99 best indoor climbing shoes

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  1. $170 $87 Save 49%
  2. Any color
    La Sportiva Tarantulace - Flame
    $80 $64 Save 20%
  3. Any color
    Scarpa Vapor V - Lime
    $175 $108 Save 38%
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    La Sportiva Futura - Blue / Yellow
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  28. Any color

If you’re searching for your first pair or you need one to backup your primary kicks, you should consider getting indoor climbing shoes. They excel in providing the performance and comfort you need for various disciplines that can be done inside a gym. Some of these kicks are designed for bouldering and sport routes while there are those that can be used by beginners. As such, it’s important to determine your needs first to get the most out of your target indoor climbing shoes. Shown below are the qualities you should look for in a pair of gym climbing pieces.

Characteristics of the best indoor rock climbing shoes for men and women

Best indoor climbing shoes

Best indoor climbing shoes - November 2019

  • Closure. It all boils down to your preference when it comes to closure type. In the climbing world, there are three options available to you - lace-up, slip-on (slippers), and Velcro. Lace-up kicks offer maximum adjustability while slip-on climbing pieces offer easy on and off. Velcro rock climbing shoes offer the best of both worlds when it comes to fit adjustment. The essential factor in choosing a closure style is how it fits you and if it is conducive to your climbing style.
  • Durability. When climbing inside a gym, you can expect your kicks to withstand lots of wear and tear. For that alone, the indoor climbing shoes you’re going to get should be durable. They need to made of quality materials to ensure their longevity.
  • Downturn. Some indoor climbing shoes come with either a downturned or flat sole. Flat kicks are generally chosen for those tackling vertical routes or slabs. On the other hand, downturned climbing pieces are the go-to option for overhung routes. It’s best to determine first the climbing style you’re going to perform indoors so you’ll have a general idea on what kind of downturn you need.
  • Stiffness. Knowing your preferred climbing style is a good place to start when checking the stiffness of your target indoor climbing shoes. Individuals who are inclined towards smearing would do well with flexible kicks. They’re also more suitable for beginners who plan on improving their strength for more advanced routes. Indoor climbing pieces with stiffer soles are better for bouldering and sport climbing.

Notable brands that offer the best indoor rock climbing shoes

La Sportiva

La Sportiva offerings are generally sought after by climbers for offering a set of qualities useful for most types of climbing. Some of their best kicks are employed for bouldering, vertical routes, and sport climbing. They offer sufficient stiffness to handle edges without sacrificing comfort. Moreover, these climbing pieces come with a slight downturn which makes them suitable for overhung routes.

Five Ten

Select Five Ten men’s and women’s kicks are relatively preferred for indoor sport climbing. Their flat soles are designed to be stiff, a quality needed for those climbing vertical routes. They are also ideal for securing footholds on small edges. Moreover, select Five Ten indoor climbing shoes feature Stealth Onyxx rubber outsoles which give grip on most types of surfaces.


Certain Evolv climbing pieces are generally chosen by beginners for combining comfort and functionality. They are designed to help individuals master their footwork for more grueling climbing techniques. Their indoor climbing shoes are also equipped with soft and sticky outsoles which make them useful for smearing.

15 best indoor climbing shoes

  1. Evolv Nighthawk
  2. La Sportiva Futura
  3. La Sportiva Miura VS
  4. Scarpa Drago
  5. Scarpa Origin
  6. Scarpa Vapor Lace
  7. Scarpa Vapor V
  8. Evolv The General
  9. Five Ten Rogue VCS
  10. Five Ten Dragon VCS
  11. Scarpa Furia S
  12. La Sportiva Tarantulace
  13. Boreal Diabolo
  14. Scarpa Furia Air
  15. Butora Narsha
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