10 best Footjoy golf shoes

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        Marketing itself as "The #1 Shoe and Glove in Golf" is a huge claim, but Footjoy is probably the only golf shoe brand that makes that bold statement and lives up to it. Compared to most brands in the market, FJ is one of those who stepped in the game first with golf as its sole focus. Because of this, the brand has created an immense impact in revolutionizing golf footwear

        The company was founded in 1857, making it much older than its rivals like Adidas Golf and Nike Golf, launched in 1997 and 1984, respectively. Its existence for more than a century and a half allowed it to develop the most advanced technologies and experiment with the best materials. 

        Footjoy, with its experience and knowledge, was able to position itself as a well-respected brand known for harmonizing craftsmanship and technology, fit and function, and style and comfort. Here, we focus the lens on the brand:

        What are the perks of wearing the best FJ golf shoes?

        best Footjoy golf shoes

        Best Footjoy golf shoes - April 2020

        It doesn't matter if one's a beginner or a pro, choosing the best golf shoe in the market can oftentimes be overwhelming. Each brand has something unique in it. For Footjoy, these are the qualities that you can expect:


        Not nailing this department is an insult for Footjoy since it is one of the main priorities of the brand. After all, given its experience in the field and producing tour-ready pieces early on gives the brand comprehensive knowledge in knowing what works well for golfers. 


        Golf is drawn from a long-standing history that resonates a lot with the style of the footwear. Now that technologies and fashion have modernized, golf trainers can be distinguished from traditional and athletic. Most brands lean towards the athletic look, given that it's the trend. Footjoy sets itself apart by offering both to the market. This way, the varying tastes of golfers are reached, including those coming from the broad age range of golfers. 

        One example of a traditionally-styled shoe formulated by the brand is the DryJoys Tour. It was launched in 1989, but up until now, it can still be availed by consumers. 


        Compromising isn't part of the company's motto. Which is why making each of its releases stand out takes months or years of research. Footjoy is one of the brands that first jumped into the BOA lacing system. This type of closure system gives golfers the convenience to tighten and loosen the shoe by merely rotating the dial. 

        Other than the BOA, many technologies are proprietary to the brand. Most of them will be mentioned below. 

        Extensive Offerings

        The brand has released an innumerable amount of models since 1857. Throughout its history, a lot of experimentation, development, and formulation has been done. Unlike other brands, Footjoy offers all types of golf shoes. It ranges from golf sandals to golf boots, and spiked and spikeless golf shoes. 

        Other than offering several types of golf footwear, Footjoy also has one of the most extensive width selections in the market. The choices that golfers have are A-slightly narrow, B- Narrow, C- Slightly Narrow, D- Medium, E- Slightly Wide, EE- Wide, and EEE- Extra Wide. 

        Technologies used in men’s and women’s Footjoy Golf Shoes

        While the secret of any win lies on the player, arming the footwear with advanced technologies can be of significant help in improving one's game. The brand ensures that what is included on its roster works well and efficiently to deal with the challenges of the sport. Categorized by the brand, here's a list of innovations that can be seen on many FJ golf shoes:


        The upper may be defined as the part of the shoe that covers the toe, but it goes beyond just the materials. It plays a significant role in protecting the foot and ensuring that the fit is perfection. Below features different advancements that can be located in the upper.

        • Chromo Skin Leather

        Material is not considered as a technology by most. Still, because the brand uses the best ones, it only deserves a spot on this list. ChromoSkin is made in collaboration with Pittards of England, the leading manufacturers of leather. This high-performance upper is a unique full-grain leather that is supple yet lightweight, durable, and totally waterproof. 

        Examples of golf shoes with this tech: Footjoy Pro SL

        • NappaLuxe

        Nappaluxe is also a unique type of leather that is unmistakable to FJ. Its composition is a soft and buttery leather that creates a distinct look and gets major style points. 

        Examples of golf shoes with this tech: Footjoy LoPro Casual Shoes

        • PowerStrap

        This innovation is made to improve the fit of the shoe. It is a molded component that is infused in the upper to secure the foot's medial and lateral support. 

        Examples of golf shoes with this tech: Footjoy Tour S

        • Flexgrid

        This advancement is extraordinary to the brand because no one other than Footjoy utilizes an exoskeleton coating. Flexgrid is built to prevent the foot from rolling, especially when doing lateral movements. The material is also soft enough to conform to the shape of the foot and permits its movement. 

        Examples of golf shoes with this tech: Footjoy HyperFlex


        • Fine Tuned Foam

        Fine Tuned Foam, also known as FTF is a blend of different consistencies. The topmost layer comprises the softest. This aims to cradle the foot through a comfortable cushioning. The next layer is much firmer, so that motion control and perimeter stability are achieved. 

        Examples of golf shoes with this tech: Footjoy Pro SL

        • EVA Fit Bed

        This innovation gives a lightweight underfoot cushioning system. The material that it is made of, Ethyl Vinyl Acetate, doesn't also set. This means that it will hold its position and state for the rest of the shoe's life. 

        Examples of golf shoes with this tech: Footjoy DryJoys Tour


        • Infinity Outsole

        A grip that won't quit is what this tech claims. The outsole designed is geared to provide 30% more traction points. A generous amount of 189 lugs are distributed on the entire bottom to ensure maximum grip without losing ground feel. 

        Examples of golf shoes with this tech: Footjoy Pro SL

        • Launch Pod

        This outsole technology encases the spikes and separates them. This pattern is made deliberately so that more movement and stability are welcomed. 

        Examples of golf shoes with this tech: Footjoy Tour X

        • PowerPlate

        Working in tandem with the LaunchPad is the PowerPlate. Its intention is to deliver a lightweight and stable foundation. It is made of an integrated carbon weave fiberglass to ensure durability. 

        Examples of golf shoes with this tech: Footjoy Tour S

        • VersaTrax

        The VersaTrax is a revelation, especially in the golf realm, when outsoles are typically made of stiff materials to prioritize ground grip than the state of the foot. From the name, the technology boasts of versatile traction. Footjoy spikeless golf shoes treated with this advancement get the best of worlds of getting maximum turf grip, flexibility, and close to the ground feel. 

        Examples of golf shoes with this tech: Footjoy Flex

        • SoftSpikes

        This cleat system is not necessarily proprietary to the company. In fact, it can be seen on other golf brands like Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour. The Footjoy Soft Spikes vary depending on the model. What is advantageous about this technology is that SoftSpikes has established a reputation for providing the best cleat system. 

        Examples of golf shoes with this tech: Footjoy DryJoys Tour

        • DuraMax

        This proprietary outsole is made of a unique rubber compound that delivers unparalleled durability and performance. 

        Examples of golf shoes with this tech: Footjoy Originals

        Things you didn't know about Footjoy:

        • Before arriving in its name, the company had a series of changes. Initially, it was Burt and Packard Shoe Company, then Field and Flint Company. 
        • Other than shoes, Footjoy is also the leading distributor of golf gloves, accessories, and clothing. 
        • A unique collection called 1857 is crafted by the brand. It pays homage to the heritage, and it features stylish and handcrafted pieces. 
        • Footjoy, like other golf brands, sponsors professional golfers. Some of the tour players on its roster are Justin Thomas, Webb Simpson, Patrick Cantlay, and Adam Scott. 

        Frequently Asked Questions:

        Who makes FootJoy shoes? 

        The brand is part of the Acushnet Company. It is an American company that produces golf clothing and accessories. The company acquired FJ from General Mills in 1985. Currently, the brands under the Acushnet umbrella are Titleist, Scotty Cameron, and Pinnacle. 

        Are FootJoy golf shoes waterproof? 

        There is a wide selection of Footjoy waterproof golf shoes. Unfortunately, not all products repel water. The good news is, those that are being granted with warranties of either one or two years.

        Does the brand grant a warranty on its footwear?

        Guaranteeing to give its customers the best, FJ grants four types of warranties on its footwear. Below discusses each:

        • Full 90-Day Quality Warranty - Items found to be defective will be repaired or replaced either of the same style or an equivalent product based on the brand's discretion. 
        • Limited Waterproof Warranty - The brand is confident that its trainers purchased in the United States will be waterproof within regular use for one or two years. If, in any case, there's a leakage within the warranty period, the brand gives credit on two conditions. First, the item will be replaced if the return is done during the first year since the date of purchase. Second, if the return is done in the second year, the brand will provide 50% of the then-current cost. Keep in mind that the product will first go through an inspection, and it should be free of damage, cuts, abrasions, or any other mistreatment. 
        • Limited 30-Day Comfort Warranty - A "One Time" full replacement will be given to products returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase should be submitted, and it should be provided on the original place of purchase. The product should also be free of damage. 
        • FJ1857 - This line of footwear boasts craftsmanship and design that is warranted to be free of defect for one year from the date of buying. 

        How to maintain a pair of FJ’s?

        It doesn't matter if the product comes from the cheap or the expensive side of the spectrum, a well-kept shoe is the best way to make the most of out the buck. The brand suggests some of these steps:

        • DO utilize a shoehorn when wearing the shoe. Through this, the heel and the counter of the shoe are protected from overstretching. 
        • DO rotate shoes between each round. Using two shoes will make each last twice as long.
        • DO use a cedar shoe tree when the shoe is not in use. It will help absorb moisture and maintain the shape of the trainer. 
        • DON'T make the car trunk the storage. This is a habit that many golfers won't admit but guilty of. The car trunk holds extreme temperatures that can cause damage to the material in the long run.
        • DON'T over tighten the cleats. Doing so can ruin the casing, which is permanent damage that can be unrepairable. Checking the Footjoy golf spikes every round will also help guarantee that they are in their best condition. 
        • DON'T wait up a day or two before treating wet shoes. It should be cleaned at once since the mud and water can seep into the material and can cause permanent damage. 

        Is it hard to clean Footjoy golf shoes??

        Absolutely! Cleaning is part of shoe care so it shouldn't be made complicated for the owners. In general, the upper part of the shoe is made of different materials that can be intimidating to tackle. Generally, the cleaning solution can be made of mild detergent and warm water. Applying this with a soft damp cloth or a soft-bristled brush is enough to get rid of dirt and stains. There are some tips, though, that can be done depending on the material:

        • For mesh uppers, the soap residue can be wiped down with a soft damp towel. Air-dry it after. 
        • For white leather golf shoes, cleaning can be done simply, but the base usually turns yellow or remains stained, which is a problem for most. As a resolution, a white shoe cleaner can be applied to this area to get rid of dirt and condition the leather at the same time. 
        • For dark leather shoes, a shoe cleaner and corresponding color shoe cream will do the trick. 
        • The Flexgrid, however, requires a bit of attention. Albeit it is the same, the brand recommends that before proceeding with the cleaning solution, dry brushing the upper with a dry brush is recommended. This gets rid of the dirt and debris that might get stuck on the Flexgrid.

        Does Footjoy offer customization on its footwear?

        Style, other than performance, makes one stand out in the golf course. Footjoy addresses that by giving its consumers the power to practice their fashion designing skills. The MyJoys program was initially launched in 2003. It allows customers to select colors, patterns, and material on each part of the shoe. Selected silhouettes are available for shoppers to personalize. 

        Do you have tips on how to get my Footjoy size?

        According to Footjoy's research, 70% of golfers, Tour players included, wear the wrong trainer size. Materials, technologies, and craftsmanship have a lot to with shoe performance. Still, those are nothing if the shoe doesn't fit properly. To get the ideal fit, here are some of the steps to follow:

        • A Brannock device, a 70-year old product, can significantly help in determining the size and width of the foot. 
        • With measurements in hand, the next move is to determine the general shape of the foot. Choosing an appropriate last, one that fits into the foot's unique characteristic is also the key to getting the right fit. A wide foot needs a fuller last while a narrow foot should have a sleeker last. 
        • Check the material of the shoe when worn. When there is too much breaking or bunching of the leather on the forefoot, it is a sign that the trainer is too wide and has too much volume. 
        • Check the forefoot and heel if there's any kind of slippage. It is an indication that the trainer is in an incorrect size. 
        • Test the shoe by moving in it. Ensure that it is comfortable. 

        Are Footjoy golf shoes pricey?

        The selection of products offered by the brand is quite extensive, from handcrafted pieces to modern-designed pieces. With that, the price range comes varied. This is good news for golfers because they are guaranteed that not only will they find one that will suit their needs, but their budget as well. Footjoy's price range goes from $90 to $300.

        There are also Footjoy golf shoes on sale/clearance/discount offered by some retailers, which can be a great place to look out for. However, expect that will most likely be of the previous style. 

        10 best Footjoy golf shoes

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        4. Footjoy Hyperflex
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