4 best On trail running shoes (November 2017)

73 runners reviewed these shoes with an average score of 81/100

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Features of On trail running shoes

On trail running shoes are packed with the necessary technologies to provide runners a better trail running experience. These trail running shoes have notable features that made most trail enthusiasts satisfied. Some of the features are the following:

  • Reliable grip – Trail running shoes should have the right amount of grip needed for technical terrain. For a reliable grip, On trail running shoes utilize the notable Grip-Rubber technology. Not only it gives unmatched traction, it also gives durability to the shoe’s outsole unit.
  • Water-repellent/Waterproof protection – Preparing for the shoes to be worn in extreme conditions, On trail running shoes have water-repellent coating and waterproofing materials. These will keep the foot dry while running on muddy or wet surfaces.
  • Durable materials – On trail running shoes are made from high-quality and durable materials. This is to make sure that the shoes can handle the damaging elements of the trail.

On trail running shoe: Is it the best option for you?

Aside from the features and technologies, you need to carefully assess if a trail running shoe is the best option for you. You need to consider the price, the shoe’s overall design, comfort level, and much more.

  • Price – Compared to road running shoes, On trail shoes are more expensive. On average, the price is $20-$30 more because of the more advanced technologies and premium materials incorporated into the shoes.
  • Weight – The presence of the premium and protective materials contributed to the overall weight of the shoes. On trail shoes weigh approximately 85 grams more compared to road running shoes.

What type of a trail runner are you?

Not all trail running shoes are the same. There are trail shoes that are only meant for light trail running while others are designed to survive even the toughest terrain. In finding the right trail running shoe, you must know what type of a trail runner you are.

  • Light Trail – Light trail running shoes are those shoes with moderate protective features. They have lighter weight and shallower lugs. These shoes are not meant for technical terrain. They perform well on well-groomed trails and dirt roads.
  • Rugged Trail – These shoes are designed for hiking trails. They have more underfoot protection, thicker soles, and diverse lug patterns compared to light trail running shoes. They also have enough foot protection against thorns, and trail debris.
  • Off-trail – Off-trail shoes are the toughest. They have better structure and very aggressive outsole. They are very durable and have a higher level of foot protection for the rocky and technical terrain. Most of these shoes are waterproof, allowing runners to run comfortably even in extreme weather conditions.