20 best New Balance low drop running shoes

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  1. Any color
    New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v3 - Black
    New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v3 - White
    New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v3 - Blue
    New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v3 - Navy
    $135 $46 Save 66%
  2. Any color
    New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v4 - Black
    New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v4 - Blue
    New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v4 - Grey
    $140 $108 Save 23%
  3. Any color
    New Balance Fresh Foam More - Black
    New Balance Fresh Foam More - Gunmetal Lead
    New Balance Fresh Foam More - Blue
    New Balance Fresh Foam More - Blue
    New Balance Fresh Foam More - Henna Energy Red
    $160 $96 Save 40%
  4. Any color
    $120 $58 Save 52%
  5. Any color
    $115 $85 Save 26%
  6. Any color
    $135 $85 Save 37%
  7. No offers available

  8. No offers available

  9. No offers available

  10. $120 $50 Save 58%

New Balance has successfully run itself into the hearts of the running world as seen by the more than 100,000 reviews made online by the crème dela creme of runners and recreational joggers. The company’s shoes are made from thorough scientific research and the priceless experience of producing quality footwear all through the years. Every pair of New Balance shoes is built with pride that the benchmarks of unmatched fit, comfort, and high-class performance are always present.

Why make the most out of the best New Balance low-drop shoes?

best new balance low drop running shoes
Best New Balance low drop running shoes - November 2019

  • New Balance low-drop shoes promote midfoot or forefoot strike which is a shift from the traditional heel striking. Without the customary heavy foams on the heel, the runner would be gently eased into a more natural form of running and thus, lowering the risk of pain or injury.
  • Since New Balance low-drop shoes stay much closer to the ground, they create a much better ground perception. Excellent sensory feedback underfoot would automatically result to a surer and more efficient stride. Knowing what the runner is stepping on and how he is making his strides would definitely make for a more efficient and faster run.
  • Without the benefit of too much shoe structure, the runner would be forced to take short strides. Getting used to shorter strides would mean less impact the runner is subjecting his legs, knees, and foot to.
  • The lesser the intervention of the footwear has on the natural mechanics of the foot, the stronger the foot and its related parts become. The foot is designed by nature to adapt itself to the surrounding circumstances when running. Core and leg strengths should be developed which should really bode well for the runner.
  • For trail runners who would want to go low in their runs, it would be advisable to choose a pair of New Balance low-drop shoes that have a thicker midsole to protect themselves from hard objects normally found on the trail. A more aggressive midsole would also be suitable for better grip on the rugged trail terrain.
  • Low-drop shoes in general are not built for runners with low arches or runners with flat foot. The almost zero arch support and stability feature in this type of shoe would create trouble a few meters into the run.
  • The transition for the more extreme barefoot running would be a cinch once the runner has gotten used to the feeling of less shoe structure and has developed a better and more efficient stride.

What should influence you in getting the best New Balance low drop shoes?

  • Cushioning. Cushioning and heel to toe differential are completely separate from the other. There are shoes that have zero heel offset and is still sufficiently padded. New Balance offers the right kind of heel offset and great cushioning.
  • Heel to Toe Differential. For the best low-drop shoes, heel to toe differential would ideally be 4mm or lower. The lower the differential is, the closer the foot is on the ground for excellent sensory feedback. New Balance varies its heel offset to cater to the various needs of runners.
  • Underfoot Protection. Despite the less is more mantra of a low-drop or minimalist shoe, sufficient underfoot protection is still of primary importance. New Balance uses a varied mixture of the harder carbon rubber and blown rubber for better traction and durability on varied terrains.

5 best New Balance low drop running shoes

  1. New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v3
  2. New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro
  3. New Balance Fresh Foam Vongo v4
  4. New Balance Fresh Foam More
  5. New Balance Minimus Trail 10
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