Merrell motion control running shoes (May 2017)

Merrell shoes have been ranked high in over 100, 000 shoe reviews, so it is not a surprise that runners believe in the brand’s dedication to produce the best in the motion control category. Over pronators can enjoy a collection of cushioned and protective platforms in style when they shop from Merrell. Know more about the best things about Merrell motion control shoes to figure out right model for you.

Why should you use a pair of motion control shoes for fitness?

  • The best Merrell motion control shoes are bulky, so you will not be able to expect a low heel to to drop or even a light platform.
  • Over pronators or flat- footed runners are recommended to invest in motion control shoes to correct their gait and decelerate the inward foot rolls they experience while running.
  • With the best Merrell motion control shoes, expect a structured technical construction with thicker features and heavier parts. Protection is guaranteed in this type of shoe, as well as premium comfort in the plush cushioning.
  • Motion control shoes are not truly versatile, but they can be used for varied activities, like recovery runs, high mileage runs, daily running, cross training and casual wear
  • The best Merrell motion control shoes are categorized into two types: trail and track. Motion control track shoes would still have a bulky body and premium cushioning, but it is sleeker than motion control trail shoes. It is because the outsole of the latter is more aggressive and thick to provide protection and traction on the trail.
  • Stability and support are strong assets of motion control shoes, but flexibility is compensated greatly.

What are the technical features to prioritize in the structure of Merrell’s best motion control shoes?

  • Heel Stiffness. Securing the foot while running should be a priority for over pronators. Since they are prone to inward rolling foot motions, they need shoes which will help control their foot while running. A stiff heel is guaranteed to keep the foot steady on the underfoot platform through the gait cycle, eventually helping in pronation control. Look for the best Merrell motion control shoes with a stiff heel and you can improve your chances of decelerating pronation and keeping your gait efficient and stable.
  • Midsole. Merrell has a few trusted midsole technologies to improve their shoes’ stability, comfort and responsiveness. Their collection includes the EVA midsole and CMEVA midsole, which are not technically exclusive to the brand. Premium cushioning in the midsole is necessary in motion control shoes because it adds to the shock absorption and debris protection of the underfoot. Furthermore, it improves the overall stability of the shoe, thereby increase pronation control.
  • Arch Unit. Motion control shoes are designed for moderate to severe over pronators, so their arch units are basically firmer and more structured than the ones found in stability shoes. Arch units, like shanks and posts, can be manufactured from tough yet bendable materials that improve torsional rigidity while decelerating over pronation or inward foot rolling. Check the arch technologies of the best Merrell motion control shoes and select the proper model that would help you initiate an efficient gait cycle.