26 best cheap Puma soccer cleats

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  1. $40 $28 Save 30%
  2. Any color
    Puma Future 18.4 hyFG - Fizzy Yellow-red Blast-puma Black
    Puma Future 18.4 hyFG - Puma Black-fizzy Yellow-asphalt
    $65 $26 Save 60%
  3. Any color
    Puma One 18.4 Firm Ground - Puma Black-puma Black-asphalt
    Puma One 18.4 Firm Ground - Puma Black-puma Silver-red Blast
    $60 $23 Save 62%
  4. Any color
    $40 $30 Save 25%
  5. Any color
    $55 $48 Save 13%
  6. Any color
    $55 $42 Save 24%
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    $55 $20 Save 64%
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    $55 $36 Save 35%
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    $55 $28 Save 49%
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Notable Puma silos

best cheap puma soccer cleats
Best cheap Puma soccer cleats - November 2019

Puma Future

The Puma Future silo meshes a slew of technologies that are unique to the collection and the brand. This includes the Puma Netfit and RapidAgility outsole technologies. These technologies set up an atmosphere for the optimal performance of each player. Netfit, for one, allows maximum fit customization through a net mesh upper that acts as lace holes. This configuration provides the wearer an infinite amount of possibilities in lacing.

RapidAgility technology is found in the outsole. Created out of a lightweight and durable Pebax material, the area facilitates quick changes in direction and a speedy play. The stud pattern infuses a mix of conical and bladed ones, delivering traction and grip.

Puma One

An amalgamation of the Evospeed and Evotouch silos, the Puma One highlights the technologies from the two collections. The top technologies found in these soccer cleats are Evoknit, a Pebax outsole and a natural leather upper. Elaborating on the technologies used, Evoknit provides a sock-like fit by following the contours of the player’s foot.

A natural leather upper, on the other hand, brings a soft and comfortable feel for its wearers. There are several types of natural leather uppers. These are namely calfskin and kangaroo leather - these elements bring a soft feel and comfortable feel for its users. Although, perhaps the key difference between the two is their price range. Puma Soccer Cleats boasting k-leather is more expensive because of its moldability. While calfskin is moldable, it is not to the level of its counterpart. Hence, these are found in cheaper Puma soccer cleat.

The outsole for this silo is created out of Pebax which is well-known for its durability and grip. The notable models from this silo that do not belong to an expensive price range are the Puma Future 18.4 and the Puma Future 2.4 Turf.

Puma 365 Ignite

The Puma 365 Ignite is highly recognizable for its silhouette. This piece of footwear delicately blends an urban aesthetic with a supportive fit for its wearers. This pair is geared towards the small sided game though making use of breathable upper material paired with a lacing system created for personalization. With all the features found in this soccer cleat, it is unsurprising to know that it cannot be classified as Puma soccer cleats that are cheap.

Different types of surfaces for cheap Puma soccer cleats

Whether it’s a Puma model coming from an expensive price tier or a cheap pair, every cleat is made available in different surface types. Here are the different court types which Puma soccer cleats cater to:

  • Firm Ground. Described as having dry or slightly wet grass, the studs used by most models are a combination of bladed and conical studs which bring about traction and grip. Examples of inexpensive Puma soccer cleats that cater to this court type is the Puma Evotouch 3 Leather and the Puma Esito Classico.
  • Astroturf. Since this surface type is more abrasive than natural grass, the material that makes up astroturf is made more durable as well. Usually sand or water-based, less penetration is observed in this court type as it features short turf. The less pricey puma soccer shoes that cater to those surface are the Puma Adreno III Turf, Puma EvoPower Vigor 4 Turf, and the Puma One 17.4 Turf.
  • Indoor. As the name suggests, this soccer type is designed to promote traction in indoor spaces, especially for polished surfaces. The outsole for this soccer cleat type is usually created out of rubber. The indoor Puma soccer cleats that belong to a low price tier includes the Puma One 17.4 Indoor, Puma Evospeed Sala 3.4 Indoor, and the Puma Gavetto Sala Indoor.
  • Artificial Grass. Classified as 3G and 4G, artificial grass courts have been created out of necessity to create a safer surface compared to firm ground and astroturf. The inexpensive AG Puma soccer shoe includes the Puma Future 2.4 FG/AG.

History of Puma soccer cleats

It’s quite surprising that a rift between two brothers from Germany has resulted in the creation of one of the most influential brands in footwear today. The Puma brand has time and time again dominated the soccer market and had extended its reign into other sporting fields as well. The brand’s creations have stood the test of time and have pushed the boundaries in footwear construction. The technologies that they’ve pioneered through the ages are proof of this.

Innovation is not only the weapon that Puma soccer cleats have in its arsenal. The ability to cater to a wide variety of players is another trick the big cat has in its sleeves. Not only are they offering players a selection of cleats with different collar types, but they also made available a variety of price tiers that can cater to the masses and the pros alike.

There’s a reason why different price tiers have been made available - to cater to a broad number of players. Having a lower priced soccer cleat, however, does not necessarily mean that it is of lower quality. Cheap Puma soccer cleat models are no exception. There are several notable models from the brand that is of decent quality without breaking the bank.

10 best cheap Puma soccer cleats

  1. Puma EvoSpeed 5.5 Tricks Firm Ground
  2. Puma Classico Soft Ground
  3. Puma Future 18.4 hyFG
  4. Puma Spirit Turf
  5. Puma One 17.4 Firm Ground
  6. Puma Adreno III Firm Ground
  7. Puma One 18.4 Artificial Grass
  8. Puma Future 2.4 FG/AG
  9. Puma One 4 Synthetic Indoor
  10. Puma EvoPower 4.3 Tricks Firm Ground
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