25 best Nike turf football boots

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  1. Any color
    Armory Blue/Black-wolf Grey
    Grey (Wolf Grey/Lt Crimson/Pure Plat 060)
    $90 $70 Save 22%
  2. Any color
    Black (Schwarz / Schwarz-dunkelgrau)
    Electric Green / Black Vert Electrique / Noir
    $175 $43 Save 75%
  3. Any color
    Mehrfarbig (Indigo 001)
    Racer Pink
    Purple (Purple Dynasty/Hyper Grape/Total Crimson/Bright Citrus)
    Mehrfarbig (Indigo 001)
    $90 $40 Save 56%
  4. Any color
    $90 $80 Save 11%
  5. Any color
    $80 $42 Save 48%
  6. Any color
    $100 $60 Save 40%
  7. Any color
    $175 $140 Save 20%
  8. Any color
    $75 $60 Save 20%
  9. Any color
    $70 $50 Save 29%
  10. Any color
    $105 $65 Save 38%
  11. Any color
    $68 $39 Save 43%
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Being among the biggest names in the world of football, Nike has a reputation for coming up with products of the best quality and features. When it comes to Nike turf football boots, the brand did not come up short on their innovative scheme and unique design aesthetics. Their selection of turf football boots is one of the best the football world has seen. Not to mention, their boot collections are backed with some of the greatest names in the sport.

A quick look-back at the history of Nike turf football boots

best nike turf football boots
Best Nike turf football boots - June 2018

Nike did not enter the football scene until the 1970s. “The Nike” was the first football boot released by the brand. However, the boot proved to be a frail attempt to wow boot enthusiasts as it soon fell by the wayside with its less-than-mediocre performance. Back then, their long-time rival Adidas and the equally dominant Puma led the race.

Decades later, Nike stepped up their game as they learned from athletes, research, and testing. It was then that they began to create football boots that defy expectations and help athletes elevate their game. These moments were among the critical periods where Nike proved itself as a serious competitor in the boot market. Nike marked the start of a new era of brilliant football.

As the sport evolved and transitioned into surfaces other than natural grass, Nike was also quick to catch up. The first molded shoe designed for use on grass and turf was the Nike Shark. Its release in 1980 marked a breakthrough for Nike Football as the boot featured a revolutionary design for its time. The Shark utilized a lethal combination of 13 perimeter cleats alongside shorter, cone-shaped studs for maximum grip on the turf.

This game-changing shoe introduced a revolutionary approach to designing football footwear. It then became a mainstay in Nike Football. A decade later, another Nike turf football boot stole the scene. The Nike Boss Shark integrated a running-shoe inspired midsole. This enhancement in comfort proved Nike’s capacity to innovate by adapting insights from other sports.

Nike’s adaptive capacity and modern design principle are seen in their current boot selections. Nike turf football boots have definitely come a long way from its humble beginnings as they are now packaged with unique technologies that distinguish them from other brands. Indeed, Nike has earned its top spot in the football world and with the direction that the brand is going in terms of design and innovation, the brand is definitely here, not only to stay but to set the pace.

Notable Nike turf football boots

To say that there are countless options of turf football boots out there is rather accurate, if not an understatement. As shoe manufacturers evolved together with the sport, they also keep up with the changing trends producing football boots that perform on specific types of surfaces where the game is played.

Being one of the leading companies in football boot manufacturing, Nike has come up with a solid selection of Nike turf football boots that cater to the diverse needs of players. From color and style to special features, Nike has engineered their turf football boots to match the style and preference of any football player out there.

Here are among the latest and most notable Nike football boots to ever grace the pitch.                                                                                        

Nike HypervenomX Proximo II DF TF

Designed to enable players to dance through the defense, the Nike HypervenomX Proximo II DF Turf features a lightweight synthetic upper that enhances agility. It also employs the innovative Flywire technology that gives a good lock-in on the feet. Another noticeable feature of this Hypervenom version is its Dynamic Fit collar that offers a sock-like experience to wearers. This sock detail also helps players move as one with the shoes allowing for more fluid movements on the playground.                         

Nike MercurialX Proximo II Turf

This second generation of the Nike Proximo Turf is quite similar to the Nike Superfly 5. Utilizing a Flyknit upper with Flywire cables integrated to its construction, this turf football boot gives superior lockdown of the foot. It also features a Dynamic Fit collar that further enhances the fit while producing a sock-like feel. What makes this Nike football boot stand out is its unique tongueless design. Moreover, with its Phylon midsole, wearers can expect utmost comfort with this turf boot.

Nike MagistaX Proximo II

The brand has designed the Nike MagistaX Proximo II TF with a Flyknit upper that comes with 3D bumps. The added detail works to give an enhanced ball feel. This football boot also sports a scalloped Dynamic Fit collar meant to deliver an anatomically correct fit that connects the lower leg to the foot. Apart from a secure it, this feature also improves overall mobility.

Nike TiempoX Legend VII Academy Turf

Inspired by the classic Tiempos, the Nike TiempoX Legend VII Academy Turf wears a calf leather on its vamp. The leather is combined with the durable fit of an internal liner that prevents overstretching as the leather seasons. The upper also employs some interior quilting for a more cushioned touch. This football boot also relies on a molded sockliner for comfort. Meanwhile, a rubber outsole with bump-like studs provides reliable traction on the turf.

Nike Magista Onda II Turf

Meant to orchestrate attacking chances for the team and dictate the pace of the game, the Nike Magista Onda II Turf provides an instant boot-to-brain connection. It uses a premium synthetic upper that forms to the shape of the feet for a very personalized fit. With added texture, its upper ushers in exceptional ball touch. Moreover, its rubber compound sole unit is specially designed to ensure reliable grip in all directions.

Nike MercurialX Victory VI Turf

Created for speed, the Nike MercurialX Victory VI Turf comes with a synthetic upper. The thin material provides barefoot feel without compromising protection over the foot. This football bot also utilizes Ortholite foam with a mesh liner that provides cushioning for the feet. Moreover, a full-length rubber outsole utilizes a treading pattern suited for turf surfaces.

Noteworthy technologies of Nike turf football boots



Featured on the Nike Hypervenom Phantom football boots, like the Hypervenom Phantom Academy Men’s Astro Turf, this technology consists of a mesh layer that is breathable, soft, and lightweight bound with a thin polyurethane film. Some would call it a thinner and more flexible version of the Hyperfuse. By combining free-flowing mesh with supportive polyurethane layer, Nikeskin gives a barefoot feel of the ball. It also offers a form-fitting wrap around the foot with its one-piece construction. Moreover, the All Conditions Control treatment ensures maximum performance in both wet and dry conditions.


Initially employed in running shoes, this technology utilizes yarns and fabric variations precisely engineered where they are needed. It aims to deliver a featherweight, form-fitting, and virtually seamless upper that gives a second-skin feel. This innovation also offers an environmental sustainability since it doesn’t use the multiple materials and material cuts used in traditional sports footwear manufacturing. This feature can be seen in the Nike MercurialX Proximo II Turf.      


Also employed on the MercurialX Proximo II Turf, this Nike innovation utilizes threads composed of Vectran or nylon that are strategically-placed on the upper. Its goal is to reduce weight and maximize support on the foot. The idea is to allow the cables to function like a suspension bridge that offers support where it is needed and prevent the foot from slipping when running.

Dynamic Fit collar

Nike describes this new tech as one that eliminates the space between the foot and the shoe. As a result, wearers experience unparalleled comfort no matter what the size or shape of their foot is. Nike applied this technology to its HypervenomX Proximo II Dynamic Fit Turf.      

All Conditions Control

Developed specifically for football boots, ACC is a treatment that allows the surface of the boot to maintain its level of friction, touch, and control in both wet and dry conditions. It is applied to the upper materials of some of Nike’s premier turf football boots. The result is a consistent feel, regardless of the weather. The ACC is available across all Nike turf football boots, including versions of the Mercurial Vapor VIII, Tiempo Legend IV, and Hypervenom Phantom.


Zoom Air unit  

Belonging to the Nike Air family, the Zoom Air offers lightweight and durable cushioning for the feet. It absorbs impact with each stride, protecting muscles, joints, and tendons. This midsole is incredibly thin, bringing the foot closer to the ground and enhancing stability. It also provides a very responsive feel alongside an improved awareness of the playing surf. The Nike HypervenomX Finale II Turf football boot carries this type of feature.

Phylon midsole

Phylon is made of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam pellets that have been compressed, heat expanded and cooled in a mold. As a cushioning system, it provides very lightweight, low-profile and responsive experience for its wearers. Moreover, compression-molded Phylon midsoles can be shaped into different designs. The Nike MercurialX Proximo II Turf and the Nike Tiempo Legacy Turf boast a Phylon midsole.                


Tri-star outsole

This outsole pattern allows the sole unit to expand and contract with each step. As a result, the pressure is equally dispersed, and performance is optimized. This feature is seen in Nike MercurialX Finale II Turf football boot.

Getting the most of your Nike turf football boots

Football boots, especially the really good ones, do not come cheap. Every soccer player knows that. Moreso, since football boots are the most important piece of equipment a footballer owns, they ought to take good care of it, so they get the most of it.

Here are a few tips to help players take better care of their Nike turf football boots.

Stud wear

Nike turf football boots are meant to be worn on the football pitch, particularly on water or sand-based artificial grass surfaces. That said, they should not be worn on hard indoor courts or on rough street surfaces like tarmac or concrete. These harder surfaces will cause unnecessary abrasion on the studs, grinding them down and consequently shortening the life of your Nike turf football boots.

Also, as much as some would say that turf boots do well for the indoor game, it poses the risk of slipping. Compared to indoor football boots, turf football boots are not designed to deliver the needed grip to play flawlessly on hard surfaces.

Keep in mind that to maximize performance and avoid injuries, players should use the right type of football boot that suits the playing surface.

Cleaning your Nike turf football boots

One should never undermine the importance of properly cleaning your Nike turf football boots right after the game. Not only with this practice extend the life of your shoe, it will also ensure that they perform their best on your next game. Here is a quick guide in cleaning your cleats:

  • Use a brush to remove dirt from your Nike turf football shoe. An old toothbrush can do the trick in getting off the mud in seams and around studs.
  • Get a damp cloth and use it to remove remaining traces of sold and dirt off your shoes.
  • When drying your wet football boots, it is best to stuff them with newspaper. This helps absorb the moisture and prevent leather from shrinking. As you wait for your football boots to dry, leave them where there is good air circulation and away from any heat. Heat damages the material of your Nike turf football boot, especially if it has leather.

Conditioning football boot leather

Once your leather Nike turf football boots have been cleaned and dried thoroughly, applying polish is the next best step. When polishing leather, remember to allow the polish to sit on the boots overnight before wiping it off. This step allows for maximum absorption of the oils contained in boot polish, allowing it to nourish the leather and help keep it waterproof.

Storage of your Nike turf football boots

When your Nike turf football boot is not in use, keep them in a dry, well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid the habit of leaving them wrapped in a plastic bag and kept at the bottom of your closet. Plastic has a tendency to create a moist environment around your boots and prevent air circulation. This can result in the growth of mold and mildew.

Longer life of your Nike turf football boots

Football players hold the responsibility of taking care of their football boots. By treating your Nike turf football boots cautiously and by being keen to brush, wipe, polish, and condition them after each game, you will keep your boots in top shape and get the most of every penny you spent.

Frequently asked questions

With all the many available options, how can I choose the right Nike turf football boot that fits my needs?

Finding the right Nike turf football boot that best answers a player’s needs can be quite tough. Considering the wide array of options from different stores and brands, it can really be confusing for players. Now, to help you in your quest, here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Find a good sports store.

As much as you can, avoid neighborhood shops that only have limited choices and brands available. It is best to visit big sports stores that offer the best selection of Nike turf football boots. Not only do you get the option of better deals but you are also assured that you are choosing from a wide variety of models from the different brands.

  • Know the brand and models.

It is never wise to step into the shop and cluelessly ask for any pair of boots. If you realize the importance that football boots play in an athlete’s performance, then you would understand that you just can’t use just any pair of football boot. A wise buyer should be keen on doing some research prior to making a purchase. Get to know the brands and their offerings to see what best suits your style and personality. You can even check out boot technologies and what they can do to amplify your performance.

  • Try the boots on.

This might seem like a silly reminder, however, some people really make the mistake of missing to try their boots on. Just because you feel that they look cool, or because Ronaldo wears them doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best fit for you. One of the most important specifications in selecting a Nike turf football boot is comfort, which is why you should test the boot out before purchasing them. It feels too tight then try the next size. Never sacrifice comfort over a boot’s stylish look or its price.

  • Choose a pair that suits your playing style.

Different boots are meant to deliver different benefits to a player. If speed is what you are looking for in a boot, then go for a more lightweight design. Heavier boots are usually meant for powerful shots and technique. If you are particular with getting better control, you can opt for leather cleats instead of the synthetic options.

How different are Nike Turf football boots from firm ground, soft ground and indoor football boots?

When it comes to comparing these different types of boots, the main factor to look into is the type of playing surface that these football boots are designed for. Here’s a quick lowdown on the various types of football boots as distinguished by their outsoles.

Firm ground football boots are the most popular type. They are the ones with moulded studs. The studs can be bladed or conical or can even be a combination of both. This type of football boots is best suited when playing on natural grass pitches.

Also suited for natural but softer or muddy grass are soft ground football boots. These are the ones with few, spaced-out, removable studs that are usually made of metal. Both firm ground and soft ground boots should not be worn on hard surfaces to prevent the risk of ankle injuries.

Turf football boots are fitted with multiple short studs or bumps distributed across the sole of a football boot. They are designed for the small-sided version of the game and are meant to be used on water or sand-based artificial grass playgrounds.

This type of football boot is not recommended for use on indoor courts. Some do mistake them for indoor trainers because somehow, they do kind of work indoors. However, they are not designed to deliver the needed grip as indoor courts can be quite slippery when you are wearing the wrong footwear.

On the other hand, indoor football boots are the ones best suited to hard, indoor surfaces. These boots ideally sport a gum rubber flat outsole and resemble your typical sneaker. In fact, indoor football boots can easily transition into leisure walking or casual street wear.

What Nike turf football boot models offer the option of a leather upper?

Nike has quite some interesting options when it comes to leather turf football boots. If you have loved their leather cleats, then you are sure gonna be equally amazed by their leather Nike turf football boots. Here are among their premier leather releases:

  • Nike Lunar LegendX 7 Pro TF-10R - The Nike Lunar LegendX 7 Pro TF-10R wears a red quilted calf leather upper that offers a soft touch on the ball. Aside from its bold design, it also features the brand’s Lunarlon Cushioning system that is built into its inner construction. An interesting fact about this boot is that it was designed in honor of soccer superstar, Ronaldinho.
  • Nike Tiempo LegendX 7 Pro TF  - If you want a Nike turf football boot that will allow you to move in all directions, then the Nike Tiempo LegendX 7 Pro TF is what you need. Sporting a calf leather upper that caters excellent touch and a rubber outsole that delivers impressive grip, this football boot will make you deadly on the pitch. Its impeccable performance is also complemented by a stylish look and an awesome colorway.

7 best Nike turf football boots

  1. Nike Phantom Vision Academy Turf
  2. Nike SuperflyX 6 Academy Turf
  3. Nike HypervenomX Finale II Turf
  4. Nike Phantom Vision Academy Dynamic Fit Turf
  5. Nike MercurialX Victory VI Turf
  6. Nike LegendX 7 Academy Turf
  7. Nike VaporX 12 Academy Turf
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