25 best La Sportiva running shoes

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    1. La Sportiva Akasha - Black/Tangerine
      Any color
      La Sportiva Akasha - Black/Tangerine
      La Sportiva Akasha - Black/Yellow
      $140 $94 Save 33%
    2. La Sportiva Tempesta GTX - Black / Butter
      Any color
      La Sportiva Tempesta GTX - Black / Butter
      La Sportiva Tempesta GTX - Black/Poppy
      $165 $111 Save 33%
    3. La Sportiva Mutant - Black
      Any color
      La Sportiva Mutant - Black
      La Sportiva Mutant - Yellow
      La Sportiva Mutant - Carbon/Flame
      $130 $89 Save 32%
    4. La Sportiva Lycan - Carbon / Apple Green
      $115 $53 Save 54%
    5. La Sportiva Akyra - BLACK
    6. La Sportiva Ultra Raptor - Black/Yellow
    7. La Sportiva Bushido - Yellow
    8. La Sportiva Bushido II - Carbon Tangerine
    9. La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0 GTX - Black / Pumpkin
    10. La Sportiva Kaptiva - Black Yellow
    11. La Sportiva Jackal - la-sportiva-jackal-13d5
    12. La Sportiva VK - Yellow
    13. La Sportiva Unika - Black/Yellow
      $190 $100 Save 47%
    14. La Sportiva Helios 2.0 - Grey
    15. La Sportiva Akyra GTX - Ocean/Sulphur
    16. La Sportiva Kaptiva GTX - Black Orchid
    17. La Sportiva Helios 3.0 - Bleu
    18. La Sportiva Uragano GTX - Multi
    19. La Sportiva Blizzard GTX - Black/Yellow
    20. La Sportiva Ultra Raptor GTX - Grey/Green
    21. La Sportiva Wildcat 3.0 - Black / Yellow
    22. La Sportiva Helios SR - Black
    23. La Sportiva Lycan GTX - Carbon / Apple Green
    24. La Sportiva Lycan 2.0 - Noir

    La Sportiva is a humble family-run company with just 250 employees and it is situated in a faraway mountain village in Italy.  The company is made up of dedicated designers and craftsmen that are focused on their work’s quality over quantity. La Sportiva’s work ethic is what maintains the brand’s remarkable reputation in the outdoor footwear industry.

    But what makes La Sportiva running shoes stand out from other outdoor companies? The answer is that La Sportiva running shoes are made with passion right in the heart of the mountains. The La Sportiva family designs and produces their mountaineering products in a valley located in Val di Fiemme.  This allows them to test firsthand their products in varied outdoor terrains and it gives them the accurate details they need in continuing to improve the shoes’ standards for the benefit of their consumers.

    Midsole power in La Sportiva running shoes

    La Sportiva running shoes adopt three different kinds of midsoles depending on the shoe’s style and on the required performance - EVA Injected, EVA Compression, and INFINITOO.

    • EVA Injected - This La Sportiva midsole material can be found in shoes like the La Sportiva Mutant. It offers a higher degree of cushioning and high elasticity. The EVA Injected midsole features and assisted ‘push off’ during the propulsion phase while running. Running shoe models with injected midsoles are ideal for off-road trail use. Furthermore, the EVA Injected midsole significantly decreases the wear of the EVA over time.  This allows the shoe to maintain the same cushioning for its entire duration.
    • EVA Compression - A La Sportiva standard compression EVA midsole provides durability and offers great responsiveness on soft ground running where the need for shock absorption is reduced. One of the great La Sportiva running shoe that uses the EVA Compression midsole is the Bushido II.
    • INFINITOO™ - An exclusive technology that absorbs the negative impact with the ground and guarantees a never before seen energy return.  This midsole technology is used in the La Sportiva Unika and it is equipped with an external Rock-Guard Skin as an added protective layer. The Infinitoo midsole technology retains its original stretch features unchanged over time.

    Running shoe factors that are important to La Sportiva

    best la sportiva running shoes
    Best La Sportiva running shoes - November 2019

    • Comfort - La Sportiva is known to have a high customer satisfaction rating especially when it comes to comfortable toe boxes that are found in most of their footwear. It uses the perfect combination of fit and freedom which makes La Sportiva running shoes much preferred by trail runners and mountain climbers.
    • Durability - Rigorous testing in the mountains of Italy guarantees the durability found in all La Sportiva shoes. This is to make sure that their trail runners are sturdy enough to overcome all types of outdoors condition.
    • Breathability - Ventilation, and breathability are very important to keep the feet temperature well regulated. A lot of trail running shoes from other brands are not made breathable but, La Sportiva is one of the known names that do not overlook the breathability standards in their footwear.
    • Stability - A running shoe’s stability has to do with ones running style. It is recommended by La Sportiva experts to choose a trail shoe that is similar to the runner’s road shoe.  This is also why when choosing La Sportiva running shoes, go for their shoes with excellent stability, extra cushioning, and flexibility features.
    • Protection - The La Sportiva brand values and understands the need for trail running safety. Trail running can be dangerous from sharp jagged rocks to wet surfaces and loose gravel. This is why La Sportiva shoes are built with adequate rock guards, toe caps, and aggressive traction to protect the feet from unwanted injuries.
    • Water Resistance - The La Sportiva GTX which is also known as the Gore-Tex is an effective material in combating outdoor elements, yet stays breathable. This material prevents water from getting inside the shoe while providing great ventilation and comfort.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do La Sportiva running shoes run small?

    La Sportiva shoes are built on European half sizes which come in smaller increments compared to that of the US half sizes.  If using the US sizing chart, choose a running shoe that is a half size up.

    Are La Sportiva running shoes vegan?

    All of the La Sportiva mountain running shoe models are vegan.  By not including any animal component in their running shoe, La Sportiva can cater to vegan consumers.

    How long do La Sportiva running shoes last?

    Running shoes, in general, should be replaced after every 300 to 500 miles but trail running shoes are made tougher than road running shoes. Trail shoes are built to withstand the most rugged and toughest conditions which means a La Sportiva running shoe should get at least 200 miles before it needs replacing. It is suggested that it should be replaced then even if the shoe still looks like it is in good condition.

    15 best La Sportiva running shoes

    1. La Sportiva Akyra
    2. La Sportiva Akasha
    3. La Sportiva Mutant
    4. La Sportiva Bushido II
    5. La Sportiva Ultra Raptor
    6. La Sportiva Tempesta GTX
    7. La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0 GTX
    8. La Sportiva Jackal
    9. La Sportiva Kaptiva
    10. La Sportiva Kaptiva GTX
    11. La Sportiva Blizzard GTX
    12. La Sportiva VK
    13. La Sportiva Helios 3.0
    14. La Sportiva Lycan
    15. La Sportiva Unika
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