17 best Merrell vibram sole hiking shoes

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  1. Any color
    Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof - Brown
    Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof - Beluga
    Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof - Granite
    Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof - Brown
    Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof - Brown
    $120 $60 Save 50%
  2. Any color
    Merrell Moab FST 2 - Black/Granite
    Merrell Moab FST 2 - Olive/Adobe
    $110 $62 Save 44%
  3. Any color
    Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator - Charcoal Grey
    Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator - Brown
    Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator - Brown
    Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator - Black Night
    Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator - Beluga
    $100 $60 Save 40%
  4. Any color
    $140 $78 Save 44%
  5. Any color
    $110 $73 Save 34%
  6. Any color
    $110 $55 Save 50%
  7. Any color
    $120 $55 Save 54%
  8. Any color
    $140 $70 Save 50%
  9. Any color
    $100 $49 Save 51%
  10. Any color
    $130 $54 Save 58%
  11. Any color
    $150 $75 Save 50%
  12. No offers available

  13. Any color
    $130 $70 Save 46%
  14. Any color
    $140 $98 Save 30%
  15. Any color
  16. Any color
    $110 $66 Save 40%

When the going gets tough, you may want to see what a pair of Merrell Vibram hiking shoes can do for your outdoor adventures. These rugged low-top offerings are built with various technologies to keep you stable and safe on the trail. With the use of a Vibram outsole, you can overcome demanding ground conditions you may encounter. Moreover, these hikers are crafted with an emphasis on quality and performance without compromising comfort. Check these Merrell Vibram hiking shoes and learn how they can help you stay on top of challenging terrain.

The key perk provided by the best men's and women's Merrell Vibram hiking shoes

best merrell vibram sole hiking shoes
Best Merrell Vibram sole hiking shoes - December 2019

For those who prioritize traction above everything else, a pair of Merrell Vibram hiking shoes can be among your considerations. The soles of these hikers use lug pattern designs that create ground adherence. It’s also made of durable rubber compounds to resist harsh ground conditions. Thanks to the features of these grippy hikers from Merrell, you can take on challenging obstacles you’ll surely encounter on the trail.

What is Vibram?

Vibram, a company known for designing and manufacturing shoe outsoles, was established by Vitale Bramani in 1935. In light of the death of his mountaineering friends, which was partly attributed to subpar footwear, Bramani started developing a new climbing sole. Two years later, he launched the first sole to use rubber lugs, the Carramato. This component was engineered by Bramani to deliver grip on different types of surfaces and be resistant to abrasion at the same time.

Vibram soles are currently incorporated by numerous footwear companies into their offerings, including Merrell. Their products are primarily used for various outdoor activities, such as hiking and backpacking.

Frequently asked questions about Merrell Vibram hiking shoes

Does Merrell offer barefoot Vibram hiking shoes?

The brand does not offer barefoot Vibram shoes for hikers. However, Merrell carries shoes that feature the same technology as Vibram’s FiveFingers. They are designed mainly for runners who seek a lightweight shoe that gives optimal freedom of movement.

What compound is usually used in the outsoles of Merrell Vibram hiking shoes?

Some of the best hiking shoes from Merrell use an outsole made of Vibram’s Megagrip. It’s a rubber compound engineered to give traction on dry and slippery surfaces. This material is also built with an emphasis on durability and optimal adaptability to various ground conditions.

How can I maintain the quality of my Merrell Vibram hiking shoes?

Follow these simple steps to keep your hiking shoes in good condition.

  • Clean your Merrell Vibram hiking shoes after each trip using mild soap and water. Rinse them until all traces of soap have been removed.
  • Strike the shoes on each other, outsole to outsole, to get rid of the caked mud.
  • Get a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt on your hikers.
  • Remove the laces and insoles of your Merrell Vibram hiking shoes and clean them separately.
  • Leave your shoes in an airy spot to dry. Don’t leave them near a direct source of heat as it may damage your footgear.

What other Merrell products use the Vibram outsole?

Apart from a number of their hiking shoes, Merrell also offers other products fitted with a Vibram outsole. Some examples include durable hiking boots, trail runners, training shoes, and sandals carried by this American brand.

15 best Merrell vibram sole hiking shoes

  1. Merrell Moab Edge 2 Waterproof
  2. Merrell Moab FST 2
  3. Merrell Moab 2 GTX
  4. Merrell Chameleon 7 Stretch
  5. Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator
  6. Merrell Moab FST
  7. Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof
  8. Merrell Chameleon 7
  9. Merrell Choprock
  10. Merrell Ontario 85
  11. Merrell Zion
  12. Merrell Chameleon 7 Waterproof
  13. Merrell Waterpro Maipo 2
  14. Merrell MQM Ace
  15. Merrell Ontario
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