66 best mountain cycling shoes

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    • Road

      Shoes designed for long distance rides on the bike therefore little attention went into off-bike use. These shoes usually have a smooth and rigid plastic or carbon sole, devoid of grips or lugs, while the uppers are usually vented for breathability. See road cycling shoes


      These shoes have more aggressive, lugged outsoles to better aid the rider while off the bike. Tends to be crafted from tougher and water resistant materials for rough and muddy trails. This section includes Enduro cycling shoes. See mountain cycling shoes


      Almost similar to road shoes but are designed to be easily removable, have soft lining for sockless comfort, and good drainage. See Triathlon cycling shoes


      Also take after road shoes, but tend to be very simple in aesthetic and almost always equipped with traditional lace closures. See track cycling shoes


      Often called spinning shoes and related to fitness, this type is considered to be a fusion of both road and mountain shoes, as it has more rubber than a road shoe for walking around but sleeker than a mountain bike shoe. See indoor cycling shoes


      This cycling activity houses various footwear designs. When the course is wet, shoes used resemble mountain bike shoes, but if it is wet, flat pedals and sneakers are usually used. See Cyclocross cycling shoes


      These shoes usually display a casually stylish design that includes footwear used for leisurely biking, commuting, and touring. It houses skate-inspired bike sneakers, BMX footwear and bike sandals suitable for the urban jungle to rocky terrains. See casual cycling shoes.


      Cycling shoes with insulated and/or waterproof features and usually with over-the-ankle coverage. Engineered to protect from the cold, wind or moisture during chilly seasons. See winter cycling shoes

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    • 2 holes

      The most common type of cleat system as it could be used for all types of cycling. Get shoes with a 2-bolt cleat system

      3 holes

      Most commonly used for road cycling because it provides a stable platform for energy transfer and more secure connection to the bike while cycling. Get shoes with a 3-bolt cleat system

      4 holes

      These shoes are almost exclusively made for riding. It provides more adjustability options in the shoe-pedal connection. Get shoes with a 4-bolt cleat system


      Cycling shoes with normal rubber sole designs. Do not feature any bolt system and are often used for casual cycling. Get Flat cycling shoes

      Cleat design
    • Lace

      Cycling footwear that uses shoelaces to secure feet in place. See lace-up cycling shoes

      Velcro Strap

      Also called hook and loop, this closure system fastens via straps. These shoes are relatively easy to put on and off. See Velcro strap cycling shoes


      This closure is a patented system that consists of three parts: micro-adjustable dial, ultra durable yet lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides. It is designed to provide optimal fit and precision. See BOA-equipped cycling shoes


      Shoes with a device that secures two loose ends. It is usually made from metal or plastic.


      Shoes that use a micro-adjusting plastic strap, usually located at the top of the shoe. See Ratchet cycling shoes

    • Traction Tread

      Shoes with this feature provide excellent grip and are essentially slip-resistant. Check Traction Tread cycling shoes


      Crafted from waterproof materials, these shoes protect the wearer’s feet from getting wet and may be used in wet conditions. Check waterproof cycling shoes


      These shoes' materials are able to hold off the penetration of water to some degree but not fully. See water-resistant cycling shoes


      Shoes with reflective materials aim to enhance visibility in low-light areas for the wearer’s safety. Check reflective cycling shoes


      Cycling shoes that allow air to permeate through the materials. These shoes usually employ perforated textiles or there are ventilation holes throughout. See breathable cycling shoes

      Replaceable Sole

      Most often found on Road Cycling shoes' smooth outsoles. The sole guards provide traction and grip when off the bike. Replaceable ones are deemed to be more practical. See shoes with Replaceable Sole Guards

      Lace Tucks

      Lace closures are the original lockdown system of cycling shoes. However, cyclists fear these laces getting caught in their bikes while riding. This is where Lace Tucks come in handy. Some shoes employ different techniques such as sleeves, pockets, and garter loops to keep laces safe and tucked away. See cycling shoes with Lace Tucks

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    • Leather Upper

      This material is commonly used in leisure-based cycling shoes. Due to its durable and flexible nature, leather works excellently for commuting or hike-a-biking. See leather cycling shoes

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    1. Giro Privateer R - Multicolore Black Gum 000
      $100 $90 Save 10%
    2. Giro Terraduro Mid - Dark Shadow/Black 19
      Any color
      Giro Terraduro Mid - Vermillion/Black
      $190 $55 Save 71%
    3. Five Ten District Clips - Black/Black/Gold Metal
    4. Shimano MW701 - Black
      $245 $160 Save 35%
    5. Fizik Artica X5 - Black
      $230 $144 Save 37%
    6. Giro Code Techlace - Lime/Black 20
    7. Northwave Raptor Arctic GTX - Black
    8. Northwave Enduro Mid - Anthra
    9. Northwave Origin - Black/Yellow
    10. Northwave Tribe - Grey
    11. Giro Empire VR70 Knit - Midnight/Blue 20
    12. Northwave Raptor GTX - Black
    13. Bont Riot MTB+ - Black-Green
    14. Mavic Crossmax Elite CM - black/fiery red/black
    15. Mavic Deemax Pro - Black
      $200 $80 Save 60%
    16. Shimano ME300 - shimano-me300-f3ea
    17. Ion Raid II - Ocean Blue
    18. Mavic Crossmax Elite - Black
    19. Mavic XA - Black / Magnet / Bla
    20. Ion Rascal - Schwarz
      $150 $120 Save 20%
    21. Northwave Himalaya - Black
      $253 $135 Save 47%
    22. Giro Chamber II - Gwin Black/White 20
      $150 $113 Save 25%
    23. Five Ten District Flats - Black
    24. Giro Gauge - Black/Bright Red 20
    25. Giro Ventana - Black-Olive
    26. Scott MTB Comp BOA - mt cs rd/sil
      $130 $100 Save 23%
    27. Sidi Cape - Black
      $325 $204 Save 37%
    28. Northwave Outcross 2 - Nero
    29. Giro Riddance - Dark Shadow/Blk 20
    30. Sidi Drako 2 SRS - sidi-drako-2-srs-0ca5
      $500 $352 Save 30%