32 best Newton low drop running shoes

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      1. Newton Fate 5 - Blue
        Any color
        Newton Fate 5 - White Black
        Newton Fate 5 - Blue
        $140 $91 Save 35%
      2. Newton Gravity 8 - Grey
        Any color
        Newton Gravity 8 - Grey
        Newton Gravity 8 - Black
        $175 $100 Save 43%
      3. Newton Motion 8 - Blue
        Any color
        Newton Motion 8 - Blue
        Newton Motion 8 - Grey
        $175 $100 Save 43%
      4. Newton Motion 9 - Brick/Orange
      5. Newton Kismet 5 - Blue
        $140 $91 Save 35%
      6. Newton Distance Elite - Blue
      7. Newton Fate - Blue
      8. Newton Gravity 9 - Navy/Citron
      9. Newton BoCo AT 4 - Red
      10. Newton Distance 9 - Yellow
      11. Newton MV3 - Green
        $125 $45 Save 64%
      12. Newton Sir Isaac - Red
        $150 $80 Save 47%
      13. Newton Gravity All Weather - Black
      14. Newton Kismet II - Blue Royal Blue Black
        $135 $70 Save 48%
      15. Newton Distance V - Green
        $155 $120 Save 23%
      16. Newton Distance 6 - Red
        $155 $84 Save 46%
      17. Newton Gravity IV - Red
      18. Newton MV2 - Grey
        $125 $30 Save 76%
      19. Newton Motion V - Black/Green
        $175 $160 Save 9%
      20. Newton Distance S 8 - Yellow/Black
      21. Newton Sir Isaac S - Blue
        $150 $80 Save 47%
      22. Newton Distance S IV - White
      23. Newton Distance 8 - Orange
      24. Newton Distance IV - Green
      25. Newton Motion 7 - Charcoal Yellow
        $175 $158 Save 10%
      26. Newton Distance 7 - Black Yellow
        $155 $139 Save 10%
      27. Newton Gravity V - Vert Green Blue
        $175 $160 Save 9%
      28. Newton Gravity 7 - Red/Lime
      29. Newton Fate 4 - Blue

      Among shoe brands, Newton Running is well-known for their performance shoe technologies that have received recognition in over 100, 000 reviews written by shoe experts and runners. Their list of low drop shoes continues to garner great reviews and high ratings, so these are definitely a must-try for transitional barefoot running.

      Why should you get Newton low drop shoes for performance running?

      best newton low drop running shoes
      Best Newton low drop running shoes - November 2019

      • Low drop shoes improve the flexibility of the Achilles tendon and condition the soles of the runner to ground contact. By continuously using the best Newton low drop shoes, runners can transition smoothly to barefoot running.
      • The best Newton low drop shoes are minimal and lightweight. These are great options for your racing and speed workouts. However, they lack proper support and cushioning to fare well in cross training, regular running, and high mileage performance runs.
      • Some low drop shoes have advanced heel compounds that improve shock absorption for track and trail runs. This can be taken advantage of by heel strikers, since the first contact of the heel to the ground already disperses the impact before it could spread around the foot.
      • The heel to toe drops of the best Newton low drop shoes vary. You can choose between the ranges of 4 mm to zero drop profiles for natural running.

      Determine the best Newton low drop shoes with these factors

      • Fit. A natural running movement technically leads to toe splaying and flexing. It is crucial that the foot has enough space to do these in order to facilitate a stable and efficient ride on the track or trail. In some of the best Newton low drop shoes, fit technologies improve the performance and comfort provided by the shoe. These also help in reducing irritation or hot spots inside the shoe, thereby reducing the discomfort of the runner. In addition, the ideal fit for runners with average foot widths is a wider forefoot area, close heel fit and a big toe box. Newton has a collection of trusted fit technologies that low drop runners can take advantage of and it includes the Flex Zone, Slip-proof Lacing System and Engineered Mesh among others.
      • Cushioning. You should not expect to feel much cushioning if you have decided to pursue natural running with low drop shoes. However, there are some models that have a bit of cushioning in the midsole for comfort and support, but compensate on the ground contact and flexibility. If you are used to barefoot-like running, the lack of cushioning (1 mm to zero drop) will appeal to you. However, if you are still transitioning from neutral shoes, purchase a low drop pair with adequate cushioning (3 mm to 4 mm drop). Newton’s cushioning technologies include the Action/ Reaction technology and the biomechanical metatarsal sensor plate.
      • Heel to toe Drop. The heel to toe differential could influence how much ground contact you can get. For 1 mm to zero drop profiles, the low drop shoes are already mimicking a barefoot-like feel. Advanced runners choose such profiles before they pursue full-fledged barefoot running. The 3 mm to 4 mm drop profiles are appealing to transitioning runners or those who cannot quit cushioning just yet.

      8 best Newton low drop running shoes

      1. Newton Gravity 8
      2. Newton Distance Elite
      3. Newton Distance 9
      4. Newton Motion 9
      5. Newton Motion 8
      6. Newton Gravity 9
      7. Newton Fate 5
      8. Newton Kismet 5
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