Reebok motion control running shoes (May 2017)

In its years of producing sports apparel, Reebok has striven to be always on top of their game when it comes to producing shoes that combine the best features possible. With more than 100,000 reviews to their name, Reebok surely has made its mark when it comes to manufacturing some of the best running shoes.

What makes Reebok the best partner for overpronators?

  • The best Reebok motion control shoes are stuffed with the exact amount of overpronation correction methods without suffering from too much stiffness. These shoes have enough flexibility in them that the runner does not feel whacked from too much stiffness. Neither does it feel like a brick with every step.
  • Despite the severe overpronation curbing features in the shoe’s set up, weight is another aspect that is smartly considered. Premium materials used in the construction from top to bottom allow Reebok to get away with placing these overpronation controls in a reasonably lightweight package.
  • A big part of the shoe’s relative light weight is the upper mesh construction. The upper is exceedingly lightweight without sacrificing durability and overall shoe support. Much more, upper setup is built to enhance midfoot shoe stability which is essential for heavy overpronators.
  • Traditionally, motion control shoes carry the most bulk among all types of shoes. The bulk is a result of the heavy motion control features the shoe has to provide. Despite being a bit heavy, Reebok motion control shoes do not feel clunky or boxy at all.
  • Major support in the medial or arch area is made possible by a PU insole. A PU insole is a very resilient and durable midsole foam. It holds up for a long period of time without suffering a letdown in performance. The overpronating runner would be assured of a reliable and long lasting medial support.
  • Reebok uses a straighter last in their shoes which are ideally most suited for severe overpronators. A straight last contributes to how the shoe performs in controlling the inward motion of runners.
  • Removable insoles are afforded to the best Reebok motion control shoes. These allow runners to have some leeway in customizing the support on their arches. Orthotics could also be used as replacements to these insoles.
  • Since motion control shoes are the most structured among all types of shoes, they almost always end up with more mass. Generally, these allow the shoes to have more durability as well. Reebok motion control shoes have exceptional overall shoe durability.

What are the factors in getting the best Reebok motion control shoes?

  • Medial support. A foam made of polyurethane is used mostly in the midsole for a more resilient and durable support on the medial area.
  • Midsole cushioning. Plush cushioning could still be noticeably felt despite the stability features in place. Using Reebok motion control shoes is not like landing on asphalt.
  • Stiff heel. Reebok has a structured heel for added support. The heel though is lined with soft material to eliminate rubbing.