12 best Ecco golf shoes

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    • Spiked

      Also referred to as cleated, spiked golf shoes are characterized as having knobs on the outsole. Overall, they deliver more lateral stability especially on hilly and wet surfaces. See spiked golf shoes


      A newly developed type of footwear, spikeless golf shoes are versatile and can be worn off the course. Their rugged outsole is most suitable for dry conditions. See spikeless golf shoes

    • Gore-tex

      A technology that provides full waterproof protection without sacrificing breathability. See Goretex lined golf shoes


      Fully protects the shoe from water seeping inside the shoe. See waterproof golf shoes. Because it is a handy feature for the sport, some brands offer waterproofing warranty. See golf shoes with a waterproofing warranty


      The middle ground of waterproof and water resistant. These shoes have a protective coating that minimizes the chance of water seeping through. Good for heavier rains but still might leak when pressure is applied. See water-repellent golf shoes


      Compared to waterproof and water-repellent shoes, water-resistant items offer the least amount of protection. But they are still effective in light rain and on wet grass. See water-resistant golf shoes

    • Color
    • Synthetic upper

      These shoes are wrapped in man-made materials. Those that fall under this category are built from synthetic leather, microfiber, neoprene, polyester, and textile. See golf shoes with synthetic uppers

      Leather upper

      Traditionally, golf shoes are made from leather. This type of footwear naturally provides water protection and are known to be comfortable and durable. See leather golf shoes

      Knit upper

      Knitted uppers are known for being extremely lightweight and breathable. Products that belong in this category are ideally played during summer. See golf shoes with knit uppers

    • Traditional

      Shoes that look back to the heritage design of golf shoes. Oxfords, saddle, and leather uppers are some of the unique qualities inhibited by this footwear. See traditionally-styled golf shoes


      Footwear that exudes the same vibe as performance shoes and sneakers. Athletic-style golf shoes are casual, trendy, and often made of synthetic leather. See athletic style golf shoes

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        best Ecco golf shoes

        Best Ecco golf shoes - April 2020

        What makes Ecco stand out from other brands

        There are many brands in the market to look out for when on the hunt for a golf shoe. Ecco may be a silent talker compared to the others. But, it proves that it doesn't need to create noise for it to be noticed. Its qualities, vision, and identity are adequate to make it stand out. 

        • Unlike other brands like Nike and Adidas that outsource some steps of the production process, Ecco ensures that they own the process. Being founded by a shoemaker, Ecco ensures that each step gets closely monitored. It starts from conceptualizing until the product gets delivered to the store. 
        • They have four main production facilities scattered around the globe. Currently, they are located in Indonesia, China, Denmark, and Slovakia. 
        • Leather is a significant component in Ecco golf shoes. But not many would know that the brand is one of the top leather manufacturers in the world. Their tanneries can be found in Thailand, China, Indonesia, and Holland.
        • The brand is dedicated and committed to becoming more environmentally responsible. Though it still gets some eyebrow raises because of its use of leather, the company is taking baby steps on its other areas. One of which is ensuring that their own production space is fully utilized. The energy, water, use of chemicals, and trash are all closely monitored and reduced through the years.

        What to expect from men’s and women’s Ecco golf shoes

        Now that we know that Ecco has plenty to offer, it is time that we give the spotlight on the more tangible thing: the golf shoe. The attributes stated above are all vital as they profoundly affect the product. Read below to find out how: 

        • Comfort 

         When looking over various models of golf shoes, it seems that comfort is frequently overused. But it is for a reason. It is probably one of the most vital attributes any footwear should possess. Having control over the manufacturing process ensures that nothing is compromised. 

        Ecco assures that they understand the wearer by carefully studying the different movements of the sport and various foot shapes and pressure points. These are all considered and reflected in their products. 

        • Durability

        The research and development team certainly fulfilled its duty. By using the best types of materials possible and combining them with the most effective advancements, Ecco produces items that are certified to last for years. Other than offering a warranty, the company is also confident that the quality of their items is impeccable. 

        • Traction

        There's no stopping Ecco on its quest to come up with the best grippy soles. Their spiked shoes are already known for bringing excellent traction on different surface areas. 

        However, their introduction of the spikeless changed the game for the entire footwear industry. Not only is it the first, but it is able to give golfers the convenience of using the same footwear on and off the course.  

        • Waterproofing

        Ecco ensures that its waterproofing treatment is nothing but the best. After all, it's go big or go home. Having a direct hold of the materials makes it convenient for the company to experiment, tweak, and develop technologies that would further improve its line.

        They became known for infusing the waterproofing barrier along with leather instead of a coating that can further degrade through time. It is one of the advantages of owning the process of manufacturing.

        • Ergonomics

        It is probably a big word when it comes to shoes. But deep down, their line of product roots to this. A lot of the items from their golf line are based on the biomechanical study of the foot. The result of the products prevents not only foot issues but body pain as well.

        Technologies used in Ecco golf shoes

        Many of the technologies used on Ecco golf shoes reflect the founder Karl Toosbury's principle: control the process, control the quality. By being extremely hands-on on each part of the production, every step in the process is under direct control. Because of this, Ecco takes pride in each part of the shoe. They may not have a long list on their belt, but each works effectively and efficiently. 


        • Yak leather

        Because it is only a kind of leather, it can be confusing as to why is it included in the list. Yak is unique to Ecco. In fact, it is a heavily used material and can be commonly seen in their golf shoes. It is only understandable because of the plenty of benefits that it brings. 

        Abrasion-resistant, extremely durable, breathable, and lightweight are all some of the qualities that it brings to the table. Its aged and authentic look are qualities that cannot be dismissed. 

        • Gore-Tex

        Gore-Tex is not proprietary, but its reputation and legacy deserve a spot here. Getting the best of all worlds seemingly is impossible when it comes to water protection, but this ticks all the boxes needed. 

        Golf shoes coated in this membrane are guaranteed waterproof, windproof, yet are still breathable. Because of this, they can be worn in the harshest of storms without getting the foot soaked. 

        • Hydromax

        Unlike other moisture shielding technologies that act as a coating, Hydromax is processed differently. When the re-tanning procedure is being conducted, silicone bases and paraffin are infused into the leather to induce water-repellency. It also makes the leather soft, breathable and supple and prevents it from hardening despite several moisture encounters. The best thing about Hydromax is that because it is part of the leather, it lasts for a long time. 


        • BIOM Natural Motion

        The BIOM made its debut on the brand's running shoes. Ecco recognizes that barefoot is the best, but with external conditions, it is not ideal on hard and textured surfaces. The technology mimics the benefits of being barefoot, in a way that it doesn't constrict the foot. It creates an environment that allows efficient motion and movement. 

        It is crafted to act as a second skin of the foot. Because of this, it can be observed that BIOM Ecco shoes are contoured and molded. 

        • Ecco Fluidform 

        If the brand has a core, for Ecco, it would be Fluidform. The technology is a result of three decades of development. Having a founder that is a shoemaker, the brand knows that the shoe last is one of the vital parts. 

        Since Ecco produces this, they were able to come up with a state-change technology. By injecting a resilient, shock-absorbing material directly into the shoe mold, the sole gets bonded to the upper instantly and seamlessly. 

        Compared to using glue and stitches, the Ecco Fluidform is much more durable. It also maintains the anatomical integrity of the shoe.

        • Direct Injection Process

        Also known as DIP, this process is where the upper is placed into the mold. After that, a liquid polyurethane (PU) is set to form an anatomically correct midsole and outsole. It is the most robust method to attach the sole to the upper. It creates an impermeable seal sans the use of stitching or glue. It also allows the shoe to be extremely flexible. Being available in many colorways is another plus point given to it by the style-savvy players.


        • Zarma

        While the brand has built a legacy on the spikeless outsole, spikes are features that are far from neglection. The Zarma spikes are some of the easiest to work with because they provide maximum traction without damaging the grass. They are built with a TPU construction, which makes them rust-proof and durable. 

        • Spyder Grip

        As the brand who pioneered the spikeless outsole, Ecco has in-depth research about the different patterns that would generate the best grip. Spyder Grip, through its organic design, works with the foot's natural pivot points. Those who have this notion that spikeless are only for summer and dry conditions are proven wrong because of the Spyder. 

        • E-DTS Outsole

        The E-DTS Outsole is a unique design formulated by the brand. Spikeless outsoles usually get flack for being unreliable on wet and uphill areas. This outsole, however, works differently. It sports 100 traction bars with 800 traction angles. This pattern allows the ultimate grip and keeps the foot stable even on wet and uphill surfaces.

        Ecco’s collaborations with professional golfers

        Most golf shoe brands know that it is essential to have partnerships with athletes. Not only is it a kind of marketing strategy, but building long-lasting relationships will help improve the products through the wearers' feedback. Below are the pros included in the roster:

        • One of the brand's ambassadors Minjee Lee claimed victory as she worked the Ecco BIOM G 2 at the Ladies European Tour's Oates Vic Open in Australia. The athlete holds a remarkable record of winning four times as a professional, only at the age of 21. 
        • It's easy to brand Thomas Bjorn as Denmark's leading golfer. His achievement of winning fifteen tournaments worldwide on the European Tour is just a small part of the pie. Wearing Ecco shoes certainly helped propel his drive to a hole in one. 
        • He may have only celebrated his 60th birthday quite recently, but a great deal of Fred Couples' golf life was spent wearing Ecco shoes. No golfer could ever forget as he debuted the first spikeless pair in 2014. 
        • Lydia Ko has always made an impression on the course. Bagging the title as the youngest professional golfer at the age of 17 is only one of the trophies that she has under her belt. Wearing the Ecco Biom G 2 only keeps her head in the game. 
        • Sandra Carlborg is proud of the partnership with the Danish shoe company since 2013. The 5-time World Champion in Long Drive confesses that her favorite model is the BIOM Hybrid 3.  
        • Caro Masson claimed victory at the South African Women's Open 2012. She was spotted wearing the BIOM Hybrid during the competition.

        Brief history of the Ecco brand

        For Karl Toosbury, everything started with a dream. Beginning his journey as a simple shoemaker, he rose up the ranks to finally managing a company. Fortunately, the goal did not end there. Owning something that he can call his own was the objective. 

        And so, his dreams were turned into reality. In 1963, Toosbury made a courageous move of finally putting up his own company and called it Ecco. His skills as a shoemaker, experience in managing a shoe company, and European background all contributed to the brand's prestige. 

        Ecco's vision is simple yet bold: to be the leading premium brand for shoes and leather goods. The first model released by the brand was a pointy-toed heel. Though it prioritized making a fashion statement, its second drop leaned in a different direction as it was a variation of a mocassin. Seemingly hitting its soft spot on classics, the brand eventually explored technologies. Since then, the brand did not stop innovating. 

        The brand's journey towards excellence translated to success. From producing shoes for lifestyle wear, Ecco eventually diversified to performance-specific trainers. In 1996, Toosbury, along with his son-in-law, Dieter Kasprzak, launched a new line called Ecco Golf. During that same year, the first Ecco golf how was birthed. 

        It was only logical given that in Denmark alone, there are about 150 thousand golfers and there are 208 countries where golf is played. Ecco turned out to be one of the leading brands that are dominating the industry.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What is the best Ecco golf shoe?

        Each player would have a different choice when it comes to golf shoes. Different foot shapes, needs, and playing styles all come into play, which would affect one's decision. If you have a specific model in mind, Runrepeat presents and discusses a wide range of golf shoes. But, if a quick rundown is what you're looking for, here are some of the models that we can recommend: 

        • The Ecco BIOM Hybrid 3 is ideal for those looking for spikeless shoes that have an unparalleled grip. 
        • The Ecco S-Lite is perfect for those on the hunt for those looking for extremely lightweight pairs that do not compromise stability. 
        • If addressing stability on lateral movements is crucial, the Ecco Cage Pro is one of the most recommended items.

        How can I maintain the shape of my shoe?

        To make sure that you perform your best, the shoe should also perform outstandingly. Keeping its form is one of the steps to be taken to ensure that. One of the most tried-and-tested tools that can be used to preserve its pristine condition is to use a cedar shoe tree. When the footwear not in use, put it inside the shoe. It will not only retain its shape, but it will also help absorb sweat and moisture.

        Another step to take is to store the trainer properly. Squishing it with other shoes or putting it at the trunk of the car could cause damage to the material and shape.

        Is there a way to guarantee that the Ecco shoes are real?

        There's no denying that counterfeit pairs are being sold, primarily online. The brand addresses that there are websites that commit to this illegality. Currently, they are on a fight against this. To help one distinguish the illegal pairs, here are some of the things to be noted for:

        • Make sure that the site you are purchasing from is legitimate. 
        • The description on the shoes looks like it's been ripped off from Google Translate. 
        • The products are priced oddly. An example of this is $159.18. 
        • The website's domain name is quite suspicious. Words like cheap, discounted, etc. are some of the words to look out for.   
        • Discount incentives are also red flags. If the site provides higher price reductions when more pairs are bought, stay away.

        Why do Ecco shoes do not come in wide options? Does this mean that the options only cater to people with narrow feet?

        Fit is essential when buying a shoe. The price, material, and technologies would all be disregarded if the fit is off. Most golf shoe brands are available in two types: Regular and Wide fit. For Ecco, three things should be remembered. 

        One is Freedom Fit. It works the opposite of what is known of how a shoe fit. Ecco golf shoes are designed in a way that there is ample wiggle room on the toes. This form permits the toes to expand and allows for natural movement. The heel is also narrower to keep it from moving and avoid blisters. This type of construction eliminates the need for various widths. 

        Another thing is that the inlays are removable for players who favor additional space inside. It also gives golfers the option to place orthotics. 

        Do Ecco golf shoes come with a warranty?

        All shoes from the brand come with a one-year limited manufacturing warranty. What is included in the warranty are the following:

        • All the hardware including eyelets, buckles, ornaments, and hooks
        • The durability of the sole which shouldn't deteriorate, split, or crack in normal wearing conditions
        • Gore-tex which is guaranteed to be waterproof throughout the product's lifespan
        • The inconsistencies on the quality of the leather which translates to premature wear patterns
        • The attachment of the soles and other components that are attached to the bottom.

        What is not included in the warranty are damages that are caused by wear and tear.  

        How do you clean them without damaging the waterproofing and the material? 

        The brand carries a line of products that will bring your grimy pair back to its pristine condition. Overall, they suggest doing three steps: Clean, Care, and Protect. 

        Clean: Ecco's line of cleaning products is water-based. It means that it is ideal for leather use as it will remove the built-up dirt while conditioning the material. 

        Care: The Care products are meant to act like the leather's moisturizer. They prevent it from drying out or cracking as they restore the material’s elasticity and suppleness. 

        Protect: The Protect products create a shield and help prolong the shoe’s life. 

        It should be noted that all of these are all safe on Gore-Tex and Hydromax treatments. Golfers can also take a breath as these products are guaranteed not to affect the level of breathability. 

        Are Ecco shoes stylish?

        The good thing with the brand is it shows that it has wholly immersed itself in the sport. Even though golfers’ styles and tastes can be quite unpredictable, Ecco captures both traditional and athletic. For those who prefer to go the old-school route, the Golf Lux is one of the models that epitomizes its style. It sports an extremely classic style though the saddle and premium leather upper.  

        Golfers who favour the modern look can also look into different styles like the Golf Strike, Ecco BIOM G 3, and Ecco BIOM Cool Pro.

        11 best Ecco golf shoes

        1. Ecco BIOM Hybrid 3 GTX
        2. Ecco BIOM Cool Pro
        3. Ecco BIOM Hybrid 2
        4. Ecco BIOM Hybrid 3 BOA
        5. Ecco BIOM G 3
        6. Ecco Golf S-Lite
        7. Ecco Golf S-Drive
        8. Ecco Cool 18 GTX
        9. Ecco Golf Lux
        10. Ecco Cage Pro
        11. Ecco Cage Pro BOA