73 best lined climbing shoes

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        1. La Sportiva Solution - White/Yellow
          Any color
          La Sportiva Solution - White/Yellow
          $180 $135 Save 25%
        2. La Sportiva Solution Comp - 999100
          Any color
          La Sportiva Solution Comp - 999100
          $185 $139 Save 25%
        3. Five Ten Verdon VCS - Grey
          $165 $80 Save 52%
        4. Five Ten Quantum - Shock Blue/Solar Yellow
          $170 $70 Save 59%
        5. Five Ten Anasazi Lace - Pink
        6. Five Ten Aleon - Black
          $190 $143 Save 25%
        7. So iLL Free Range - Lime Green, Black
          $150 $100 Save 33%
        8. Black Diamond Focus - black-diamond-focus-dc65
          $180 $100 Save 44%
        9. Five Ten Grandstone - five-ten-grandstone-a848
        10. Tenaya Ra - tenaya-ra-b773
          $150 $100 Save 33%
        11. Black Diamond Momentum - black-diamond-momentum-bf90
        12. So iLL Street LV - Black and Teal
          $140 $100 Save 29%
        13. Black Diamond Zone LV - black-diamond-zone-lv-a904
          $140 $80 Save 43%
        14. Five Ten Rogue VCS - Lila Violett
          $100 $40 Save 60%
        15. Five Ten Quantum VCS - Semi Solar Yellow/Black/Red
        16. Black Diamond Zone - black-diamond-zone-3679
          $140 $80 Save 43%
        17. Five Ten Dragon VCS - Orange
        18. Black Diamond Aspect - Aluminum
        19. La Sportiva Otaki - Blue/Flame
          $180 $139 Save 23%
        20. La Sportiva Testarossa - Red Black
        21. Scarpa Furia Air - Blue
          $200 $150 Save 25%
        22. Evolv Agro - black-red
          $165 $140 Save 15%
        23. Scarpa Arpia - Black
          $160 $120 Save 25%
        24. Scarpa Force V - Black
          $140 $95 Save 32%
        25. Evolv Supra - White/Neon Green
          $145 $120 Save 17%
        26. Five Ten Anasazi VCS - Brown
        27. Five Ten Team 5.10 - Team Black
        28. La Sportiva Miura - Lime
          $165 $120 Save 27%
        29. Tenaya Tarifa - tenaya-tarifa-6e9e
          $175 $113 Save 35%
        30. Tenaya Tanta - Weiß-blau

        Getting a new pair of lined climbing shoes may present a balance in terms of fit and comfort. On one hand, unlined climbing pieces are breathable but stretch by a full size. Synthetic kicks, on the other hand, don’t stretch at all but tend to smell bad after a few uses. Lined leather offerings offer minimal stretch and sufficient breathability. As a result, you can optimize these qualities to make your climb more comfortable. Shown below are some of the advantages offered by lined climbing shoes.

        Perks of the best lined climbing shoes for men and women

        Best lined climbing shoes

        Best lined climbing shoes - November 2019

        Stretch is limited

        Some unlined rock kicks stretch by a full size after being broken in while synthetic offerings don’t stretch at all. Lined climbing shoes are in the middle as they can stretch to half a size or less. This quality allows the rock shoe to conform to the shape of your foot, giving you a comfortable fit. 

        In some cases, manufacturers line the toe box of some of these shoes. This is done to keep costs down and limit the stretch where it happens the most - in the toe box. These products can still be considered as lined climbing shoes.

        Lined climbing shoes give better breathability

        Next to unlined offerings, lined climbing shoes offer ample breathability. The use of a leather upper allows air to ventilate your feet while you’re on a send. This characteristic creates a more comfortable in-shoe environment by preventing heat and perspiration from building up. In addition, this trait also keeps your feet from smelling bad during a climb.

        They are easy to keep in good condition

        Lined climbing shoes are easy to maintain and take care of. Users only need to clean them regularly to keep these kicks in good working condition. Since they wick moisture better than synthetic climbing shoes, the insides of these shoes are less exposed to sweat and bacteria. They can also be deodorized from time to time to prevent them from producing a bad smell.

        Some brands that produce the best lined climbing shoes

        La Sportiva

        Some of the best lined climbing shoes from La Sportiva are engineered to give performance. Notable lined climbing shoes from this brand are built for bouldering, technical face climbing, and overhanging routes. They come with La Sportiva’s trademarked technologies, such as P3, which stands for Permanent Power Platform. This feature helps retain the shoe’s downturned shape and makes it suitable for hooking, smearing, and edging.


        A few of the finest lined Scarpa offerings are those that provide all-day comfort and performance. The compact construction of these lined climbing shoes incorporates a flat last, making them suitable for beginners. Advanced climbers in need of a comfy pair for long multi-pitch routes may also use them. Moreover, the brand’s best lined climbing shoes employ a Vibram rubber outsole to render grip on most types of rock surfaces.

        Five Ten

        Notable lined Five Ten rock shoes are built for beginners and intermediate climbers. The inclusion of a sticky Stealth C4 outsole, low heel tension design, and stiff midsole in these lined climbing shoes deliver comfort and performance. They can be used for trad climbs, slabs, long routes, and indoor sessions.

        15 best lined climbing shoes

        1. Five Ten Aleon
        2. La Sportiva Otaki
        3. La Sportiva Solution
        4. Tenaya Tanta
        5. Five Ten Anasazi Lace
        6. So iLL Free Range
        7. Tenaya Ra
        8. Five Ten Grandstone
        9. Five Ten Quantum
        10. Black Diamond Focus
        11. Black Diamond Momentum
        12. Black Diamond Aspect
        13. Black Diamond Zone LV
        14. Five Ten Verdon VCS
        15. La Sportiva Solution Comp