11 best Reebok trail running shoes

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Reebok’s modest collection of trail running shoes is easy to overlook, especially with the number of selections offered by competitor brands. However, it is worth mentioning that the attributes and benefits provided by Reebok trail running shoes make them worthy contenders and valuable purchases. Reebok trail running shoes for women and men are among the best in giving a high-level performance and noteworthy features.  

Reebok trail running shoes come in a variety of styles and functions, as well as something to offer to everyone no matter the budget. With this level of versatility, it is clear that these shoes are worth a try.

The characteristics of Reebok trail running shoes

best reebok trail running shoes
Best Reebok trail running shoes - June 2019

Considering the wide array of trail running shoes available from many different manufacturers, it is easy to assume that they barely have any contrast from one brand to another. However, Reebok trail running shoes do have their unique features that set them apart, which include the following:

  • Multidirectional lugs - Although lugs are a common feature of many trail runners, Reebok’s lineup is consistently taken up a notch with the multidirectional variation. Such a feature means that the lugs on the outsole are pointing in either direction of the forefoot or heel. This makes Reebok trail running shoes have an improved grip over others; it also promotes a quick gait cycle.
  • Easily adaptable - Reebok trail running shoes take pride in being able to adjust to the user’s running surface right away. Their durable and flexible soles make it easy to grip varying terrain, including rocks, mud, and water.
  • Seamless design - This characteristic is more commonly seen in road running shoes, but Reebok breaks free from the ordinary to give their trail running shoes an edge from other brands. The seamless design of Reebok’s trail running shoes prevent skin irritation and thus keeps the user comfortable for longer. This is a good quality to have in trail running shoes because of the rugged conditions of the running surface.

A comparison between Reebok’s trail and road running shoes

Definitely, Reebok trail running shoes and road running shoes are different because of their intended terrain. But aside from this, there are also other factors regarding structure and function that set apart the two categories of running shoes.

  1. Cushioning - Although both the road and trail running shoes from Reebok put forth their best efforts in providing well-cushioned footwear, they have varying roles. The road running shoes provide plush underfoot cushioning that contribute to a quick transition. Meanwhile, the platform of Reebok trail running shoes aims for impact absorption and equal distribution, which results in a more comfortable ride.
  2. Rebound properties - In relation to the previous attribute, Reebok’s road and trail running shoes also differ in the rebound properties they offer to the user. First, the road running shoes from Reebok have a high rebound rate, as they intend to improve the runner’s speed and make a more dynamic performance. On the other hand, Reebok trail running shoes have a different target of compartmentalizing the energy returned to allow the user to run for a longer period of time.

Frequently asked questions

Are there waterproof Reebok trail running shoes?

Reebok does not offer waterproof running shoes as of this writing, nor do they also have water-repellent running shoes. However, you may check out the selection from other brands if you would prefer or require a running shoe that comes with protection against water and other substances.

Are Reebok trail running shoes more affordable than other brands?

Reebok running shoes are generally known to fall on the cheaper side compared to other brands, and their trail running shoes are no exception. For less than $100, buyers can already get a good quality pair of Reebok trail running shoes that are certain to get the job done. There are no other brands yet that offer trail running shoes within the same price range; thus, Reebok is considerably more affordable.

Are Reebok trail running shoes lighter than other brands?

Runners will be pleased to know that Reebok trail running shoes are relatively lighter than those from other brands. Their most lightweight trail shoe comes in at below 200 grams only (women’s), which is uncommon for a trail running shoe. In comparison, other trail running shoes rank their lightest model at just below 250 grams, still a bit heavier than what Reebok offers. Therefore, for runners who want less bulk and more speed during their trail runs, Reebok trail running shoes should be definitely considered for their lightweight options.

1 best Reebok trail running shoes

  1. Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0
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