Nike motion control running shoes (May 2017)

Nike has developed an almost cult-like following among runners and recreational joggers alike. Think of footwear and the Swoosh logo would almost always be the next image that comes to mind. The hordes of fanatics lining up for every release of the latest versions of their footwear are irrefutable verification of the company’s production of the best footwear in the world. The more than 100,000 reviews made online are mere footnotes compared to the thousands on the streets and the tracks lacing on a pair of Nikes.

What makes Nike the best partner for overpronators?

  • Motion control shoes are a step higher than the regular stability shoes. In this sense, Nike enhanced its stability features to cater to heavy or severe overpronators.
  • Like most of their stability shoes, motion control shoes produced by Nike still offers the same lightweight package without compromising support, cushioning from heel to toe, and overpronation devices.
  • An often overlooked part of overpronation control is the heel cup. Here, the best Nike motion control shoes are built with larger heel cups that stretch almost to the interior part of the shoe. In one quick and innovative design, the shoe’s stability and arch support are dramatically increased without compromising weight.
  • There is absolutely no way heavy overpronators cannot go to the races. The best motion control shoes by Nike are lightweight enough that could really give some speedsters a run for their money if used by the right runner.
  • The redesigned Flywire used in Nike motion control shoes offers a more customized fit. These sturdy overlays help in securing the foot in place to limit excessive foot movement. Together with the larger and more structured heel cup, this makes an unbeatable tandem in battling severe overpronation tendencies of runners.
  • The outstanding midsole feature that really does some heavy lifting in controlling overpronation is the newly designed Lunarlon foam. This foam is used in the entire length of most Nike motion control shoes and is characterized by soft inner pads and a more rigid outer lining. This not only allows the shoe to be more stable but it provides plenty of premium cushioning as well.
  • Runners with Freddie Flintstone type of foot should lose no sleep with the best Nike motion control shoes. Orthotics of any sort could be placed inside for a customized fit and support. The runner would notice right away that upon wearing Nike’s motion control shoes, there is no longer any torque on the knees that happens every time the foot rolls inward.

What should be common denominators in getting the best Nike motion control shoes?

  • Midsole Cushioning. Midsole cushioning is of prime importance for Nike that the already dependable and high-performing Lunarlon was redesigned for the specific purpose of providing exact stability, support, and responsive cushion to severe overpronators.
  • Medial Support. Nike makes use of upper setup to add help to its already formidable medial support. Fitted in the medial area is a dual density foam that is firmer and should be able to take on the force a collapsing arch would not be able to do.
  • Stiff Heel. Not only has Nike made the heel better structured, it has enlarged it for maximum support extending all the way to the arch area.