frame locks your foot in place to prevent it from moving during a hike. Thanks to these boot parts, you won’t have any problems when it comes to fit and comfort.

            How can I get the exact fit when ordering online?

            Ordering a pair of Salewa hiking boots online can be complicated if you don’t know what to look for. As compared with trying these hikers in an outdoor gear store, you won’t get the luxury of finding out if they exactly fit you. Here are some important details to know before you finalize your purchase online.

            • Salewa hiking boots are available for men and women. Men’s sizes are around 4 to 14 while
            • Women’s hikers are around 5 to 11.
            • Measure first the length and width of your foot. Once you’ve determined the measurements, you can refer to the brand’s sizing guide to help you out.
            • When trying on a pair of Salewa hiking boots, make sure you’re wearing the proper type of socks. In doing so, you’ll know how the footgear actually feels.
            • Your foot swells a little bit during the afternoon. It’s recommended to try on the hikers during this time so you can get the best possible fit.


            A trail is filled with uneven surfaces and slippery ground conditions. Salewa hiking boots offer sufficient traction to keep your footing secure. The footwear company's hikers come with stiff and rugged Vibram outsoles. These outsoles grant optimum grip on wet or dry terrain. The outsole's toe portion has a climbing zone  to give more traction on those sharp rock edges. There are deep lugs throughout the outsole's surface that bite down well into varied ground conditions. The spacing of these lugs helps disperse debris from underneath the boot so it won’t slow you down. All in all, Salewa hiking boots render the traction you need to overcome challenging surfaces.


            Carrying a heavy load on your back while you traverse a challenging trail will cause you to lose balance. You need a pair of hikers that provide adequate support to stabilize your every stride. Salewa hiking boots are packed with features that help you hike without the unnecessary stress on your feet. The ankle cuff is designed to be flexible, granting you more freedom of movement. You can easily bend or twist your foot to overcome various obstacles on the trail while still having sufficient support. The midsole found on the finest Salewa hikers are made from varying densities of ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA . The midsole’s front section  is thinner to provide more flexibility while the rear area is thicker for enhanced cushioning and support.

            Select Salewa hikers are equipped with a shank  to make them more rigid. This shank prevents the boot from twisting or contorting under any stress on the trail. In addition, the same wired frame around the brand’s premium hikers that provide an improved fit also grants extra support to your foot. These boot parts all work in unison to cushion and stabilize your movement on the trail.


            Your choice of footwear needs to be tougher than the trail you’re going to conquer. Salewa hiking boots possess a certain degree of durability so the money you’ve invested in them won’t be put to waste. The brand’s best hikers use suede  uppers, making them lighter and tougher against abrasions. Some Salewa boots are equipped with an upper made of nubuck leather   for an enhanced resistance  to wear and tear. A 360-degree rubber rand  wraps around the boot’s upper to improve sturdiness. At the bottom, there’s a Vibram outsole made of high-performance rubber. This outsole is designed to handle constant bending and contact with the ground.  


            Your feet are susceptible to dangers on the trail and the elements during a hike. You won’t get far if your hikers can’t provide the protection your feet needs. Salewa hiking boots are built to protect your feet so you can hike in peace. As mentioned earlier, a rubber rand wraps around the brand’s best boot offerings. This rand starts at the forefoot section all the way to the heel box. You’ll get excellent protection on your toes, heels, and the sides of your foot.

            The best Salewa hiking boots are imbued with a Gore-Tex liner to keep your feet dry. This specialized fabric makes you more confident in hiking through rainy weather and varied wet trail conditions. A Gore-Tex membrane also allows excess moisture to escape and prevent your feet from sustaining blisters. Moreover, the waterproof membrane variant  used in select Salewa hiking boots offers moderate insulation  to keep your feet warm in cold weather. All of these features work in unison to keep you going on the trail without any worries.

            The blueprint behind the best Salewa hiking boots for men and women


            This Italian company traces  its humble beginnings when it was founded on July 8, 1935 to manufacture leather saddles and upholstery. After World War II, Salewa started offering crampons, mountaineering ropes, and ice axes to the market. By 1990, the company was bought by the Oberalp Group and focused its operations in Europe. Its efforts paid off in 2014 when Salewa was relaunched with a new logo and corporate identity. The brand’s offerings, which include Salewa hiking boots, are sold In 30 countries all over the world.

            Salewa’s hikers are a popular choice among outdoor gear reviewers and adventure junkies. For instance, the Salewa Alp Trainer Mid GTX was awarded Backpacker Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award  in 2011. This recognition, along with several positive reviews, is a testament to Salewa’s commitment to delivering competent footwear to outdoor enthusiasts.


            The brand offers a variety of hiking boot models In different price points. The most affordable Salewa hiking boots are priced at $199 . The brand’s premium hiking boots range from $259 to $269 . The prices of these hikers are justified because of the technologies infused in them.

            Shoe Technologies

            Salewa hiking boots are packed with several technologies to help you hike better and safer. Here are some of the features you will find in the brand’s hiking footwear.

            • Flex Collar. Select Salewa hiking boots are endowed with the company’s patented Flex Collar technology. The said feature adds around 20% more backward flexibility to aid you during a descent.
            • Bilight midsoles are engineered using a thermoplastic urethane injected construction process. These midsoles offer extra flexibility and cushioning in the heel area , which helps absorb impact when you’re descending.
            • The patented 3F system links the boot’s instep area with the heel and sole sections to prevent blisters and hotspots from occurring . 3F-equipped Salewa hiking boots possess remarkable fit, flexibility, and support.
            • Gore-Tex. The brand’s hikers are imbued with Gore-Tex liners to keep your feet dry while you’re out and about. A Gore-Tex fabric’s surface is filled with over nine billion microscopic pores that block water while allowing moisture to pass through it. This liner makes select Salewa hiking boots both waterproof and breathable.
            • Vibram is an industry leader when it comes to footgear outsoles. Their products grant you exceptional traction while being durable at the same time. Vibram hiking outsoles contain an aggressive lug pattern that grips well on both dry and wet surfaces.
            • Climbing Lacing System. The brand’s Climbing Lacing System extends to the boot’s toebox area, granting you a precise and secure fit as you hike. This technology offers more support and performance when tackling challenging terrain.
            • Multi Fit Footbed Plus. This technology allows you to customize your Salewa hiking boots’ fit and comfort. The product comes with two interchangeable insoles to accommodate different foot shapes and sizes.
            • Cleansport NXT . This technology  entails the bonding of selected microbes onto the boot’s interior fabrics. These microbes work by reducing the odor generated by sweat. As a result, your foot won’t smell bad, even as you spend a considerable amount of time on the trail.

            Frequently asked questions about Salewa hiking boots

            What’s the best way to take care of my waterproof Salewa hiking boots ?

            After each hike, it’s essential to allocate some time to clean and dry your boots. In doing so, you are extending the lifespan of your hikers. Here are a few tips from Salewa on how to properly maintain your hiking footwear.

            • Shake out your hikers first to eliminate dirt, sand, or gravel stuck inside.
            • Wash the boot’s exterior using lukewarm water and a piece of cloth to get rid of any trace of dirt. You can also use a brush to clean your footgear.
            • Never use chlorine bleach as it may damage your Salewa hiking boots.
            • You can remove the footbed to wash it thoroughly.
            • After cleaning your footwear, place them in an airy spot to dry.
            • Don’t leave your Salewa hiking boots near any direct source of heat to dry. This will reduce the quality of your hikers.

            My Salewa hiking boots don’t fare well against water anymore. What’s the remedy?

            Over time, the Durable Water Repellent, or DWR coating of your boots will wear out. When that happens, your Salewa hiking boots won’t be able to repel water that much and your feet may get soaked during a hike. The brand  suggests you apply their recommended water-repellent finish solution on the footwear. Applying this solution will protect the boot from rain, spillages, and stains without affecting its breathability. Just make sure to choose a solution that’s safe to use on suede, nubuck, and fabric materials.

            The Salewa hiking boots I purchased came with a defect. What should I do about this problem?

            If ever you find a defect on your new hikers, you can contact the footwear company to replace them. The Salewa hiking boots you purchased are covered by the brand’s two-year warranty policy  for defective or damaged products. All you need to do is return the boots and the original receipt of purchase. Salewa usually processes the return of these boots within 30 calendar days.

            Of course, you need to ensure the Salewa hiking boots you received are already defective. Here are two instances in which the brand’s warranty may not cover the footwear:

            • A used pair of boots will not be eligible for replacement. It has already sustained normal wear and tear, disqualifying it from Salewa’s warranty policy.
            • The improper use of your Salewa hiking boots makes them unsuitable for replacement. Likewise, signs of damage caused by accidents, such as burns and holes, won’t be considered as well.

            2 best Salewa hiking boots

            1. Salewa Alp Trainer Mid GTX
            2. Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX
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            Paul Ronto

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