20 best Five Ten climbing shoes

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        1. Five Ten Verdon VCS - Grey
          $165 $80 Save 52%
        2. Five Ten Quantum - Shock Blue/Solar Yellow
          Any color
          Five Ten Quantum - Shock Blue/Solar Yellow
          $170 $70 Save 59%
        3. Five Ten Anasazi Lace - Pink
        4. Five Ten Arrowhead - five-ten-arrowhead-a8de
          $175 $102 Save 42%
        5. Five Ten Anasazi Pro - Brown
        6. Five Ten Grandstone - five-ten-grandstone-a848
        7. Five Ten Rogue VCS - Lila Violett
          $100 $40 Save 60%
        8. Five Ten Dragon VCS - Orange
        9. Five Ten Hiangle - Gris Clair Gris Intense Turquoise
          $150 $100 Save 33%
        10. Five Ten Aleon - Black
        11. Five Ten Moccasym - Red
        12. Five Ten Quantum VCS - Jaune Soleil Noir Rouge
        13. Five Ten Anasazi VCS - Brown
        14. Five Ten Gambit VCS - SEMI-SOLAR GREEN
        15. Five Ten Wall Master - Black
        16. Five Ten Asym - Black
        17. Five Ten Dragon - five-ten-dragon-a232
        18. Five Ten Hiangle Synthetic - five-ten-hiangle-synthetic-0b6d
        19. Five Ten Team 5.10 - Team Black
        20. Five Ten Gym Master - Rouge Foncã Gris Carbone Noir

        Do you have a pair of Five Ten climbing shoes in your quiver? If none, maybe this is the time to get one. Five Ten, an American brand that has been bought by Adidas, offer a good deal of rock shoe selection that can help you excel in your climbing adventures. Their legacy classics are known for their comfortable feel without sacrificing performance. The brand also aims to let you experience their offerings in different closure systems and discover which is best for you. Whether you are a newcomer to the sport or an experienced climber just looking for an all-around shoe, there will surely be a pair of Five Ten rock climbing shoes waiting for you.

        Reasons why you should consider getting a pair of Five Ten climbing shoes

        Best Five Ten climbing shoes

        Best Five Ten climbing shoes - November 2019

        Stickiness prowess

        Five Ten men's and women's rock shoes are known for their sticky and responsive rubber outsoles. When you are out on the crags, it is important that your pair of climbing shoes will be able to keep you safe by sticking well to slabs. If you are familiar with the brand's many offering, you have already encountered the Stealth rubber commonly used in their products. This compound also allows Five Ten to create kicks that work well on both indoor and outdoor environments. The level of the stickiness of your rock shoes will also help you smear and edge well, regardless of the terrain.  

        Durability is its legacy

        Five Ten has been around in the market providing outdoor shoes since 1985. With Adidas's acquisition of the brand in 2011, their goal of becoming one of the leaders in the outdoor industry has been fortified. Their high-performing climbing shoes employ durable materials that can accompany you through many years of climbing. The product developers also created shoes that will help beginner climbers looking for their first pair of shoes through their gym-friendly, washable offerings. 

        Extraordinary versatility

        5.10 rock shoes aim to provide performance in whatever type of climbing discipline you are into, whether it is inside the gym or out at the crag. You will be treated to an ideal balance of precision, support, and comfort that will help you excel in this sport. Their offerings come with different closure systems that will also give you versatility in terms of fit and volume.

        Astonishing level of comfort 

        In the climbing shoe industry, comfort has always been a topic of debate. Some say that for you to get the best performance, you have to sacrifice comfort. However, with 5.10 rock climbing shoes, you get the best of both worlds--comfort and performance. The brand designers created neutral, moderate and aggressive rock shoes that will cater to your individual needs. 

        The technology behind the best 5 10 men's and women's climbing shoes

        Five Ten incorporated different sought-after technologies in their rock shoes to enable them to adapt to a variety of terrain. One of the brand’s most known features in their outdoor shoe lineup is the Stealth rubber. So, what is with this feature?

        Stealth Rubber

        Five Ten men’s and women’s rock shoes are known for their sticky and responsive rubber outsole. In the climbing world, 5.10 has introduced five different formulations of rubber to up every climber’s send. It includes:

        • Mi6. The configuration of this rubber optimizes the combination of friction and cushioning, whether climbing indoors or outdoors. Additionally, it is extra adherent on smooth surfaces.
        • Hf. When it comes to sensitivity, the Stealth Hf is sure to up your game multifold. It allows the shoe to grab even the smallest edges of rocks, allowing boulderers to succeed in their send. 
        • C4. The C4 compound is known for its excellent edging ability. It maximizes the performance of climbers through its exceptional stickiness. It locks into the tiniest nubbins, especially in the most technical terrain. 
        • ONYXX. This rubber compound offers an ideal hardness-to-friction ratio. It is excellent for use on edging, thanks to its durable formulation.
        • S1. S1 is the most versatile Stealth compound. It yields a high level of friction, durability, and cushioning. 

        Categories of Five Ten climbing shoes for men and women

        Neutral Five Ten climbing shoes

        These are your all-around rock shoes. 5.10 designed their neutral rock shoes able to optimize your footwork where you will be able to excel even in challenging terrain. They work great inside the gym and also provide excellent performance on slabs. 

        Moderate 5 10 climbing shoes

        These Five Ten shoes come with slightly downturned toes and medium heel tension. They are specifically designed for technical terrain, whether ascending on single or multi-pitch climbs. The modest asymmetry of this selection helps heighten toe-hooking performance without sacrificing comfort.

        Aggressive 5.10 climbing shoes

        These Five Ten rock shoes have a downturned profile providing aggressiveness on the crags, yielding enhanced performance. They have pointy toes which will allow you to stick your toes into tiny cracks and pockets. Furthermore, their profiles are designed to enable climbers to execute techy footwork smoothly.

        Five Ten climbing shoes fit and sizing tips

        Five Ten offers rock shoes for both men and women. Their selection comes in a wide range of sizes that enables them to cater to a larger audience. The closure system used in their shoes will also help you fine-tune the fit. Additionally, here are a few tips that can help you in your hunt.

        • Check the brand’s website if there are size advice or recommendations. You may also take this opportunity to read user reviews that indicate how they were able to get the perfect size for them.
        • If you have a particular model in mind, visit a local retailer near you. Try on the rock shoe model you are checking out and see if it fits. Do not be afraid to try on different sizes too.
        • Sometimes, huge discounts are available through the brand website and authorized online retailers. That said, if you want to grab these deals, you can try the shoe on a store near you and then make your purchase online. 
        • Please keep in mind that most of the time, the size of your climbing shoes is way different from your street shoe size. However, it does not mean that you should get a size that will cut off the circulation on your foot. You want to avoid getting uber-tight shoes as they can be overkill for you. With today’s innovation, you have an option for a pair of comfortable and high-performance shoes.

        Care and maintenance of Five Ten climbing shoes

        Clean your rock shoes after every use. Doing so will help keep them in good condition and prevent developing odors. You may use a damp cloth to wipe its interior, removing dirt and sweat. To maintain its exterior, remove the chalk dust and spot clean the leather for any stains. Do not saturate the affected area. Before storing, make sure they are completely dry to prevent mildew development. You may stuff newspapers inside your rock shoe to facilitate a more thorough drying. Open them fully and air dry. Do not use extreme heat to dry them as it can damage the integrity of the shoe, shortening their usable life. 

        A brief overview of Five Ten and Adidas history

        In 2011, the German footwear manufacturer Adidas completed its acquisition of the American-brand Five Ten. Five Ten has been around since 1985 and is most known for its rock climbing shoes. It becomes part of the Adidas Outdoor brand that is just making its way to the US at that time. Aside from rock shoes, 5.10 approach gears are also offered alongside low-top Adidas trail shoes and over-the-ankle Adidas boots

        Over the years, Adidas Outdoor was able to gain traction in the US market, providing quality gear for individuals who love adventures. The product experts have partnered with indoor gyms and beginner climbers to further enhance their reach in terms of rock climbing shoes.  

        Frequently asked questions

        What is the best 5.10 climbing shoe for me? 

        5.10 comes with a wide selection of rock shoes for both beginners and intermediate climbers. If you are new to the sport, you may want to go with their neutral (relaxed) rock shoes first before opting to wear an aggressively downturned shoe. It can help you focus on improving your footwork without hurting your foot. On the other hand, advanced climbers can also look at the brand’s moderately-to-extremely downturned shoes for optimal performance.

        I already received my Five Ten climbing shoes, however, I want to exchange them for a smaller size. How shall I proceed?

        Currently, the brand does not have a direct exchange process. If you want to exchange your product, you need to send back the delivered item using the enclosed return label and make a new purchase on the website. Once the return label is scanned, the brand will process the crediting for the returned item.

        How tight should my Five Ten climbing shoes fit?

        When buying your pair of Five Ten climbing shoes, you should aim for a snug fit, not painful. Some climbers make the mistake of purchasing too-small shoes that they ended up hurting their feet instead of enjoying their send. Beginner shoes usually offer more comfort than performance while advanced kicks allow you to perform more by sacrificing a bit of comfort.

        15 best Five Ten climbing shoes

        1. Five Ten Aleon
        2. Five Ten Quantum VCS
        3. Five Ten Dragon VCS
        4. Five Ten Anasazi Lace
        5. Five Ten Wall Master
        6. Five Ten Anasazi Pro
        7. Five Ten Moccasym
        8. Five Ten Grandstone
        9. Five Ten Quantum
        10. Five Ten Arrowhead
        11. Five Ten Hiangle Synthetic
        12. Five Ten Verdon VCS
        13. Five Ten Rogue VCS
        14. Five Ten Hiangle
        15. Five Ten Anasazi VCS