17 best Nike stability running shoes

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At a time when the runner has every option laid out before him for the brand of shoe he would want to partner with, it is amazing to think that with all these options, Nike still dominates the choices for almost every runner. Choosing Nike among other brands is very much evident in the more than 100,000 reviews runners have made regarding the company’s top quality shoes.

Why take advantage of the best Nike stability shoes?

  • The best thing about Nike stability shoes is the feel of premium cushioning. While corrective measures are in place to limit overpronation, cushioning prioritized by Nike that these shoes provide the feel of soft and responsive cushioning with great stability features.
  • One much unappreciated part of the shoe which helps very much in controlling pronation is the upper area. Nike has the Flywire overlays that secure the upper to the midsole and the heel area to prevent too much movement. Most of the re-engineered mesh on Nike’s stability shoes does not get loose over time. It means that the support it gives to the overall stability of the shoe does not get worn out with repeated use.
  • Multi density foam is used by Nike for curbing overpronation. It starts with the softer lateral foam which takes the bulk of the impact and graduates to a firmer foam going to the medial side. The harder medial post would be harder to compress, hence, the arch would be sufficiently supported from collapsing. Between these two foams would be a foam that would necessarily strike the balance between hardness and softness.
  • Aftermarket or customized orthotics are readily accommodated inside Nike’s best stability shoes. Depending on the degree of correction the runners want, the orthotics would simply allow them to customize even more the stability features of the shoe.
  • A structured heel counter is another stability feature present in Nike’s best stability shoes. The heel counter goes hand in hand with the upper to allow a snug fit and limit the foot’s overpronation.
  • The use of light materials in the construction of these stability shoes allows Nike to pack every stability feature and premium cushioning without the shoe suffering from too much weight.
  • Nike extends the use of stability shoes for the trail. In fact, most trail shoes have stability features that are needed for the rugged terrain. Aggressive lug patterns are used on the trail to allow the shoe excellent leverage in digging into the ground, especially in wet, muddy, or grassy areas.

What to look for in the best Nike stability shoes?

  • Cushioning. The revered zoom air units are still used in most Nike stability shoes. These air units have great rebound features.
  • Medial Structure. Nike uses dual or multi density foams in the midsole to provide excellent arch and medial support. An example of such midsole foam is the patented Nike Stock Fit. This is a high density foam that is extremely useful for correcting overpronation while being lightweight.
  • Insoles. Nike has created their stability shoes with enough room to accommodate various Footbeds or orthotics without compromising fit and comfort. Even without the use of customized insoles, the built in arch and medial support of the shoes would more than handle the overpronation tendencies of runners.

15 best Nike stability running shoes

  1. Nike Air Zoom Odyssey
  2. Nike Air Zoom Structure 21
  3. Nike Air Zoom Span
  4. Nike Air Zoom Structure 18
  5. Nike Air Zoom Winflo 5
  6. Nike LunarGlide 8 Shield
  7. Nike LunarGlide 8
  8. Nike Air Zoom Structure 20
  9. Nike LunarGlide 9
  10. Nike Air Zoom Structure 19
  11. Nike Air Zoom Winflo 4 Shield
  12. Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 Shield
  13. Nike Dart 10
  14. Nike Dart 11
  15. Nike Air Zoom Span 2
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