36 best Puma mid football boots

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  1. Any color
    Puma Black/Puma Black/Puma Black
    $255 $100 Save 61%
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    Puma Black-shocking Orange
    Puma Black-puma Black-puma Black
    $80 $36 Save 55%
  3. Any color
    $200 $40 Save 80%
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    $150 $137 Save 9%
  5. Any color
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With the stiff competition in the world of football boots, the German brand has always been persistent in making standout shoe innovations. One of which is their distinct mid top sock-like collar that has become synonymous with their Future and One collections. Puma mid top football boots are designed to level with the ankle to offer enough protection and stability without restricting movement.

Puma mid top football boot collections

best puma mid top football boots
Best Puma mid top football boots - August 2018

Two of Puma’s latest collections are fashioned to a mid top style and are paired with groundbreaking features. These are the Future and One collection. Here’s a quick look at the Puma mid top football boot collections.

Puma Future

This futuristic collection is known for its Netfit technology that gives players limitless ways to adjust their fit. This is made possible through its net-like upper where laces can be looped through in creative ways. The combination of the said technology and the mid top style produce an ultimate snug fit package for the silo. The Puma Future football boot collection was first released in early 2018 and was headlined by the French footballer, Antoine Griezmann.

The mid top style for this collection is slightly raised in the heel area. The collection’s more popular silos with this ankle style are the Puma Future 18.1 Netfit FG/AG and the World Cup-themed Puma Future 2.1 Netfit FG/AG. Other Puma mid top football boots within the series include indoor and turf shoes such as the Puma Future 18.4 Turf and Puma Future 18.4 Indoor trainers.

Puma One

A year before the Future collection was launched, the Puma One silo has already been dominating the pitch. The Puma mid top football boot series was dubbed as the merger of the German brand’s popular Evotouch and EvoSpeed lineups. A few months after it was released in 2017, the shoe was remodeled to a new look with the help of the French superstar, Antoine Griezmann who happens to be the same endorser for the then next-generation Future collection.

This lineup is made available in synthetic and leather variations which includes Puma mid top football boots such as the Puma One 18.1 K-Leather Firm Ground and Puma One 18.1 Synthetic Firm Ground. With the opening of the 2018 World Cup, new models in Biscay Green and Chrome combo were released such as the Puma One 1 FG/AG and the Puma One 3 Leather Firm Ground.

Puma’s mid top football boot technologies

A Puma mid top football boot will not be mid top without its socklike extensions. The brand has been innovating these mid top collars to suit any type of player.

Knitted ankle Sock

Most of Puma’s mid top football boots are designed with a knitted ankle sock. It is meant to offer protection for the lower leg just like a sock but it offers a more lock-in sensation. Its knitted quality assures breathability to give more room for movement and flexibility to avoid any restricting sensation.

This feature is usually found in Puma Future football boots such as the Puma Future 18.3 FG/AG and Puma Future 18.2 Netfit FG/AG.

Evoknit Sock

The Evoknit is Puma’s signature feature for their sportswear and other types of athletic shoes. It has been incorporated as a mid-height collar in the brand’s football boots. Puma promises optimum comfort through this socklike extension that provides a form-fitting wrap around the lower leg. The fabric fibers offer stretchability while securing lockdown.

Puma mid top football boots fitted with this material are Puma One 18.3 Firm Ground and One 18.4 Firm Ground.

Frequently asked questions

What is a mid top football boot?

Mid top football boots are designed with an ankle-level socklike collar. It offers mid-height protection just like the high top football boots but its coverage does not reach beyond the ankles. Low top football boots, on the other hand, offer minimum coverage as it does not reach the ankle level.

What are the advantages of a mid top football boot?

Since the introduction of collared boots, some players have become very skeptical about what it can offer. Some are under the impression that the unique aesthetic is all for show. However, mid-cut cleats have several benefits that low-top football boots can’t offer.

For one, mid top football boots can stop debris and even water, from entering the shoe. Other brands also claim to offer support for the ankles and lower legs with these socklike collars. Additionally, its mid cut fashion adds up to its visual appeal that most youngsters are quite attracted to.

What is the use of the pull tab in mid top football boots?

Pull tabs are pretty common in football boots with collars such as the Puma mid top football boots. These tabs are incorporated usually in the heel area to facilitate comfortable entry to the shoe. Some players find it more convenient as they can be pulled while putting the shoe on to widen the sock’s opening. Some Puma mid top football boots have pull tabs on both the heel and on top of the lacing area such as the Puma One 1 Leather.

15 best Puma mid football boots

  1. Puma Future 18.1 Netfit FG/AG
  2. Puma Future 2.1 Netfit FG/AG
  3. Puma Future 18.2 Netfit FG/AG
  4. Puma One 1 Illuminate Leather FG/AG
  5. Puma 365 Ignite Netfit Court Trainer
  6. Puma Future 2.2 Netfit FG/AG
  7. Puma One 18.4 Artificial Grass
  8. Puma Future 2.3 Netfit FG/AG
  9. Puma Future 2.4 FG/AG
  10. Puma One 17.1 Firm Ground
  11. Puma One 4 Synthetic Turf
  12. Puma One Lux 2 Firm Ground
  13. Puma Future 18.4 hyFG
  14. Puma Future 18.3 FG/AG
  15. Puma One 4 Synthetic Indoor
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