15 best Evolv climbing shoes

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    If you wish to diversify your line-up of climb-centric gear, no matter your skill level in sending projects, fancy a pair or two of Evolv climbing shoes. In these kicks, getting to the top of that rock or wall translates to an experience where precise performance, comfort, and security are highlighted. Shoes from this brand are engineered with the latest Evolv-exclusive technologies, rendering them capable of responding to the needs of climbers in a variety of climbing scenarios. Where there is a rock to ascend, being in a pair of Evolv rock climbing shoes just might be the biggest favor you can do for yourself.

    The benefits of wearing a pair of men's and women's Evolv rock climbing shoes

    Best Evolv climbing shoes

    Best Evolv climbing shoes - November 2019

    Built for comfort

    The ability to tackle routes in comfort is what Evolv rock climbing shoes promise to provide. This provision is sourced from the way every pair is built. One of the elements that make most kicks from this brand comfortable is the split construction of the tongue (referred to by Evolv as split tongue). Comfort also comes from the way the rands are engineered—they have varying thicknesses which reduce hot spots and pressure points around the foot. If a plushier in-shoe feel is what you are after, consider lined climbing footwear instead.

    A matter of adherence

    For you to be able to send projects successfully, the right amount of climbing prowess is required. That said, skill alone will not be enough; you will also need the kind of outsole that can adhere to a variety of surfaces, whether indoors or outdoors. Underfoot slip and skid resistance in a pair of Evolv climbing shoes is brought forth by the Trax outsole whose various formulas will be discussed in a later section. For toe and heel hooking security, on the other hand, you have the forefoot and heel randing to thank.

    Appealing to vegans

    Evolv’s climb-oriented offerings are synthetic for the most part. On top of that, almost all of them are vegan-friendly. For the uninformed, footwear products considered vegan-friendly are devoid of any animal substance. So if you are someone who practices veganism and have been itching for shoes appropriate for your advocacy, these animal-free climbing kicks from Evolv might just scratch that itch and scratch it well.

    A sense of sensitivity

    Knowing where you put your foot avails much in the world of climbing. Indeed, having the ability to feel every surface your foot makes contact with is a crucial part of every successful ascent. Fortunately for you, Evolv’s rock climbing shoes are built for surface feel. This is made possible by giving every shoe a finely tuned and highly sensitive sole system. The streamlined construction of the rands also yields enhanced sensitivity.

    All-around goodness

    If a well-rounded footgear is what you are looking for, you are at the right alley. Many of Evolv’s climbing pieces are built with all-around performance in mind, giving you access to a wider set of maneuvers compared with their more focused offerings. All-around performers are typically ideal for crack and trad climbing. If overhangs are more your thing, look into some of the best aggressive climbing shoes from Evolv.

    Enmity toward stink

    Climbing shoes, in general, make feet perspire a lot. This is because their fit is designed to hug the foot more intimately than what you would expect in comfy hiking shoes or sneakers. When too much sweat gets trapped within the liner and dries, it results in a stinky pair more often than not. Thankfully, some of Evolv’s rock climbing shoes come with an anti-odor liner which fights off stink-causing bacteria on a micro level.

    Head-turning aesthetics

    Are you drawn to pieces of footwear that make use of only two colors yet give great results? Then you might be instantly hooked on a good bulk of what Evolv has in its fold. Do not fret, however, if you are a massive fan of eye-popping shades as a handful of Evolv’s promising kicks also come in spunky neon hues and color schemes.  

    The things that make Evolv climbing shoes stand out from the competition


    Evolv (also known as Evolv Sports & Designs Co.) is a climbing footwear brand based in the United States. They are known for their knack in developing their own set of technologies which give their climb-centric shoes a unique presence in the market. They also take pride in enlisting Chris Sharma—one of the most renowned professional climbers the world has ever seen—in developing and designing some of their best offerings.


    It would seem that Evolv knows a thing or two about appealing to the masses. Case in point: their shoes being listed at prices that need not break the bank. Their budget-friendliest bunch may be had at no more than $90 on average, while those that fall under the costly category cost no more than $180. If you are on a rather tight budget, Evolv’s least expensive climbing pieces are here for you.

    Notable technologies

    Trax. The underfoot stickiness of every climbing shoe from this brand is courtesy of Trax—an Evolv-owned outsole made of high-performance rubber. It comes in three climb-specific formulas:

    1. Trax-SAS. This particular formula offers the highest level of surface grip of the bunch. It provides tenacity on a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. It promises consistent performance within a wide range of temperatures.
    2. Trax-XE. Evolv footwear products furnished with this type of compound are intended for edging maneuvers.
    3. Trax-GT. This type is formulated especially for indoor walls at a gym. Its construction is extra durable with non-marking properties.

    Love Bump and Knuckle Box. These two together make the toes curl into position, giving the climber that extra edging power without exerting too much effort. The Knuckle Box gives users with big toe knuckles a bit more space, while the Love Bump eliminates dead space under the flex point of the toes. Most Evolv shoes having this piece of technology are aggressively downturned.

    VTR (Variable Thickness Rand). This proprietary technology equips the toe region with a patch of rand with varying thicknesses. The part that receives the most wear is thicker, while low-wear areas are made thin to lessen hot spots and reduce pressure points.

    Agion. Evolv rock climbing shoes imbued with an antimicrobial liner from Agion stay odor-free for longer. This technology uses special ions to activate the elements required to combat odor-causing bacteria. It does not contain Nano silver—a substance that may be harmful to the human body when it enters through the bloodstream.

    Men’s and women’s Evolve climbing shoes fit and sizing guide

    Evolv climbing shoes come in models that cater to both the male and female crowds. Their sizing selection includes half and full sizes. They generally run true to size. Evolv allows customers to get a different size for each shoe of a given pair for an additional fee. In many of Evolv’s offerings, getting a personalized fit is possible using Velcro straps. Otherwise, a lace-up closure will do the job.

    Are you ready to bag a pair of Evolv climbing kicks? Before you hit the road, though, give the following some thought:

    • Scout for shoes in the afternoon. Around this time, your feet are in a swollen state. It is recommended to fit shoes while your feet are in this state to get the best possible fit.
    • Your street shoe size may not apply. Footwear products built for climbing are sized differently, so going with your street shoe size may not be the best course of action to take. Size up or down in half-size increments if possible until you get the shoes that fit the best.
    • Test that pair. Do not leave the store until you get a proper feel of your next Evolv climbing shoes. Ideally, your foot should be in full contact with the shoe’s liner with minimal-to-no air pockets. Unbearable pain must not be present. Do a test climb at the store if allowed.

    Frequently asked questions about Evolv rock climbing shoes

    How do you clean Evolv climbing shoes?

    • Before cleaning, it is best to remove the laces or set the Velcro straps.
    • Wash them by hand in clean water with some mild soap or laundry detergent. Use a soft brush to rid them of dirt and debris. Rinse them thoroughly.
    • Fully synthetic Evolv rock climbing shoes may be machine washed in warm water but only on gentle setting. Use either of the soapy agents indicated in the previous point.
    • Dry the shoes where there is enough natural ventilation. You may also use a fan to dry them. The use of machine dryers is not recommended.
    • During the drying process, stuff your kicks with some newspaper to prevent shrinkage.

    Where are Evolv climbing shoes made?

    While there is no published information with regard to the manufacturing location of Evolv rock climbing shoes, the brains and designers behind the brand stand by their high-quality standards when it comes to developing reliable footwear products. In cases where a pair has defects or bites the dust unexpectedly, a warranty is in place for your peace of mind.

    3 best Evolv climbing shoes

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    3. Evolv Defy