Newton motion control running shoes (May 2017)

In a total of 100, 000 shoe reviews, it was highlighted that the Newton Running brand has garnered awards and accolades for providing the necessary shoe collections to fit every runner. The brand’s motion control performance shoe collection is indeed heaven sent to flat-footed individuals who need a well-cushioned and secured platform to run.

Why is a pair of best Newton motion control shoes highly recommended?

  • The bulky feature of the best Newton motion control shoes is due to the cushioning. Cushioning can be found mostly in the midsole, particularly on the arch side. It helps improve the comfort, protection, stability and pronation control of the shoes.
  • Versatility is given to over pronators through the use of the best Newton motion control shoes. With the cushioned platform, flat-footed runners can pursue regular running, high mileage runs, cross training, recovery runs and casual activities without discomfort.
  • The best Newton motion control shoes could treat foot fatigue. Its firm cushioning can release the pressure in the quadriceps, thereby improving Teutonic support while running. In pursuing long distances, runners would not feel discomfort.
  • Support-specific technologies can be observed in motion control shoes in the form of arch shanks/posts, padded tongue and heel collars, lacing systems and insoles.

What factors do you need to pay attention to in buying the best Newton motion control shoes?

  • Arch Structure. The most prominent feature in every pair of motion control shoes is the arch structure. Located in the arch side of the midsole, it can be in the form of a firm post or shank. It supports the low arches of the runner and keeps it stable during the gait cycle. It offers medial support to improve torsional rigidity and pronation control. Over pronation can be observed in inward foot rolling motions, but these are just wasted movements that only bring discomfort or injury to the wearer. The arch structure will help in decelerating pronation and facilitating an efficient gait cycle on the trail and track. Arch support technologies from Newton include the Extended Medial Bridge.
  • Midsole Cushioning. The midsole is an important part of the best Newton motion control shoes. Since these shoes are designed to decelerate severe over pronation of flat-footed runners, thicker and firmer cushioning is needed to further support the foot during the gait cycle. The premium cushioning will most likely add to the overall underfoot comfort of the shoe, as well as the protection against impact forces and debris on the track and trail. Newton features a fine range of midsole technologies, including the Action/ Reaction Technology, high-rebound EVA and P.O.P. Platform among others
  • Heel Stiffness. Choosing a pair of motion control shoes should not only revolve around arch structures and cushioning. Even the heel part of the shoe is crucial because a high level of heel stiffness would guarantee to secure the foot while running. This reduces heel slippage, as well as wasted motion from over pronation. A stiff heel is helpful in enhancing the pronation control properties of the shoe while improving the wearer’s performance and comfort in running.