14 best Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers

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    Shoes sharing the same inspiration, history, materials, or technologies are routinely assembled under one compilation for the convenience of those who may wish to categorize or label their own collection as such. The classic collections like the Adidas Originals, Air Max 1, Air Force 1, new balance classic sneakers, and the Classic Leather head the pack of frequently asked about collections.

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    Sneakers dominantly take their heritage from running, basketball, skate, tennis, training, hiking, and football. Still retaining a few of their performance-based technologies, these sneakers have transcended their respective niches and have successfully and popularly transformed themselves as staples of fashion footwear.


    Sneakers designed for a laidback, "cool" vibe that is built for lifestyle wear right from the get-go.

    Good to know

    Brands are now blending elements of performance and casual appeal in basically every sneaker. One can hardly go wrong with a sports-inspired sneaker or a simple casual shoe.

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    Leather is considered by some as an upgrade over canvas. This is the kind of material that gives sneakers more durability, protection, and sophistication. Many of the most popular leather shoes are variations of the original models that were previously made of mesh or canvas. See *leather sneakers*


    The material that is originally designed for sneakers. Back then, canvas was sought after as it was durable, flexible, and extremely lightweight. Today, sneakers made of canvas are wide-ranging as they are normally affordable with plenty of options where style and versatility go. See *canvas sneakers*


    Suede kicks are covered with a fibrous version of animal leather giving its users shoes with a softer and more luxurious finish. These footwear provide more durability but considered disadvantageous as it attracts water and dirt easily. Suede sneakers are typically worn during Spring and Winter as many found this modish while providing warmth for the chilly days. See *suede sneakers*


    The most common of all materials used in sneakers or shoes of all kinds. Whether it's a performance shoe or a lifestyle shoe, mesh is a most coveted material. It is durable, breathable, and is one of the reasons why a shoe is reasonably-priced.


    At the forefront of technological innovation is knit. It offers breathability, sophistication, durability, and lightness that is not found in other materials. It is arguably the best material found in the upper of a sneaker.

    Rubber Sole

    The tried and tested outsole material of practically all shoes. It brings a nice mix of cushioning, durability, and impact protection.

    Vulc Sole

    The skaters' bestfriend is known for its flexible and soft nature for better board feel. Sneakers with vulcanized sole are ideal for skating for just a casual walk around town.

    Gum Sole

    Also known as crepe soles, gum soles are sought by sneaker fans for their hot or edgy look while bringing in a ton of grip on slippery conditions. It is also more durable than regular rubber soles.

    Cup Sole

    Cup soles are basically the regular rubber variety but with more height on the side walls that allow the rubber to "cup" the upper part of the shoe. The design offers better support during movement.
  • Low Top

    Extremely popular sneakers because of their price range, versatility when it comes to style, and freedom of movement. Almost everyone is guaranteed to have low-top sneakers in their shoe rotation.

    Mid Top

    Mid-top sneakers extend toward the ankle for a little more support and hold. These lie somewhere in the middle between low-top and high-top sneakers in terms of usage and popularity.

    High Top

    Sneakers with collars that go above the ankles for optimal hold and support are some of the most sought-after models in lifestyle shoes. Most of these shoes take their roots from basketball and have easily or fashionably crossed to mainstream wear.

    Good to know

    Regardless of cut, it's always good to start with sneakers that can be worn for the daily grind, also called as "beaters" by some, as these are usually cheaper, easy to clean, and still gives that lifestyle "edge" before going for those wallet-thinning models.

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    Although breathability is subjective, it is safe to say that shoes that are mainly made of mesh or has perfortations are particularly superb in providing optimum ventilation. Breathable shoes are sought after as they help prevent users from developing blisters or having a slipper feet. Sneakers with good ventilation also enable sneaker fans from using their shoes sockless without fear of having a smelly feet. See *breathable sneakers*


    Fit is highly personal and a shoe that is Orthotic-friendly raises this feature to a different level. Sneakers with removable insoles allow the user to be more comfortable and also give a more "customized" support based on usage. Across all brands, Orthotic-friendly shoes are found at an affordable price and in stylish designs. See *orthotic-friendly sneakers*


    Vegan sneakers are generally produced using methods and materials that do not involve experimentation on animals, which make them technically cruelty-free. Ideally, all sections of a vegan sneaker – from its upper down to its sole composition, including the ingredients used in the assembly of the shoe, such as adhesives -- are free of any traces of animal parts and animal by-products. See *vegan sneakers*


    Style never goes out even during the rainy season. Sneakers made of waterproof material is quickly becoming a must-have, particularly for people on the go. Waterproof sneakers prevent water from seeping into the shoe and help keep the foot warm and dry.


    Sneakers with reflective materials are now sought by many. Although shoes of this type are not as important as those used for running, these kind of sneakers are also needed by sneaker fans for safety, particularly while going out at night.
  • Dad

    Also dubbed as ugly shoes or turbo trainers, dad sneakers are chunky footwear inspired by the rubber shoes our fathers strutted in the 80s and 90s. These kicks feature massive soles adding few inches to the wearers' heights, with a thick and well-padded upper for ultra-comfortable strides, and often finished with curvy lines, patterns, and striking colors for flashier charm. See *Dad sneakers*


    In the sneaker world, classic is the name of the game. The older the shoe is, the more it is sought-after by sneaker fans. Classic sneakers are basically the original models with very little or almost no changes since they were released years ago. Fans of classic sneakers can have their fill as the choices are so many and they vary in price, style, and design. See *classic sneakers*


    Oversized and thick soles best describe platform sneakers. Specifically, sneakers within this category are outfitted with at least 1” sole. *Puma Thunder Spectra* and *Balenciaga Triple S Trainers* are the widely popular models of this category. The trend started and continues to be a hit among women, but has recently caught the attention of men as well. See *platform sneakers*


    These are sneakers that are initially released in the past, preferably a decade ago, and eventually resurrected due to its popularity. These re-released sneakers are now assembled with modern materials though their constructions lie close to the original model. Some of the most famous lines capitalizing on this trend come from the Jordan series as well as the Air Max, New Balance 990, Adidas EQT lines to name a few. See *retro sneakers*
    • Boost

      Adidas' most popular cushioning technology, BOOST utilizes the TPU(thermoplastic polyurethane) in the midsole that offers superior energy return and impact absorption to wearers. Many of Adidas' classic sneakers are now featuring this sophisticated midsole tech.


      Adidas fuses its own technology on ordinary fabric to create a flexible, yet long lasting upper. This material is renowned for enhancing the comfort and and fit of sneakers in Adidas collection.


      A midsole cushioning tech that provides efficient shock absorption in the forefoot and heel. An enhanced version is also available, called the AdiPRENE+.


      The Nike Joyride is a cushioning technology that uses thousands of strategically positioned small TPE beads in the midsole. These beads arrange themselves around the foot for a unique underfoot experience. As the foot strikes the ground, the beads experience multi-directional displacement to absorb the impact while maximizing the energy return.


      The Nike Lunarlon is a lightweight cushioning technology that was inspired by the manner on how astronauts bounce on the moon. This tech provides spring-like cushioning to its wearers and distributes impact across the foot. This shock-absorbing technology is used in many of Nike's performance sneakers, such as basketball, tennis, skateboarding, running, and training.


      The top of the line upper material of Nike that is made of micro-engineered knit for lightweight, durable, and form-fitting fit. Sneakers with Flyknit uppers are some of the most comfortable shoes around.


      One of Vans' latest tech that is launched to improve the comfort and support of the old classics. Most of Vans' iconic shoes now offer this midsole and outsole tech for an even better sneaker experience.


      Vans' DNA as a skating brand is not lost despite their classics being used as a lifestyle wear than usual skating. For loyal Vans fans, the UltraCush HD for sockliners brings more protection without sacrificing board feel from the brand's top of the line sneakers.
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      • Sping

        These are sneakers that are normally durable, versatile, and are usually stylish due to the spring-like vibrant colors. There's a wide variety of options for those who wish to travel in Spring as the choices for breathable and comfortable sneakers are just as easily available. Considering that Spring sneakers are some of the most affordable and versatile on the market, it's no wonder they are a dime dozen for everyone. See *spring sneakers*


        These must-cop kicks for the warm season are typically made of durable, lightweight, and breathable materials that will lessen its wearer's chance of having smelly or sweaty feet. Generally covered with brightly colored hues, these heat-busting footwear will surely suit the intense heat of the sun while keeping the user's overall ensemble on-point for the summer. See *summer sneakers*


        Still retaining its street-style look, these winter-ready sneakers will undoubtedly keep its wearers feeling comfortable and toasty even when the temperature is way below the freezing point. These kicks are commonly loaded with innovative fabrics, lining, and right technologies designed to retain heat aiding its wearers to survive the sub-zero temperature. Also, some brands add grippy lugs on its flexible outsole for wearers to endure the slushy, slippery terrains. See *winter sneakers*
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          A masterful team-up between two or more entities, usually between brands and artists, pro-athletes, designers, and boutique labels. Limited Releases are very popular and are normally sold out in just hours or minutes upon release despite the hefty price tag. Collaborative works for General Release regularly come with a decent price tag, but can sometimes cost an arm and a leg because of hype, social media anticipation, or marketing strategy. Kanye's collab with Adidas is one such example.

          • Slip-on

            Sneakers that can be quickly put on or removed and usually possess an upper with a fused tongue with matching elastic accents to keep the shoe in place. Some shoes with straps, toggle laces, and waterproofed iterations in a bootie construction exclude them almost naturally from being called slip-ons. Most major brands contain at least one slip-on in their catalog while a few like Vans and Keds capitalize on the trend.


            Easily the most common and popular type of closure in sneakers. The use of laces allow the user a more customized fit and hold. It is for this reason that lace-up shoes are extremely popular and versatile.


            Sneaker fans who value convenience find these shoes perfect for their needs. For those who are always on the go, sneakers with straps as closure are a must have. Previously coming almost exclusively in white, different brands now offer this kind of shoes in a multitude of colorways for versatility when it comes to style.
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            1. Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn - Red
              Any color
              Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn - Purple
              Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn - Black Canvas
              Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn - Dark Khaki
              $80 $20 Save 75%
            2. Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Low - Grey Canvas
              Any color
              Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Low - Grey Canvas
              Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Low - Blue/Tan
              $75 $45 Save 40%
            3. Polo Ralph Lauren Jermain - Aviator Navy
            4. Polo Ralph Lauren Hanford - Black
            5. Polo Ralph Lauren Vito - Navy
            6. Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn Saddle - Grey
            7. Polo Ralph Lauren Halford - Black
            8. Polo Ralph Lauren Jeston - Black
            9. Polo Ralph Lauren Tavis - Tan
            10. Polo Ralph Lauren Clarke - Blue
            11. Polo Ralph Lauren Fernando - Grey
            12. Polo Ralph Lauren Hanford-Western - Black
            13. Polo Ralph Lauren Ian - Black
            14. Polo Ralph Lauren Aldric - Beige

            A Brief History of the Polo Ralph Lauren Brand 

            Best Polo Ralph Lauren Sneakers
            Best Polo Ralph Lauren Sneakers - May 2019

            The Ralph Lauren Corporation was founded in 1967 by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren who is also the executive chairman and CCO of the brand. The publicly traded company holds various brands under it such as Chaps, Pink Pony, Club Monaco, and Ralph Lauren Collection and numerous sub-labels (Lauren, Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren, among others). Their products are distributed under four main categories which are: fragrances, clothing, accessories, and home items.   

            The company first became known for their neckties, tailored shirts, and preppy clothing for men and women but in succeeding years, they ventured into the streetwear market as well with their popular sweaters, knitwear products, and accessories such as sneakers.

            The company currently employs well over 10,000 people and owns over 500 store locations worldwide. They operate on three continents, namely Europe, Asia, and North America. 

            The core parts of the Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers 

            If you love sneakers, then you’re probably already aware of their basic parts which are comprised of the uppers, the midsoles, and the outsoles. But if you don’t know what each part of the shoe does, here’s a brief rundown, as well as, a few more components that make up Polo Ralph Lauren lifestyle sneakers. 


            The uppers are the top part of your Polo Ralph Lauren casual shoes which encase your foot. They can be made of different materials such as suede, mesh, canvas, leather, and more.  

            Leather materials generally last much longer than other fabrics. They can be broken in and stretched to adapt to the wearer’s foot. Mesh is highly breathable and is ideal for the summer season, while canvas is usually very easy to clean. 

            The uppers are composed of several components including these: 

            Quarters: These are parts of uppers that cover the back of the foot as well as the sides. 

            Vamps: These cover the center and top part of the uppers.  


            The midsoles make up the part between the uppers and the outsoles. The midsoles generally contain a lot of the tech stuff that makes a shoe faster, lighter, more cushioned, etc. They also provide stability, support, and shock absorption for smooth rides. 

            Many midsoles are made of EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) or PU (Polyurethane). Some contain cushioning technologies like air or gel. 


            The outsoles are the bottom part of each sneaker that touches the ground. These are usually made of blown or carbon rubber, or a combination of both. Blown rubber is softer while carbons are usually stiffer yet more durable. 


            The insoles, also called sockliners, are foam inserts that make contact with your feet inside your shoes. Insoles protect your feet from rubbing against the sneakers’ seams. Some insoles are glued to the shoe while others are removable. They can also be thin or thick depending on their purpose. Some are quite flat while others provide arch support. A number of users prefer to remove their insoles and insert a customized one to get more cushion or support. 


            The tongues can be seen on the upper part of your Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers, right under the eyelets and laces. Tongues protect the feet from rubbing against the lacing system of shoes. They also serve to keep debris and water from entering your shoes. Some are fully attached to the sides of sneakers while others are only sewn in from the bottom. 

            Heel collars

            The collars are the parts of your Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers which surround the ankle. Often, they are padded for comfort and protection.  

            Lacing systems

            Lacing systems provide a way for users to customize the fit of their Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers to the feet, giving them the ability to tighten or loosen the fit according to the snugness they desire. Generally, the higher the cut of the shoe, the higher the lacing system goes, and the more secure the shoe is to the foot. Some lacing systems utilize flat laces while others use round ones.  

            By cut

            The Polo Ralph Lauren brand currently produces a variety of footwear ranging from low-tops to high-tops. To give you a better idea of what cut means, we’ve included samples of Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers under each category as well as some examples of how to style each shoe. 

            Low-Top shoes

             Low-tops or low-cut shoes are footwear with collars that sit below the ankle. These generally promote lots of movements for the wearer and are suited for activities which need quick turns and movements. They are also much lighter on the feet than their high-top counterparts.  


            Polo Ralph Lauren Halford - These low-top Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers are dressed in canvas and feature a minimalist design. The only concession to luxury is the proudly displayed embroidered logo branding on the outer side of each shoe. Shock-absorbent outsoles, breathable textile interiors, and cushioned insoles combine to make this silhouette a comfortable shoe to wear on casual to dressy occasions.  

            The model is available in a wide range of rich colorways including black, red, and navy. The silhouette has a refined look despite its simplified form yet comes in an affordably-priced package.  

            How to StyleThese beautiful canvas Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers look great when styled with tapered rolled-up chinos and a relaxed-fit tee for casual Sundays. Change the tee to a short-sleeved polo shirt to dress it up a notch for a smart occasion.  

            Polo Ralph Lauren VaughnIf the preppy look is your thing, then these Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers are for you. The classic Oxford-inspired Lauren Vaughn gives off a casual vibe with its canvas fabric uppers, but touches of leather on the heels, tongues, and laces add a hint of elegance to the overall look. (Depending on the colorway, some feature leather on the shoes’ quarters as well.) The light material that makes up the uppers lend a lightweight feel to the low-top footwear despite its very sturdy sole.  

            The Vaughn comes in an extremely wide array of color schemes to suit most preferences. The shoe is available in men’s sizes which range from 7 to 17.  

            How to Style: These stylish Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers will be easy to match with any of your spring to fall outfits. A classic pairing of an indigo-colored slim-fit long-sleeved oxford shirt with khaki pants will look great for a night out with friends. The Vaughn is sure to add a touch of polish to your look. However, for lazy weekend afternoons, a long-sleeved shirt matched with shorts and your Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers would be just the thing. 

            Polo Ralph Lauren Jeston - These magnificent Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers fuse luxury and functionality seamlessly together. The Jeston boasts of supple burnished calfskin leather uppers and subtle perforation details. Leather insoles add to the opulent feel of the footwear. Perforation on the toebox and the sides of the shoes provide a modern touch while treaded rubber outsoles give excellent grip on surfaces, so you can strut these kicks wherever you choose. 

            How to Style: Go sporty chic with the Jeston. These Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers will add a hint of luxe to any casual outfit you don. The low-top footwear looks good when matched with dark slim-fit stretch jeans and a hoodie (preferably heather-colored). You can also style the sneaker with shorts and a sweater.  

            Polo Ralph Lauren Halmore IIThe laidback Lauren Halmore II design offers a touch of luxe construction as evidenced by the white embroidered Pony on the side of each shoe. Suede trims on the breathable canvas uppers give the footwear an added “pop.” Padded collars and cushioned canvas insoles enhance the comfortability of these shoes while vulcanized rubber soles keep the footwear lightweight.  

            The Halmore II is an update on the original which features a plainer canvas fabric as opposed to the interchanging zigzag design of the Halmore II’s textile material. 

            How to Style: Let people know you ride with class by wearing the Halmore II. These dapper Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers will take your style up a notch even when paired with just shorts and a knitted sweater. You can also match the shoes with a long-sleeved white shirt and dark pants for a more dressed up but easygoing look. 

            High-Top shoes

            High-tops or high-cuts are footwear that cover the ankle and provide better support. They also provide better protection for the user in sports such as skateboarding where falling boards tend to hit the ankles. One disadvantage of high-tops, however, is they are generally much heavier than low-tops or mids. 


            Polo Ralph Lauren Clarke - Classic styling with a luxe twist best describes these basketball-inspired high-top Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers. Depending on the colorway, the Clarke has canvas uppers with faux leather details or full leather uppers with suede accents. Stitched leather accent logos are featured on the outside sides of each shoe, and the footwear utilizes a lace-up fastening on the front. Rear pull tabs provide an easy on and off access. 

            How to Style: Urban and preppy styling combine to make these Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers stand out. The chunky soles of the shoes and high-cut profile make these kicks ideal for any casual occasion, from coffee dates with a colleague to outings with friends. Flaunt the natty silhouette by pairing the shoes with tapered pants or rolled-up jeans. The models with canvas uppers are ideal for wearing during the summer due to its breathable uppers, but the leather ones can be worn throughout the winter season. 

            Polo Ralph Lauren Pietro - Boot-inspired styling defines these high-top Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers. The ruggedly handsome Pietro has a look as seen in the nicely balanced combination of burnished leather and canvas that make up its uppers. Padded walls around the ankle provide a secure fit, cushioned tongues, and footbeds enhance comfort, and leather laces finish off the look of these timeless shoes. 

            These high-top Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers also feature a rounded toe design, linen linings, and a typical lacing system. Colorways for this model are quite limited. 

            How to Style:Own the preppy look by pairing these beautiful canvas Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers with vibrantly-colored slim rolled-up pants and a dark blue sweater over a light blue collared shirt. You can also style the shoes simply by wearing light-colored jeans and a button up collared-shirt.  

            Polo Ralph Lauren Jory Calfskin High-TopThe Jory are Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers that are inspired by a classic court shoe. The brand put a luxe spin on what is otherwise a sporty footwear by dressing the shoes up in soft and burnished calfskin leather.  The old-school look coupled with a minimalist design make for a truly eye-catching silhouette. The beautiful uppers sit on treaded rubber outsoles, and perf accents can be seen on the toes. 

            How to Style: For a dapper casual look, rock these Polo Ralph Lauren casual shoes with slim-fit black jeans, a grey zip sweater, and black pea coat. You can also pair these shoes with slim blue jeans, a white shirt, and a denim jacket. 

            Polo Ralph Lauren Tedd - These rich-textured high-top Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers give off a smooth street look that is going to turn heads everywhere you go. The Tedd model is available in buttery suede as well as earthy leather and suede variations. The shoes feature a tubular construction, padded collars, and double stitching at the toes. A debossed pony logo on the outer side of each shoe and rough rawhide laces finish off the Tedd. 

            How to Style:If you’re looking for shoes that give that perfect balance between dressing up and dressing down, then these Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers are for you. A laidback yet stylish look can easily be achieved by pairing these Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers with tan or mustard chino pants. Top off with a zip cardigan and a bomber jacket. You can also level your outfit up a notch by replacing the bomber jacket with a quilted gilet vest, and adding a long-sleeved white shirt and tie under the zip sweater. 

            Mid-Top shoes

            Mid-cuts are shoes with collars that sit halfway between high-tops and low-tops. They typically do not extend further than the user’s ankle. Mids allow for some ankle movement while at the same time provide some protection from ankle rolling. They also offer more stability than lows.  


            Polo Ralph Lauren Flossmoor- When chukka boot styling meets sneaker tooling, the successful result is something akin to the Flossmoor. These Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers provide an interesting combination of casual and dressy with their nicely patterned canvas uppers and neutral tones of tan or blue. The whole shoe sits on a vulcanized rubber sole and is available at an affordable price. 

            How to Style: For weekends when you need to look smart but still maintain a casual vibe, these Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers will do the trick. Style them with jeans and a Classic Fit Polo Ralph Lauren oxford shirt. The Flossmoor also looks just as great when paired with chinos. 

            Polo Ralph Lauren Calder Mid- These mid-top Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers are the best example of the cliche saying, “Simplicity at its finest.” The shoes are designed simply yet their clean lines are exactly the thing that makes them stand out with the focus directed at the material instead. Beautiful grainy leather uppers in navy or grey sit on grippy soles and are set off by rawhide laces.  

            How to Style:Take a classic approach to styling by marrying these mid-top Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers with beige pants, a dress shirt, grey zip sweater, and a field jacket. You can keep it even more casual by matching the shoes with a white shirt and zip cardigan instead. 

            Polo Ralph Lauren Hanford Mid - The streetwear chic Hanford Mid contains a mostly suede upper with mesh accents on the tongue and along the sides up to the collar. Leather panel trims feature the embroidered brand logo in a contrasting shade, and everything sits on top of a durable white vulcanized rubber sole.  

            How to Style: Keep it preppy by pairing these Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers with slim pants in beige tones and a button-down long-sleeved cotton shirt over a tee. For errand runs and any casual occasion, you can’t go wrong with rolled-up jeans and your basic tee and jacket. 

            Polo Ralph Lauren Trevose - If bold and modern is your style, then these Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers might just be what you need. The mid-top shoes are decidedly contemporary with their mix of textures ranging from mesh to smooth leather. Textured nylon side panels provide a nice contrast to the smooth leather toes. Available in five colorways, the Trevose proudly displays the pony signature in a contrasting shade (except for the blue model which features a tonal logo) on the outer side of each shoe. The outsoles are either in red or blue. 

            How to Style:Casual is the name of the game with these Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers. The Trevose looks good when worn with ripped jeans and a hoodie. Elevate the look some more by matching with a fitted long-sleeved button-up cotton or denim shirt.  


            Slip-on sneakers are typically low-cut shoes without a lacing system. Many of them have elasticated inserts that allow for easy on and off yet provide snugness on the feet when worn. They are quite lightweight, with a loafer-esque style, and very versatile. They are best worn on casual occasions such as beach outings, trips to the pubs, and errand runs, although a few can be dressed up for smarter occasions. 


            Polo Ralph Lauren Thompson Mesh Slip-On - Fans of comfy footwear will find something to love in these Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers. The Thompson Mesh Slip-Ons are the brand’s follow up to the much-loved Vaughn silhouette. Interestingly, the shoes’ uppers utilize the same cotton fabric that makes up their iconic Polo shirts. The model comes in several solid-colored and printed colorways, and their outsoles carry a nautical rope tread pattern.  

            The slip-on Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers have elasticized side gores to keep the foot snug on the feet even without laces, padded leather collars for enhanced comfort, and reinforced leather heels. 

            How to Style:Slip-ons, besides being comfy, are terribly convenient when one is running late for work. No laces to worry about and so easy to pull on. Pair your Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers with a stylish casual Friday work-ready outfit such as dark pants, a navy cardigan, and oxford shirt. Make sure to choose only dark footwear colorways for your office attire. But for weekends or off-hours, a crew neck tee under a white long-sleeved shirt paired with ripped jeans would look fantastic. 

            Polo Ralph Lauren Thompson Print Twill- People who want a little twist to their usual footwear would fall in love with the Janis. These Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers have uppers made of a cotton twill fabric with a Polo print inspired by Southwestern blankets. Each shoe has twin gore styling for convenient on and off and enhanced comfort. Subtly embroidered Polo Ralph Lauren logos on the top part of the shoes are the only hint of the prestigious brand behind these beautiful kicks.  

            How to Style: Getting chic for the summer should be pretty easy with these slip-on Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers. Dress up denim shorts by matching them with the slip-ons, a white chambray polo shirt, and a cardigan. You can also wear slip-ons throughout the fall and winter seasons by matching them with khaki chinos and a v-neck sweater. 

            How to spot fake Polo Ralph Lauren casual sneakers from genuine ones 

            The Polo Ralph Lauren brand is one of the most recognizable ones in the world with a dedicated following that spans continents. Their shoes are extremely popular due to their stylish design and the high quality that the brand is known for. This success, though, has its downside as it has resulted in plenty of counterfeits flooding the market. So how do you differentiate Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers from fake ones? Here are some basic rules to follow: 

            1. Check for quality. Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers are of excellent quality and contain details such as neat stitching, durable materials, and so on. There should also be a clear space between the words of the brand. Counterfeit products generally lack these and are badly made with uneven logos or use poor quality materials. Misspellings and illegible fonts are also signs of a fake item.
            2. Look at the logo. Depending on the shoe model, some genuine Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers feature an embroidered graphic of a polo player on a horse and holding a mallet. All four of the horse’s legs should be clearly defined, unlike in fakes where two of the legs seem to be merged together. You should be able to see a clear outline of the rider’s leg in the genuine article. If the logo is crooked or deviates from the authentic logo, then you know it is not genuine.
            3. Look at the price. Compare pricing with official stores and approved retail outlets. Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers sometimes go on sale, but if the price is too low, it generally is fake.

            Q & A 

            We’ve compiled a list of questions most often asked by consumers about Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers and our answers to them. 

            Q: How is the Polo Ralph Lauren label different from the other Ralph Lauren ones?  

            A: The labels differ from one another in price point and theme. For example, the Polo Ralph Lauren brand was launched in the year 1967 and initially offered only tailored clothing and sportswear for men until the year 2014 when the label added women’s and kids’ products too. It’s a more expensive label when compared with the affordable Lauren brand which, in turn, initially offered only womenswear but now has men’s suits and shirts as well as beddings and bath products.  

            The RRL label has clothing and accessories with roots in military gear and workwear, and the Ralph brand is slightly higher-priced than the Polo.  Their highest end line, shown on runways, is the Ralph Lauren which has the Purple Label for men and Collection for women.  

            Q: Can women wear silhouettes specifically designed for men, and vice versa? 

            A: Yes. But men’s measurements are generally wider and bigger than women’s, and there can be a difference of one and a half to two full sizes between the two. The sizes also vary depending on the model. The general rule to follow is men must size up to enjoy women’s silhouettes while women should size down. 

            Q: How can I make my Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers last longer? I only use them casually and never for any fitness or sport activity. 

            A: The fabric that covers your Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers will be a major factor in determining how long your shoes will last. As mentioned before, leather ones usually last longer than other fabrics but how you take care of them are also equally important.  

            1. If you get your Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers wet, make sure to dry them thoroughly first before storing away. Rot can set in if you put them away while still wet. 
            2. Keeping your sneakers clean is important. After a full day of being outside, your Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers might be caked in mud or covered in dirt. Clean them according to the type of fabric they are made of.  Leave out to dry.  
            3. Make sure to give your shoes a rest to let them breathe. Don’t use the same sneakers day in and day out. 
            4. Baking soda is a cheap way to remove any odor from footwear. Sprinkle some on the inside of the box where you keep your Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers to keep them fresh as well as draw out any remaining moisture from the shoes.

            Q: How do I clean my Polo Ralph Lauren shoes? 

            A: You should take into account the type of fabric that makes up your shoes.  

            Real Leather - Leather shoes should be wiped off with a damp cloth.  

            Synthetic or Handmade Leather- This type of material can be cleaned with a soft cloth or soft bristle brush. You can use water and mild soap for this.  

            Suede and Nubuck - There are brushes and cleaning solutions available that are made specifically to clean suede since this can be a hard material to take care of and keep stain free.  

            Nylon and Canvas - Nylon and canvas materials are the easiest to keep clean. Scrub the uppers of your Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers with a soft brush or a cloth soaked in a mixture of water and soap. Rinse off. 

            Don’t forget to clean your shoelaces too. Most can be machine-washed (place in a small bag first) except suede and leather laces. If your insoles are removable, take them out, and air dry separately. 

            Remember never to use harsh cleaning solutions or bleach on your footwear. Your Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers should also never be thrown into a washing machine to be cleaned, even if they are made of canvas.  

            Q: Do surfaces have any effect on how fast my Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers wear out? 

            A: Hard surfaces like pavements and asphalt are harder wearing on soles than soft ground. But this shouldn’t affect your soles too much unless you are walking and on your feet all day. Gait is the bigger factor. How you walk and which areas of the shoe you place your weight on will determine how fast your kicks wear out and which spots on your footwear deteriorate faster. 

            Q: I’m concerned about traction. How can I tell which Polo Ralph Lauren casual shoes have good grip?  

            A: You need to take a look at the outsoles. Soles made with soft rubber have a better grip than those made of hard rubber or other materials like leather. Tread patterns also make a difference. Open treads will push the liquid out, in case you step on wet surfaces, and allow your shoe to get in contact with the ground more. Enclosed treads tend to trap the liquid inside, creating a barrier between the floor and your shoes which could cause you to slip.  

            Q: Can I use my Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers for physical activities like tennis or other sports? 

            A: Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers are designed primarily for lifestyle use and not for sports. There are other sports-specific shoes available that may function better for the sport of your choice. Physical activities such as these may also cause your shoes to wear out faster than they should. However, this does not mean that these sneakers won’t do well when utilized for fitness or athletic activities. 

            Q: Are there Polo Ralph Lauren shoes that can comfortably accommodate people who suffer from knee pain? I want to go out and look stylish but do so comfortably. 

            A: With Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers, you shouldn’t have any trouble looking stylish. But to answer your question, yes there are. Just look for shoes with flat and flexible soles as these reduce the load on knee joints more than stability shoes. Choose one that is lightweight and with good heel and ankle cushioning. 

            Q: Where is the headquarters of the Ralph Lauren Corporation located? 

            A: The Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American company and their main office is located in Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side of New York. 

            Polo Ralph Lauren trivia  

            The Ralph Lauren brand is synonymous with luxury and menswear. Though the internet is full of news about his success and products, not much is known about the man behind the brand. Here are some trivia about Ralph Lauren. 

            1. Ralph Lauren was not the designer’s real name. He was born as Ralph RuebenLifschitzto Ashkenazi Jew immigrants, Frank Lifschitz and Fraydl Kotlar, who hailed from Belarus. The family’s surname was changed by one of Ralph’s brothers, Jerry.  
            2. Ralph Lauren started off as a Brooks Brothers salesman. 
            3. The designer first became known for his unusual tie designs, which were wide and quite different from what was available at the time. What is less known is that he made them from old rags and he would go from store to store just to sellthem.
            4. Ivy League clothing brand founder Norman Hilton was the one who got Ralph Lauren his first significant start in the business by loaning him $50,000.
            5. The iconic polo shirt was not invented by Ralph Lauren but by a tennis player named Rene Lacoste although it was Lauren who made the casual top a wardrobe staple. The shirts debuted in 1972 in 24 colors in a single fit.
            6. The 1974 ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie helped the Ralph Lauren brand become even more famous. Leading man Robert Redford’s dapper outfits were all designed by Ralph Lauren. 
            7. Ralph Lauren has a massive car collection which contains over 70 models. One of them is a Bugatti worth more than $40 million, only one of four such models to be produced, and built by hand by Jean Bugatti himself.
            8. The Ralph Lauren brand has around 30 sub-labels under it. 
            9. Ralph Lauren is the only designer ever to win all four top awards from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.
            10. The Ralph Lauren brand name is pronounced like in the girl’s name with the emphasis on the first syllable (Lau) instead of on the end of the word. 

            4 best Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers

            1. Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn
            2. Polo Ralph Lauren Faxon Low
            3. Polo Ralph Lauren Hanford
            4. Polo Ralph Lauren Jermain
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