51 best grey Nike basketball shoes

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  1. Any color
    Nike Precision 3 - Cool Grey/Dark Grey-platinum Tint
    $70 $52 Save 26%
  2. Any color
    Nike LeBron Witness 3 - Wolf Grey/White-half Blue
    $90 $65 Save 28%
  3. Any color
    Nike LeBron 16 - Grey
    $200 $100 Save 50%
  4. Any color
    Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 - Gray
    Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 - Wolf Grey Black Dark Grey White
    $80 $64 Save 20%
  5. $100 $87 Save 13%
  6. Any color
    $140 $110 Save 21%
  7. Any color
    $150 $90 Save 40%
  8. $200 $100 Save 50%
  9. Any color
    $150 $72 Save 52%
  10. Any color
    $80 $69 Save 14%
  11. Any color
    $65 $49 Save 25%
  12. Any color
    $150 $135 Save 10%
  13. Any color
    $90 $85 Save 6%
  14. Any color
  15. $100 $78 Save 22%
  16. $150 $120 Save 20%
  17. $150 $112 Save 25%
  18. $130 $105 Save 19%
  19. No offers available

  20. $110 $65 Save 41%
  21. Any color
  22. Any color
    $80 $64 Save 20%

As one of the leading brands of basketball shoes, Nike rarely lacks anything in their repertoire. From high-end shoes co-created with the sport’s top athletes to a rainbow-like special colorways. From fiery reds to the more neutral tones, the Swoosh makes sure that their patrons would want for nothing more.

Included in the brand’s collection is an exquisite array of gray Nike basketball shoes. As a neutral shade, the color grey can mean a dozen things. While it can be the color of sophistication and timelessness, it can also be a hue which stands for grunginess or dullness.

The brand has taken advantage of the color’s versatility to create several different looks for their grey Nike football boots. The models available in this colorway belong to several of the brand’s athlete collaborations. Here are some of the notable shoe models from the basketball giant:

best grey nike basketball shoes
Best Grey Nike basketball shoes - December 2019

Nike PG 2.5. As a special offshoot of the second shoe in Paul George’s Nike signature collection, the Nike PG 2.5 comes with noticeable updates. The upper boasts a primarily gray skin with a few neons and black details that elevate the shoe’s concrete look. The look is inspired by the athlete’s passion for video games, and it borrows the iconic color palette of the PlayStation 1 console. A, Playstation’s red, blue, green and yellow are peppered across the predominantly grey Nike basketball shoe’s surface.

Nike PG 2. Paul George’s second signature shoe with Nike has another special gray colorway that is apart from the one that was created through a special collaboration between Paul George and Sony PlayStation. This colorway is largely covered in platinum. These gray Nike basketball shoes also feature a radiant combination of neo turquoise and aurora green. These hues are used to color the minute detailing in the pair found in the midfoot as well as the logo found on the tongue and lower medial side of the shoe.

Nike Zoom KD11. A subtle yet sophisticated vibe is what the cool grey model of the Nike KD 11 basketball shoe can offer its wearers. The model achieves this by combining several different shades of grey. The Flyknit upper carries the middle tones of the palette while some areas carry the darker tones like the heel area. The midsole, on the other hand, carries the lightest grey. This Nike grey basketball shoe emanates a simple look without being boring.

Nike Kobe AD. Although created after the player’s retirement, this basketball shoe is anything but outdated as it still manages to capture the essence of modernity - both in its look and its construction. The Nike Kobe AD basketball shoe manages to combine a minimalist aesthetic with its louder elements. The upper captures a clean look through a predominantly wolf grey hue. While the front of the shoe is pretty subdued, the heel carries the holographic element. This iridescent area brings a twist to the overall look of this grey Nike basketball shoe without going over the top.

Nike Kobe AD NXT. The Nike Kobe AD NXT is the poster child of the minimalist yet innovative approach to basketball shoe construction. These Kobe Bryant basketball shoes make use of a unique lockdown mechanism that consists of a toggle system. This signature model has a rich colorway selection, and one of the most notable is grey release, which creatively integrates black and white elements.

Nike KD 10. A cool grey color envelops the Nike KD 10 basketball shoe. Although only two shades of grey are used, the pair manages to dodge the trap of being too simple, even boring. A Flyknit material makes up for the shoe’s upper while a stylized lacing system connected to the midsole’s edge puts forth a unique look. A gum rubber outsole is used to promote traction during intense play sessions.

Jordan Melo M12. The Jordan Melo M12 basketball shoe perfectly balances garish hues with neutral ones. The upper is drenched in a wolf grey shade that arrests the eye. This shade runs up to the lacing area. Completely countering this grungy shade is a flashy hyper orange shade in the heel area. This color crosses over to the shoe’s midsole. To balance this ou t, a portion of the midsole is made white. The minute detailing on the shoe is metallic silver, which does not really overpower this grey Nike basketball shoe’s overall look.

Jordan Fly Lockdown. As part of the budget-friendly Jordan basketball shoe collection, this model not only delivers performance-wise but also manages to bring its A-game in the looks department. While this grey Nike basketball shoe makes use of a limited color palette, it bears unique elements that upgrade its look. The upper is bathed primarily in the Jordan Fly Lockdown’s lightest grey; darker shades create an almost embossed effect in the heel area as well as the midsole.

15 best grey Nike basketball shoes

  1. Nike Precision 3
  2. Nike Air Max Infuriate Low
  3. Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2
  4. Nike LeBron Witness 3
  5. Nike Air Force Max CB
  6. Nike KD Trey 5 VI
  7. Nike Kyrie 5
  8. Nike Kyrie Flytrap
  9. Nike Mamba Rage
  10. Nike PG3
  11. Nike KD 12
  12. Nike LeBron Soldier 13
  13. Nike Fly.By Low II
  14. Nike KD 11
  15. Nike KD Trey 5 VII
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