57 best New Balance lightweight running shoes

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      1. New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon v2 - Blue
      2. New Balance 1400 v6 - Black/Pink Zing
        Any color
        New Balance 1400 v6 - Black/Pink Zing
        New Balance 1400 v6 - black/white
        New Balance 1400 v6 - Vision Blue Eclipse
        $100 $69 Save 31%
      3. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit - Black/Castlerock/White
      4. New Balance FuelCell Rebel - new-balance-fuelcell-rebel-d94a
      5. New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi - Blue
      6. New Balance Summit Unknown - Blue
      7. New Balance 1500 v6 - Multi
      8. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Solas - Blue / Black
      9. New Balance Minimus Trail 10 - Black/Alpha Orange
      10. New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon - Blue
      11. New Balance FuelCell Impulse - Blue
      12. New Balance 890 v7 - Green
      13. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4 - Grey
      14. New Balance 1500 T2 - Multi
      15. New Balance FuelCore Coast v4 - White Team Away Grey Phantom
      16. New Balance FuelCore Coast v3 - Red
      17. New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo - blue/red
      18. New Balance FuelCore Sonic - Blue
      19. New Balance Cypher Run - Black
      20. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz Decon - Blue Blue Black
      21. New Balance Cush+ District Run - Magnet
      22. New Balance Minimus 10 v1 - Black
      23. New Balance Summit KOM GTX - Black Black Magnet Gt
      24. New Balance FuelCell 5280 - White
      25. New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz Retro Hoodie - Black
      26. New Balance 1500 v5 - Black/Neon Emerald
      27. New Balance 1500 T2 Boa - Pink
      28. New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi Sport - Burgundy
      29. New Balance 1500 v4 - Bright Cherry Black
      30. New Balance Minimus Zero v2 Road - new-balance-minimus-zero-v2-road-b4b6

      The weight of the shoe can significantly impact the running efficiency. This is the reason why lightweight shoes are mostly preferred by runners and athletes for optimal performance. The benefits of wearing lighter running companions include less fatigue, enhanced running efficiency, great ground feel, and flexibility. But despite the benefits of using lightweight running shoes, many still hesitate to buy them because some consumers believe that these products may cause more harm than good for users.

      New Balance continues to innovate and develop technologies to create reliable running shoes that are not only lightweight but also fit the running gait and lifestyle of different types of users. 

      Features of New Balance lightweight running shoes

      Best New Balance lightweight running shoes - May 2020


      New Balance developed REVlite technology for premium responsiveness and durability. It is a refined EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) material, which is designed to provide long-lasting comfort. This innovative cushioning technology is 30% lighter than other foams with comparable performance. This midsole material aims to deliver a lightweight ride without compromising quality, cushioning, and stability.

      Fresh Foam

      New Balance created the Fresh Foam technology to provide a fresh sensation between the foot and the ground. It is engineered for a light and comfortable running experience. This EVA-based Fresh Foam also aims to deliver a supportive yet springy ride. 


      FuelCell technology is a newly improved cushioning technology developed by New Balance. It is a nitrogen-infused performance foam created for excellent shock absorption and energy return. This cushioning technology is designed through data-driven midsole shaping. It helps provide smooth transitions and enhances the running speed. 

      FuelCell technology is commonly featured in New Balance cushioned neutral running shoes. 


      The TruFuse technology is another lightweight midsole technology from New Balance. It is a dual-layer midsole that is made from a combination of two different foam materials, aiming to provide excellent cushioning and responsiveness for long run miles. 

      Ultra Heel

      To provide a secure fit, New Balance incorporates Ultra Heel technology in most of their running shoes. This material is designed to hug the back of the foot for a snug and supportive fit. 


      Hypoknit technology is a knit material designed to provide breathable coverage and a sock-like fit. This lightweight upper material also offers strategic areas of stretch and support.


      Mesh fabric is an upper material that is usually made of polyester or nylon woven to create a flexible and lightweight net-like structure. This material is generally used to provide breathable comfort, allowing for continuous ventilation to keep the foot dry and comfortable for an extended period. 

      Choosing the right New Balance lightweight running shoes

      New Balance divides its running shoes into three categories: Cushioned, Stability, and Motion Control. The difference between these categories is the amount of support the shoe provides for the foot, depending on the running style. 

      Cushioned shoe

      Cushioned running shoes generally work for runners with neutral gaits or those who supinate while running. Highly cushioned shoes are designed to absorb the shock in each step that would be otherwise sent through the joins, causing pain and discomfort. New Balance designs lightweight running shoes that help improve speed without sacrificing comfort.  

      Stability shoe

      New Balance manufactures lightweight stability running shoes that are designed for people who suffer from overpronation. These types of shoes incorporate medial support and cushioning system, which are included to control unnecessary foot motion without restricting natural movements. These running companions help alleviate pain and deliver a comfortable ride. 

      Motion-control shoe

      Motion-control running shoes are designed for runners with moderate to severe overpronation. These types of shoes help reduce excessive foot rolling action. New Balance also creates lightweight motion-control shoes that provide excellent shock absorption and correct the gait cycle. 

      Frequently asked questions

      What is the lightest New Balance running shoe?

      There are plenty of lightweight running shoes from New Balance that are designed to provide comfort and support for different types of runners. Here are some of the popular New Balance lightweight running shoes that feature advanced technologies, providing a secure and comfortable ride. 

      Are New Balance lightweight running shoes suitable for trail running?

      New Balance offers a wide collection of lightweight shoes that are perfect for walking and running. The company also manufactures lightweight trail-specific running shoes that are designed for runners and athletes who seek premium comfort, stability, flexibility, and durability while running on rugged trails.

      15 best New Balance lightweight running shoes

      1. New Balance 1400 v6
      2. New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon
      3. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4
      4. New Balance 1500 v6
      5. New Balance Minimus Trail 10
      6. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit
      7. New Balance 890 v7
      8. New Balance FuelCell Impulse
      9. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Solas
      10. New Balance Summit Unknown
      11. New Balance 1500 T2
      12. New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi
      13. New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon v2
      14. New Balance FuelCore Coast v4
      15. New Balance FuelCell Rebel
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