18 best Ryka training shoes

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    Shoes with optimum cushioning, lateral support, and flexibility for daily workouts and studio sessions. See workout shoes


    Versatile, low-profile shoes for constantly varied exercises including plyometrics, sprinting, weightlifting, and rope climbing. See CrossFit shoes


    Heavy-duty shoes with a wedge and an elevated heel that create a sturdy platform and promote ankle mobility. See weightlifting shoes

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    Footwear with few offers from online retailers and sold out in most sizes.


    Shoes that have been taken out of production but are still sold by most online shops.


    Shoes that just came out and have not received sufficient feedback from the buyers.

    Low drop

    Shoes with 0mm to 5mm heel-to-toe drop. Allow for a more grounded underfoot feel. See low drop training shoes

    High drop

    Above 10mm. Mostly include weightlifting footwear with an elevated heel. See high drop training shoes


    Shoes below 300g that accommodate fast-paced training. See lightweight training shoes


    Shoes with the drop of 0-4 mm, an average weight of 200g, and a low stack height. Render a barefoot-like experience. See minimalist training shoes

    Non-marking sole

    The outsoles of these shoes do not leave scuff marks on the floor. See non-marking training shoes

    Orthotic friendly

    The insoles of these shoes are easily removable and can be replaced with an orthotic insert. See orthotic-friendly training shoes

    Rope prtection

    Most cross-training shoes have reinforcements at the midfoot which help to resist abrasion during rope climbs. See training shoes with rope protection

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      A difference in height between the heel and the toes. - The lower drop delivers a more sensitive ground contact, while the higher one provides more heel cushioning. - In case of weightlifting shoes, a high firm heel lessens the strain on the Achilles tendon during squats.

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          Training footwear typically weighs between 200g and 300g per shoe to accommodate agile workouts. Minimalist trainers go as low as 150g, while weightlifting shoes can go as high as 500g.


        Note: there's a low stock left of all these 18 Ryka training shoes

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        1. Ryka Devotion XT - Black Meteorite White
          Any color
          Ryka Devotion XT - Black Meteorite White
          Ryka Devotion XT - Grey Lime White
          Ryka Devotion XT - Black/Mint
          Ryka Devotion XT - Medieval Blue Athena Pink White
          Ryka Devotion XT - Sleet
          $80 $60 Save 25%
        2. Ryka Vida RZX - Black
          Any color
          Ryka Vida RZX - Black/Ryka Pink/Lime Blaze
          Ryka Vida RZX - Iron Grey Hyper Pink Yucca Mint
          Ryka Vida RZX - Black
          $75 $65 Save 13%
        3. Ryka Hydro Sport - Blue/Teal
          Any color
          Ryka Hydro Sport - Grey
          Ryka Hydro Sport - Black Berry Chrome Silver
          Ryka Hydro Sport - Blue/Teal
          Ryka Hydro Sport - Black Silver
          Ryka Hydro Sport - Medium Blue
          $65 $52 Save 20%
        4. Ryka Influence 2.5 - Black/Meteorite/White
        5. Ryka Dynamic 2.5 - Black/White
        6. Ryka Vivid RZX - Sleet
          $75 $65 Save 13%
        7. Ryka Devotion XT Mid - Ink Blue
        8. Ryka Influence - Steel Grey Chrome Silver Diver Blue Zuma Pink
          $80 $65 Save 19%
        9. Ryka Tenacity - Silver
          $85 $65 Save 24%
        10. Ryka Hailee - Black
          $60 $28 Save 53%
        11. Ryka Grafik Flow - Frost Grey Bright Chartreuse Soft Blue
        12. Ryka Dominion Ombre - Black
        13. Ryka Intent XT 2 - White/Pink Mystique/Chrome Silver
          $60 $50 Save 17%
        14. Ryka Hydrosphere - Blue
        15. Ryka Tenacious - Silver
          $75 $69 Save 8%
        16. Ryka Grafik 2 - Grey Mint
          $60 $55 Save 8%
        17. Ryka Eva NRG - Black/Chartreuse
        18. Ryka Enhance 3 - Black/Grey
          $85 $72 Save 15%

        Built with a woman's foot in mind

        best ryka training shoes
        Best grey running shoes - February 2020

        The philosophy of the Ryka brand revolves around creating athletic footwear specifically for women’s feet. The company has maintained this Made-for-Women mentality for over 30 years since it was established in 1987. Its founder, a woman named Sheri Poe, was disturbed by the lack of quality female sports shoes at that time. She was also disgruntled by the fact that women’s shoes were merely smaller versions of men’s models. It laid the foundation for the brand’s core principle of producing training footwear with a female foot shape, build, and movement in mind.    

        Based on her research, Poe concluded that a woman’s foot has a greater tendency to shift weight to the outside edge than a man’s foot. Thus, it requires more support to prevent unsteadiness in the heel. Overall, the elements of the company’s “perfect shoe potion” include:

        • a snug-fitting heel for stability;
        • a roomy forefoot for a comfortable toe-splay;
        • a secure insole to keep the foot safely inside;
        • a higher instep volume to accommodate the higher arch of a female foot.

        Benefits of using Ryka training footwear

        If you are up for an aerobics class, a Jazzercise or Zumba session, a cardio workout, or any other studio exercise, then Ryka workout shoes are the right option for you.

        • These shoes utilize lightweight and breathable synthetic and mesh materials to keep up with the agility of the above-mentioned activities. They also have a round toe box to allow the toes to splay comfortably inside the shoe.
        • The midsole of these trainers employs proprietary foam materials to provide responsive cushioning and shock attenuation. An Ortholite insole (or similar) is usually added for extra comfort and cushioning as well. The sole unit has a low-to-the-ground disposition to help the wearer feel in control of the platform and the surface.
        • The rubber outsole of these Ryka training shoes has an ergonomic construction. It also includes a Pivot Point at the ball of the foot to deliver a fine balance of traction and gliding on studio and gym floors.
        • One of the most highly rated shoes in this category is Ryka Dynamic 2.5.

        Frequently asked questions

        Can I use Ryka training shoes for running?

        Using Ryka training shoes for regular or long-distance running is not recommended. These shoes are designed with less cushioning than running footgear and do not cater to intensive pounding on outdoor surfaces. It is still possible to use them for short sprints or jogging sessions but, given that it is not their main purpose, this could result in aches in the lower extremities and back as well as in the need to replace the trainer sooner.

        Which Ryka training shoes are best for Zumba and Jazzercise?

        Any pair of Ryka workout shoes will be suitable for these dance-based exercises. They are made with a low-profile midsole to afford better proprioception during the fast-paced multi-directional footwork. The rubber outsole on them features an ergonomic design with the Pivot Point on the ball of the foot to accommodate the twists and turns.

        How much do Ryka trainers cost?

        Compared to other leading athletic footwear brands, Ryka offers its training shoes at a rather affordable price. The regular retail price of Ryka shoes ranges from $60 to $85. It should also be noted that during sales you can get a brand new pair for as low as $20 - $30. You can also keep track of the discounts with the help of RunRepeat.com. Scroll up to the shoe list and click the one you are interested in to see the available deals.

        When should I replace my Ryka training shoes?

        The average lifespan of both walking and workout shoes is about 4 to 6 months, depending on the intensity and frequency of use. For walking shoes specifically, the general rule is that they need to be replaced every 500 miles. However, there are a few signs that can tell you if it’s about time to go shopping for a new pair:

        • the outsole pattern is wearing out;
        • the midsole unit has wrinkles or is crimped on either side;
        • the material on the upper is frayed and lacks support during side-to-side movements;
        • discomfort or pain in feet, legs, or lower back can also be side effects of the worn-out shoe.

        Finally, you could also “listen” to what your feet are telling you. If you have a feeling that your pair of Ryka training shoes has lost its initial rebound, support, or comfort, there is a big chance that it’s time to replace it.

        15 best Ryka training shoes

        1. Ryka Hydro Sport
        2. Ryka Dynamic 2.5
        3. Ryka Vida RZX
        4. Ryka Hydrosphere
        5. Ryka Grafik Flow
        6. Ryka Tenacity
        7. Ryka Intent XT 2
        8. Ryka Hailee
        9. Ryka Devotion XT
        10. Ryka Devotion XT Mid
        11. Ryka Influence 2.5
        12. Ryka Influence
        13. Ryka Vivid RZX
        14. Ryka Dominion Ombre
        15. Ryka Eva NRG
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