Inov-8 stability running shoes (June 2017)

According to a total of 100,000 shoe reviews, running enthusiasts and professionals trust the global shoe brand, Inov-8, to provide the best footwear choices for over pronators. Their collection of stability shoes is not just packed with top-notch support-specific technologies, but also designed for the modern-day runner.

How can a pair of Inov-8 stability shoes improve your fitness regime?

  • There are two types of stability shoes: trail shoes and track shoes. Depending on their category, these shoes vary in terms of outsole and upper features. However, their midsole and cushioning are quite similar because both aim to provide pronation control properties.
  • The medial support offered in the best Inov-8 stability shoes does not just secure the control or deceleration of pronation. It also encourages an efficient gait cycle. The gait cycle determines the state of how people walk and run or the heel to toe transition.
  • The best Inov-8 stability shoes are recommended for runners with low arches. Being flat-footed means that over pronation is possible. If ignored, this biomechanical issue will lead to inward rolling foot motions, which mess up the gait cycle and the running performance.
  • Cushioning is provided in ample amounts in the best Inov-8 stability shoes. As compared to neutral or minimalist shoes, runners can expect a plush underfoot comfort and stability in the platform.
  • Since the cushioning in the best Inov-8 stability shoes are plush, a pair is expected to have better sole protection against debris and impact forces. The stable platform also reduces the pressure in the legs since the weight is well-supported in every step.

Technicalities to consider in selecting among the best Inov-8 stability shoes

  • Arch structure. The arch structure of a shoe could be in the form of posts and mid-foot shanks. These function as stabilization devices that help runners with semi- low to low arches control pronation. If you are looking for a stability shoe to decelerate pronation while improving your gait efficiency on the track and trail, you need to prioritize the arch structure of the shoes. More medial support would mean less natural running, but it is compensated by the great amount of stability and plush comfort you get in running. Inov-8 stability shoes have the Meta-Shank technology or Protec-Shank technology to offer underfoot flexibility and impact protection.
  • Cushioning. Inov-8 Stability shoes rely on cushioning to provide ample stability and comfort to the wearer. Despite the fact that it hinders a natural running movement, the cushioning keeps the soles protected from debris and shock forces. It also improves fit and corrects pronation in the long run. Inov-8 features the 4-Arrow Shoc-Zone, a brand-exclusive cushioning technology that features varying heel to toe drops for every type of running. If you want to run in a stable and cushioned platform, 3 Arrows (9 mm drop) or 2 Arrows (6 mm drop) would be great for you.
  • Versatility. Versatility is considered an asset in running shoes. Among the shoe types, stability shoes are the second most versatile because of their cushioning technologies and overall structure that is suited for performance training, high mileage running, regular fitness activities and even casual wear. In fact, the best Inov-8 stability shoes are designed to fare well during mixed trail and track runs.