5 best Nike Alpha football Cleats

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    Nike Alpha Football Cleats: Made for Multidirectional Threats

    Best Nike alpha football cleats - May 2020

    The Nike Alpha cleats are made for football’s most versatile and elusive athletes, such as Super Bowl Champion Russell Wilson and 2018 Offensive Rookie of the Year Saquon Barkley. These Nike football cleats are designed to offer players maximum multidirectional speed and agility.

    In 2017, Nike upped the ante and launched one of the most innovative football cleats in the Alpha class.

    “In terms of cleats we’ve made before, this is our antagonist,” Nike Sr. Inline Innovator and lead footwear designer for the Alpha Menace Elite Jeff Rasmussen says. “It has a dangerous, gritty vibe.” 

    Built around Russell Wilson’s game, the Nike Alpha Menace Elite boasts a few innovations to help the Super Bowl Champion evade the opposing team's defense.

    “He moves like a linebacker,” Rasmussen explains. “The yards he picks up, the way he eludes players and leaves the pocket…he’s incredibly agile uses every bit of the bottom and the edges of his cleats.”

    The Alpha Menace Elite features an innovative cleat configuration that provides 360-degree traction and acceleration. 

    “We tested tri-shape studs through the shuttle drill at the combine, and the players showed markedly improved times—so great that the combine banned it during official tracking,”

    Grabbing and releasing the ground like a shovel, the triangle edges also help athletes break and change direction with ease.

    Nike football also updated the Alpha Menace Elite's cleat plate and made it lighter and more supportive.

    “We used an algorithm that dictated what the lightest, strongest structure was, and we built the plate based on that information,” Rasmussen explains. “It allows the cleat to be rigid but also snappy and responsive,” he continued.

    The Nike Alpha Menace Elite football cleats also feature a simplified upper construction that delivers unbelievable support while making quick side-to-side movements.

    “We used fewer materials than in our previous Flyknit football cleat and integrated them into one layer versus stacking materials, which is typical in other cleats,” Rasmussen says. “The Flyknit is super flexible, while the TPU allowed us to heat and mold areas, which results in a super-powerful package that feels like a second skin but keeps the athlete over the platform.”

    Two years later, Nike football updated the Alpha Menace to provide running back Saquon Barkley with added support.

    The Nike Alpha Menace Elite 2 makes use of a midfoot strap for added containment. At the forefoot, TPU yarns protect the foot from being stepped on. Nike designers also center-seamed the Strobel to lock the traction plate onto the footbed.

    The midfoot strap was also carried over to other Nike Alpha football cleats such as the Alpha Menace Pro 2 and Alpha Menace Varsity 2.

    The Nike Alpha Class

    Athletes like Russell Wilson and Saquon Barkley rely on their speed and agility to make game-changing plays on the gridiron. The Nike Alpha football cleats are specifically designed to help these versatile athletes create separation and evade the defenders. Let us get to know more about these multidirectional threats and find out why they are worthy of being called Alphas.

    Russell Wilson

    Coming into the 2012 NFL Draft, most scouts were reporting that Russell Wilson is just "too short" to be an NFL quarterback. "Wilson's height will be his biggest inhibitor at the next level and the largest reason for his late-round value. It remains to be seen if he can throw effectively from the pocket at the next level," a scouting report from his NFL combine performance read.

    However, this did not deter the young Wilson and instead drove him to prove his doubters wrong and outwork his competition.

    "I heard that quite often, but I wasn't going to let that discourage me, and the Seattle Seahawks went against the grain, I guess you could say, and they drafted me and gave me an opportunity," Wilson said in a 2012 interview.

    Wilson immediately impressed Seahawks coach Pete Carroll with his maturity.  He beat out veteran quarterbacks Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson for the starting QB position.

    "I think, more than anything, it's my work ethic that has prepared me. I've done everything that I can to be the best that I can possibly be," Wilson says.

    Wilson's greatness showed early in his career. During his rookie year, he led the Seattle Seahawks to their first winning season since 2007 (11-5 win-loss record). The following year, Wilson led his team to a 13-3 record, the NFC West Championship, and the number one seed in the NFL Playoffs. The Seahawks advanced to the 2014 Super Bowl (Super Bowl XLVIII) and defeated the Payton Manning-led Denver Broncos with a lopsided final score of 43-8. In his third year, Wilson once again led the Seahawks to another historic season. The Seahawks became back-to-back conference champions and became the first NFC team to appear in consecutive Super Bowls.  

    After eight seasons, Wilson continues to evolve as an elite quarterback and is quickly building his hall-of-fame resume.

    “There are so many guys before me who have tried to change the game and done a great job at it,” said Wilson. “God’s so good. It doesn’t matter what you look like. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Latino, Asian. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5-11. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you ‘no.’ It’s the heart that you have. That’s what I try to prove every day.”

    Because of his outstanding play, Wilson inked a $140-million four-year extension with the Seahawks in 2019 and became the NFL's highest-paid player on an annual basis. 

    Saquon Barkley

    Selected second overall in the 2018 NFL Draft, Saquon Barkley did not disappoint the New York Giants and had a phenomenal rookie season. Barkley shattered and set numerous records on his way to being named the 2018 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Let us take a look at all the mind-blowing records the rising star set in his first year in the National Football League.

    • In the 17th week of the 2018 NFL season, Barkley became one of three rookies in NFL history to rack up more than 2,000 scrimmage yards—2,028 yards.
    • Barkley has eight plays of 40-plus in the 2018 regular season.
    • Barkley broke the New York Giant's franchise record of most rushing touchdowns in a season with 11 touchdowns.
    • Barkley set the new all-time rookie running back receptions record with 91 receptions.
    • Barkley set the new all-time rookie record for most 100+ scrimmage games with 12.
    • Barkley's 78-yard touchdown run over the Washington Redskins goes down as the fastest speed reached by a player during the 2018 season—21.91 miles per hour.
    • Barkley became the first rookie in the New York Giant's franchise history to rush for more than 1,000 yards in a season—1,307 yards.
    • Barkley tied Hall-of-Famer Randy Moss for the most 50+ yard touchdowns by a rookie—5.
    • Barkley broke the New York Giant's franchise record of most total touchdowns by a rookie with 15 touchdowns.

    Barkley received several awards and recognitions after his record-breaking rookie season. 

    • He was named the 2018 Pepsi Rookie of the Year.
    • He was selected for the 2018 NFL All-Rookie Team.
    • He was named the 2018 FedEx Ground Player of the Year.
    • He was selected to participate in the 2019 Pro Bowl.

    Even Hall-of-Fame running backs were very impressed with what Barkley has accomplished in his rookie season.

    “I am so proud of him,” Franco Harris said. “I loved watching his game and what he accomplished this year and the type of individual he is. I’m real proud of him. He deserves (the Rookie of the Year Award) so much with the year that he had. I’m hoping this is just the start for him."

    “I like his attitude,” Jim Bown said. “He had to fit in, and he’s done that. And he contributes. And he can accelerate. And he’s built in a manner that he’s hard to bring down. He has a freshness about him and an attitude about him. He understands the game. So he is one of those rare guys that there’s no negative about him.”

    Barkley slowed down a little bit during his sophomore campaign because of an injury. However, he still managed to become the only running back in Giant's history to have 1,000 or more rushing yards in their first two seasons.





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