14 best Puma indoor football boots

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Football is the world’s most popular sport. It is so popular that players still want to play even during winter and rainy seasons. Thanks to indoor courts, footballers can now play their favorite sport without fear of getting cold and soaking wet. However, a good point to remember when choosing a football boot is to get one that is suitable for the surface you will be playing on. This is because wearing the right kind of shoe can definitely make or break your performance.  

The market is now saturated with all kinds of outdoor and indoor football boots from Puma, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and other brands. Puma is one of the superior brands when it comes to making football boots. Proof of this is being in the soccer shoe business since they were established in 1948.

The wide selection of football boots in the market is both good and bad news for buyers. Good news because they are presented with a lot of choices. Bad news because these choices can only end in confusion if they do not know which one is the best for them. By understanding the significant parts of a Puma indoor football boot as well as how you play can help narrow down your choices on which model to get.

Parts of a Puma indoor football boot

best puma indoor football boots
Best Puma indoor football boots - September 2018


Natural Leather

Natural leather is a favorite material of choice for some players. It is so soft and flexible that it can actually adapt to the natural curves of the foot. There are several kinds of natural leather materials used on Puma indoor football boots, namely kangaroo, calfskin, and full-grain leather.

A good example of a Puma indoor football boot that uses natural leather is the Puma Invicto Sala Indoor.

Synthetic Leather

Puma indoor football boots that use synthetic leather for the upper are generally more lightweight and durable than those that use natural leather. However, they do not provide as much stretch as natural leather does.

The Puma Classico Indoor and the Puma One 17.4 Indoor are some of the best Puma indoor football boots that use synthetic leather upper.


Modern-day Puma indoor football boots use different kinds of synthetic upper materials, including mesh, knit, and even Netfit, Puma’s customizable lacing system. Synthetic materials are often lightweight. They are also breathable, which is perfect for indoor football.

  • NetFit Technology - With the launch of the NetFit technology, Puma indoor football boots now have multiple lacing options depending on the user’s liking. NetFit technology uses a netted mesh instead of the traditional lace eyelets. With its various lacing alternatives, a Puma indoor football boot with the NetFit technology can accommodate narrow- and wide-footed players.

The Puma 365 Ignite NetFit Indoor is a Puma indoor football boot with the NetFit system.

  • Evoknit - Evoknit is a synthetic material found on a variety of Puma shoes, including running, football, and basketball It is made up of a form-fitting knit fabric that is lightweight and breathable.

The Puma 365 evoKnit Ignite CT  features an evoKnit vamp and suede upper.

Puma indoor football boots with synthetic upper also have a variety of added features that improve the user’s ball touch and control. Some of the well-loved features on Puma indoor football boots include the following:

  • Accufoam - The Accufoam is made up of several pieces of foam inserted on the upper of a Puma indoor football boot. This technology provides a clean and smooth striking surface. It also offers a natural feel on the ball.

A secondary function of the Accufoam is it provides additional support on the upper. It is found on the Puma Evopower 4.3 Indoor.

  • GripTex - GripTex is the tactile element that is applied to various areas of the upper. This innovation allows an excellent grip on the ball in both wet and dry weather conditions.

The Puma EvoPower 4.2 Graphic Indoor is a good example of Puma indoor football boot with the GripTex technology.

  • Adap-Lite - Adap-Lite is made of pliable materials that enhance the way a Puma indoor football boot flexes with the foot. It allows the shoe to bend downward mimicking the foot’s kicking motion.

Consider the Puma EvoPower Vigor 1 Graphic Firm Ground if you are looking for a Puma indoor football boot with the Adap-Lite technology.

  • PowerCell - PowerCell technology is made up of different kinds of materials that offer excellent zonal cushioning and support. It is usually found on Puma sports garments, but it is now used on Puma indoor football boots, such as the Puma Evopower Vigor 4 Graphic IT.

When used on football boots, the PowerCell technology offers maximum striking power and precision.



Ignite is a Puma midsole technology that is made of flexible and lightweight polyurethane. This technology provides responsive cushioning as well as increases energy return. It works like the Boost found on several Adidas indoor football boots.

The Ignite technology is found on the Puma EvoSpeed Star Ignite.


Puma indoor football boots have outsoles that are made of durable gum rubber. They are non-marking to protect the playing surface. They are primarily made to offer excellent grip on indoor courts, arenas, and gyms that have hard, polished floors.

A great example of Puma indoor football boot with gum rubber outsole is the Puma Invicto Fresh.

Notable Puma indoor football boots

Puma 365 Ignite Netfit CT Indoor

The Puma 365 Ignite Netfit CT Indoor is a high-end Puma indoor football boot that is packed with a variety of innovations for support, fit, and comfort. It features the Netfit technology as well as the Ignite midsole. This football boot also has an integrated Evoknit spandex sock collar.

Its eye-catching upper without the iconic Formstripe on either side of the shoe is a refreshing sight for most Puma fans. However, the Puma Cat logo is still present on the tongue, on the rear, and on the outsole. The Puma 365 Ignite also has a hard ground version.

Puma Invicto Sala

The Puma Invicto Sala is a stylish indoor football boot that has a combination of mesh, leather, and suede on the upper. This stylish Puma indoor football boot features a dominant Formstripe on both sides. It comes in seven eye-catching colorways.

Puma Gavetto Sala

The Puma Gavetto Sala uses synthetic leather and breathable mesh for the upper. The reinforcement found on the toe box area adds to the durability of this lightweight Puma indoor football boot. It has a similar outsole pattern as to Puma Invicto Sala.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use cleated football shoes when playing indoors?

It is not recommended to use firm ground football boots when playing indoors. Studs, also called cleats, are the protrusions on the sole of FG football boots. They are there to provide enough traction and stability on natural grass playing surfaces. Using football boots with studs on indoor courts can increase the risk of ankle injuries.  

Whether you are starting a career in football or a professional player, there is a wide selection of Puma indoor football boots that you can choose from.

Is it okay to use running or basketball shoes when playing indoor football?

Although indoor courts for football and basketball have a similar playing surface, it is not advisable to wear basketball shoes for indoor football. Basketball shoes are built to support the toes and ankle; therefore they tend to be too bulky and heavy to use for the fast-paced football games.

Running shoes, on the other hand, are engineered to allow the user to run forward faster. However, football not only requires players to move forward but from side-to-side as well. Running shoes do not provide enough lateral support. Therefore, they are not the best shoes to wear when playing indoor football.

Can Puma indoor football boots be worn as casual sneakers?

Puma indoor football boots have trendy designs that make users want to wear them on the street. While it is possible to use as fashion sneakers, it is not advised because the rubber outsole will wear off quickly when used on pavement.

What is the difference between a Puma turf football boot and a Puma indoor football boot?

Some expert reviewers feature most Puma turf football boots together with their indoor variations. This is because these shoes have the same upper construction. The difference is found on the outsole where a Puma turf football boot usually has rubber nubs that provide optimum traction without ripping the turf.

In contrast, indoor football boots have gum rubber outsoles with tread patterns that promote grip on hard, glossy floors. Also, the outsoles will not leave marks on indoor playing surfaces.

6 best Puma indoor football boots

  1. Puma Invicto Sala Indoor
  2. Puma 365 Netfit CT
  3. Puma Invicto Fresh
  4. Puma Future 2.4 Indoor
  5. Puma One 4 Synthetic Indoor
  6. Puma Future 2.3 Netfit Indoor
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