56 best New Balance competition running shoes

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New Balance prides itself on producing some of the best shoes available for several decades. The more than 100,000 reviews found on the web are not enough to justify the kind of performance New Balance has provided for its legions of fans through all these years. The company is still going strong and addresses the runner’s various footwear needs.

Why should you get the best New Balance competition running shoes?

  • Since racing is done not only in the tracks, but in the trail as well, New Balance has created racing shoes for both types of surfaces. The versions vary slightly on the outsole construction. The shoe built for the trail has a more aggressive outsole to provide great traction on some difficult and technical outdoor terrain. Although the outsole for the track is less aggressive, it does provide fantastic grip on the track even in wet conditions.
  • The New Balance competition running shoes used on the trail also come with some protection from sharp objects compared to the ones used entirely on the track.
  • Common sense dictates that the lighter the shoe is the faster the runner goes. New Balance produces extremely lightweight but durable shoes that should not burden the runner in the closing miles of a run.
  • Racing shoes are generally lightweight. The bare as bones make up of the shoe is essential for picking up speed and for saving the runner’s energy especially in the clinches. New Balance has racing flats that vary from 7oz or lower, depending on the runner’s need and mechanics.
  • The New Balance competition running shoes sit low to the ground for excellent sensory feedback. This makes for a surer stride, which should translate to attaining a new personal-best record.
  • Flexibility is another aspect that is a result of the minimal shoe structure of the best New Balance racing shoes. Since there is not much meat as far as support and stability are concerned, the shoe is fantastically elastic.
  • New Balance competition running shoes are the perfect transition shoes for the more extreme barefoot running. These shoes have excellent ground reception and flexibility without completely doing away with protection.

How to pick the best New Balance competition shoes from the rest?

  • Fit. This is basically answered upon lacing the shoes up as New Balance directs its commitment first and foremost on the shoe’s fit. The runner is greatly assured of the wide range of options that can provide a snug fit and comfort for the foot. There should be ample of room in the forefoot to allow mid-run swelling as well as toes splay for a more efficient toe off. A powerful toe off is an absolute need for speed.
  • Weight. The average racing shoe does not carry much weight in their construction. Less stability, support, and cushioning features mean less weight shoe weight. The lesser weight would have a huge impact in a race while at the same time promoting a more effective and less straining midfoot or forefoot strike.
  • Responsiveness. The utmost need of the runner is the kind of midsole that does not zap the runner’s energy. The last thing a runner need is the feel of walking in the sand. New Balance midsole present cushioning that complement the runner’s energy with excellent bounce back capabilities.

15 best New Balance competition running shoes

  1. New Balance 1400 v6
  2. New Balance 1500 v4
  3. New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon
  4. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4
  5. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Pursuit
  6. New Balance FuelCell Impulse
  7. New Balance Vazee Rush
  8. New Balance Cypher Run
  9. New Balance 1500 v5
  10. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante Solas
  11. New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi
  12. New Balance Summit Unknown
  13. New Balance FuelCore Coast v3
  14. New Balance 890 v7
  15. New Balance FuelCell Rebel
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