Inov-8 motion control running shoes (May 2017)

As justified in more or less 100,000 shoe reviews, the brand, Inov-8, continues to nourish the sports potential of casual and professional runners through their top collection of performance running shoes. The brand’s range of motion control shoes is recommended for over pronators who want a better performance in every run.

Why invest in a pair of motion control shoes from Inov-8?

  • The best Inov-8 motion control shoes are recommended for flat-footed runners because they are specifically designed to control motion during running.
  • Runners with low arches will experience an inward rolling foot motion, which will hinder an efficient gait cycle. Motion control shoes could stop that from happening with top-notch cushioning and stability.
  • The structure of the best Inov-8 motion control shoes is packed with a lot of technologies specifically used for stability, support and comfort. The midsole will feature a medial structure in the form of posts or shanks.
  • The upper and outsole materials would depend on the category of the motion control model, whether it is made for the track or trail.
  • Premium cushioning is expected in the best Inov-8 motion control shoes. Aside from plush comfort, runners can expect less pressure in their legs. The firm cushioning will also improve Teutonic support to enhance the state of the quadriceps while running.

How do you choose the best pair from Inov-8’s motion control shoe collection?

  • Cushioning. Just like stability shoes, the best Inov-8 motion control shoes are also packed with a lot of cushioning in the midsole area. True to its name, the shoes control the inward rolling foot motion caused by over pronation. Runners with flat arches should always choose more cushioning to keep their pronation in control, or risk messing up their gait cycle. The cushioning also has other benefits, such as shock attenuation, debris protection and plush comfort. Inov-8’s cushioning technology is based on their Arrow Shoc-Zone system, featuring 4 varied heel to toe drops. 3 Arrows (9 mm drop) will be perfect for over pronators as it provides maximum support and stability in every run.
  • Arch Support. The arch support is the distinguishing factor that sets stability and motion control shoes apart from neutral and minimalist trainers. It could be in the form of a mid-foot shank or a post, which is placed exactly where the foot arch is. Since the best Inov-8 motion control shoes are recommended for severe over pronators, you would need a firmer and more structured medial arch to decelerate pronation. The density of the post of shank could add weight to the shoe, but it will surely help you with your gait cycle as efficient as possible. With Inov-8, you can choose from different arch-specific features, like the Protec-Shank and Meta-Shank. They improve torsional rigidity, underfoot flexibility and protection.
  • Heel Stiffness. Motion control shoes should have high heel stiffness to improve the fit, as well as ensure better pronation control for flat-footed runners. It keeps the runner’s foot in place and reduces the chance of it rolling inward during the gait cycle. Rely on a stiffer heel and over pronation would not be much of a problem when you’re conquering miles on the trail or road.