15 best Reebok trail running shoes

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Superior comfort and fit with a flair for fashion are staple commodities for every pair of Reebok shoes. No less than 100,000 reviews have commented, at one time or another, the fabulous feel of these shoes once the laces are tied. Functionality and fashion are superbly combined to enhance both the wearer’s performance and aesthetic appeal.

What to expect from the best Reebok trail shoes?

  • Reebok trail shoes are known for their excellent traction on the most demanding and rugged outdoor terrain. The runner would be able to effortlessly move from one direction to another or jump across the rocks with equal ease. Going uphill or downhill would be no sweat either as the outsole configuration of these shoes is definitely worth digging in.
  • The aggressive lug pattern on Reebok’s trail shoes are so tough and durable that they can tackle not just the challenges of the trail, but also the difficulties of obstacle racing, which is infinitely harder than the more rugged and technical trail running.
  • Aside from the very extreme outdoor runners, Reebok has seen to it that moderate or soft trail runners are taken care of as well. In its line are also trail shoes that do not have supremely aggressive lug patterns. This type of trail shoes could also be used on the road or track with the same feel of comfort when used on the trail.
  • Trail shoes for runners are also in abundance. Reebok offers trail specific shoes that are lightweight, which would be ideal for trail racing. Although lightweight and built for racing, these trail shoes still carry ample protection from the ground and from sharp objects along the way.
  • Lace pockets, toe guard, protection plates are some of the common protection features available in these trail shoes. Lace pockets would be used to keep laces away from jutting twigs or roots; the toe guard would be to shield the forefoot from sharp objects; while protection plates would serve as a buffer underfoot from rocks and hard objects.
  • Premium cushioning is also available for some of Reebok’s best trail shoes. This is built for heavy runners who would welcome the kind of soft cushioning that would ease the pressure on their heels and knees. Speedsters on the trail could also make use of these cushioned trail shoes for some leisurely run on the trail and to recuperate from the rigors of trail racing.
  • A heel counter is found on most Reebok trail shoes to provide great balance on the trail.

What to look for in the best Reebok trail shoes?

  • Waterproof. GORE-TEX upper is used on some of Reebok trail shoes to ensure a dry run even in inclement weather. This is a breathable upper that should dry sweat in case the run is made in hot conditions on the trail.
  • Outsole build. Reebok arguably has the best outsole in the trail running business. These outsoles are perfect for the most rugged terrain and incredibly durable to boot.
  • Weight. Trail shoes made by Reebok range from 11oz to 6oz. The heavy ones would be useful for large runners while the light ones would be ideal for the less-framed ones or the racers. Average weight shoes would be great on recovery days.

5 best Reebok trail running shoes

  1. Reebok All Terrain Craze
  2. Reebok Floatride Run Fast Pro
  3. Reebok AT Super 3.0 Stealth
  4. Reebok All Terrain Freedom
  5. Reebok Ridgerider Trail 2.0
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