29 best Newton road running shoes

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  1. $130 $60 Save 54%
  2. Any color
    Newton Gravity 8 - Green
    Newton Gravity 8 - Grey
    Newton Gravity 8 - Black
    $175 $100 Save 43%
  3. Any color
    Newton Motion 8 - Blue
    Newton Motion 8 - Grey
    $175 $100 Save 43%
  4. $125 $45 Save 64%
  5. $175 $150 Save 14%
  6. $175 $75 Save 57%
  7. $150 $80 Save 47%
  8. Any color
    $155 $117 Save 25%
  9. Any color
    $140 $130 Save 7%
  10. Any color
  11. No offers available

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  13. Any color
    $125 $40 Save 68%
  14. $140 $114 Save 19%
  15. $150 $100 Save 33%
  16. $175 $150 Save 14%
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  20. Any color
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With +100, 000 reviews, Newton shoes are some of the premier products that are well-worth the price of purchase. Using high-grade materials for each of their products, the Newton experts deliver shoes that are both effective and comfortable to use. With an arsenal of shoe innovations that constantly improve over the years, Newton is a trusted brand for everyone.

What are in the best Newton road shoes?

best newton road running shoes
Best Newton road running shoes- November 2019

  • Road shoes are designed to withstand the impact of running or ascending hard flat surfaces. With top notch outer sole materials, the best Newton road shoes deliver such a performance. High abrasion wedges that are made of rubber make up the lateral heel part of these pairs of shoes, maximizing gripping power.
  • The best Newton road shoes feature EVA or Ethylene-vinyl acetate, a substance that acts as a cushion for runners who require comfortable foot landings and easy lift rebounds. These cushions are light, yet sturdy, ensuring a non-weighty feel.
  • Although road shoe fabrics can withstand dust and water, they aren’t entirely waterproof. There are also waterproof shoe types available in the market, for variety and choice.
  • The best Newton road shoes present flat outer surfaces made of materials that lets the shoe grip concrete tracks and hard surfaces. This prevents easy slippage and accidents.
  • This brand of road shoes is purposefully lightweight and well-built, thus ensuring a longer lifespan for users who prefer a long-lasting pair of shoes.
  • Road shoes are best used for road marathons, regular jogging tracks and even for cardio exercises via machines at the gym. There is a high degree of versatility in the use of road shoes.
  • Stylistic and cool-looking, the best Newton road shoes can also be used on regular days for strolling or going out for any activity. High-quality stitching and combining makes sure that the shoes are strong enough for long-term and daily use.

What one could discover in the best Newton road shoes?

  • Arch Support. The best Newton road shoes are diverse when it comes to the needs of the individual user. For people who desire more stability in their pronation, stability shoes are an option. Motion control shoes promote further arch stability for those whose foot arches collapse easily. This page will help in determining what your needs are.
  • Weight. Users can easily determine their preferred shoes’ weight by doing weight estimation through trying them out or lifting them with their hands. These choice variables are also supported by the fact that road shoes only weigh at about 150-300 grams. This will ensure a faster running output.
  • Midsole Material. With enhanced medial midsole platforms, each of the best Newton road shoes make sure that every user’s midsole is buoyed with sturdy surface materials. Biomechanical sensor plates are also placed within each shoe, adapting to the anatomical shape of the person’s foot and metatarsals.

5 best Newton road running shoes

  1. Newton Distance Elite
  2. Newton Fate 5
  3. Newton Motion 8
  4. Newton Gravity 8
  5. Newton Kismet 5
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