28 best crack climbing shoes

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  1. Any color
    Scarpa Instinct - Black/Orange
  2. $80 $63 Save 21%
  3. Any color
    La Sportiva Futura - Blue / Yellow
    $185 $87 Save 53%
  4. $139 $103 Save 26%
  5. $175 $140 Save 20%
  6. $100 $56 Save 44%
  7. Any color
    $165 $116 Save 30%
  8. $95 $60 Save 37%
  9. $140 $84 Save 40%
  10. $155 $137 Save 12%
  11. $150 $102 Save 32%
  12. $100 $75 Save 25%
  13. Any color
    $150 $114 Save 24%
  14. Any color
  15. Any color
  16. Any color
    $210 $155 Save 26%
  17. $120 $109 Save 9%
  18. Any color
    $80 $66 Save 18%
  19. Any color
    $150 $120 Save 20%
  20. Any color
  21. Any color
    $165 $108 Save 35%
  22. $160 $91 Save 43%
  23. $150 $120 Save 20%

Choosing the best crack climbing shoes will save you a lot of trouble when you take on a more difficult terrain. These intermediate rock climbing shoes are built with an emphasis on technical performance so you can have more confidence when jamming your toes into cracks. As such, the ideal pair of crack climbing kicks offer just enough comfort and durability when negotiating these tight spaces. If you are planning to go beyond your beginner kicks, these crack climbing shoes are a worthy option to consider.

Features you need in the best rock climbing shoes for intermediate climbers

Best crack climbing shoes

Best crack climbing shoes - November 2019

  • Low-profile. Lace-up and slipper shoes are usually preferred by crack climbers than those with hook-and-loop strap closures. These kicks, which boast a slimmer profile, are more comfortable when you’re jamming your toes into thin cracks by keeping them as flat as possible.
  • Stiffness. When looking for new crack climbing shoes, it’s important not to choose a pair that’s either too soft or too stiff. You’ll feel every sharp edge within the cracks when you use soft rock shoes. On the other hand, you’ll lose sensitivity when standing on small edges if you wear stiff climbing pieces. It’s best to go for crack climbing shoes that give balance between stiffness and softness. In this way, you’ll have enough support and comfort when you take on those cracks.
  • Protection. Select crack climbing shoes employ an upper that covers the anklebones. This design grants protection to your ankles when you’re tackling wider cracks. When getting a high-top climbing piece, make sure it doesn’t dig in and cause discomfort.
  • Durability. Crack climbing shoes are required to endure abuse since you’re going to jam them in tight spaces. Choose rock shoes that sport a randing system so they can withstand abuse. Moreover, a lace-up climbing pieces generally last longer than those with Velcro straps since they can be replaced after being worn out.

Some brands that carry the best intermediate rock climbing shoes

La Sportiva

The best La Sportiva rock shoes for crack climbers combine a soft interior lining with a slim profile. This combination yields comfort when jamming your feet in those cracks. Their finest crack kicks feature a randing system called P3, which stands for Permanent Power Platform. It functions by distributing power to the shoe’s sole to spread and maintain tension during your climb. Moreover, some of their climbing pieces use a lace-up closure for maximum adjustability. 

Black Diamond

Black Diamond climbing shoes are ideal for those who have never tried this technique. The brand’s best kicks for crack climbers are equipped with rubber rands on the shoe’s side to stabilize your foot and prevent it from rolling. They also come with medium-stiff midsoles which present a balance between support and comfort.

Five Ten

The finest Five Ten offerings for crack climbers are those that use a classic slip-on design for a slimmer profile. The absence of Velcro straps or laces makes their crack climbing offerings more durable to being jammed into cracks. These kicks also feature a Stealth C4 rubber outsole to help climbers stick to small footholds.

15 best crack climbing shoes

  1. Evolv Nighthawk
  2. Evolv Oracle
  3. Five Ten Anasazi VCS
  4. La Sportiva Futura
  5. La Sportiva Mythos Eco
  6. Scarpa Chimera
  7. La Sportiva Cobra
  8. Five Ten Anasazi Lace
  9. Boreal Joker
  10. Butora Sensa
  11. Five Ten Wall Master
  12. Scarpa Furia Air
  13. Scarpa Instinct
  14. Black Diamond Zone LV
  15. Five Ten Grandstone
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