15 best Mizuno lightweight running shoes

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Mizuno lightweight trail and road running shoes

best mizuno lightweight running shoes
Best Mizuno lightweight running shoes- November 2019

Lightweight Mizuno running shoes are designed for trail and road running. These shoes are best for runners with a neutral gait. For a faster and responsive running experience, the shoes have a minimal platform and are packed with the necessary technologies.

  • Weight – Lightweight Mizuno running shoes weigh between 150 to 250 grams. The light construction of the shoe is one of the important factors to look into if you want to go fast and improve your performance in marathons.
  • Cushioning – Racing shoes have lesser cushioning as compared to normal running shoes. Runners with lighter weight would have no trouble running on minimal cushioning. However, for those runners with heavier weight, getting an extra cushioning is always the best option. For heavier runners, an additional underfoot cushioning reduces the stress on the legs and it promotes a more comfortable landing.
  • Comfort – Aside from speed, comfort is another factor to consider if you are looking for a dependable racing partner. On the day of the competition, your focus is to run fast and you can’t do that if your shoe is not comfortable and breathable enough. It should keep your foot cool and dry all throughout the speedy and long-distance run.

Mizuno lightweight running shoes for competition

Lightweight running shoes are ideal for competition. Either for trail running or road, Mizuno lightweight running shoes are designed to deliver a more efficient running experience. Compared to a regular running shoe, these lightweight shoes have a different degree of cushioning. The cushioning is lesser yet it feels firmer and more responsive. It is specifically designed to provide a more flexible ride, allowing runners to run faster on a race day.

Ideally, it is always better to participate in a running competition with a lighter running shoe. However, if you have been training in cushioned shoes, then you should wear a cushioned shoe on the race. Your feet won’t adjust easily if you decide to switch to a lighter shoe at the last minute. You need to run a few miles and train with the new lightweight running shoe and determine if your body is ready to handle the pressure. Always remember that running a new pair of shoe on the competition day is a big no. You need to train with it and break it in.

Most of the Mizuno running shoes are available in a standard medium width. For a comfortable running experience, runners must pick the shoe that offers the perfect fit. If you have a wide or narrow foot shape, try the shoes first before actually purchasing them. Make sure that your feet fit just right and don’t rub against the side of the shoe.

2 best Mizuno lightweight running shoes

  1. Mizuno Wave Shadow 3
  2. Mizuno Wave Sonic
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