7 best Butora climbing shoes

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            Butora climbing shoes have already proven its marketability since its birth in 2014 by focusing on design and quality of materials. Thanks to the expertise of Nam Hee Do—the brand’s founder—he was able to create rock shoes that work well in a range of climbing disciplines and match every level of climbers. From then on, Butora becomes a go-to shoe option to those who are just starting out with the sport and even intermediate climbers looking for high-performance rock shoes

            Notable features of some of the best men's and women's Butora climbing shoes

            Best Butora climbing shoes

            Best Butora climbing shoes - November 2019

            Butora may not sound as popular as La Sportiva rock shoes for men and women or climbing shoes from Scarpa, however, this relatively new brand has already made its name in every climber’s quiver. So, despite its young age, what made Butora climbing shoes gain recognition in the climbing shoe industry? Read on to find out.

            Exceptional craftsmanship

            The brand’s founder, Nam Hee Do, has been working in the climbing industry for more than 30 years. That said, he used this experience to create his own brand that gives extra attention to exceptional craftsmanship. The people behind Butora have made a conscious decision to create footwear that maintains quality, despite the cost. This objective helped Butora gain popularity to certain parts of the world. Furthermore, leather uppers of Butora rock shoes are hand sewn.

            Top-notch materials

            Butora ensures that their products are made of quality materials to create a footgear that lasts. They manufacture their offerings by paying impressive attention to detail without costing an arm and a leg. Butora climbing shoes primarily use German leather for their upper. Designers prefer using this material (leather) as it offers unrivaled level in strength and durability.  

            Sticky outsole

            Butora rock climbing shoes employ outsoles optimized for ground adherence. These products carry the Neo Friction rubber. This material is incorporated into the shoe using a heat molding process that aims to reduce or prevent delamination. This is the same element used in creating the rand of the rock shoe. The people behind each product ensures that the outsole is perfectly fitted to the leather for excellent quality control.

            Excellent smearing and edging ability

            Thanks to the design and composition of the rubber used in Butora climbing shoes, they are able to smear and edge in various terrain. The sticky and durable material used in their outsole (and rand) help climbers gain foothold even in the smallest nubbins.


            According to Butora, their climbing shoes are not categorized by gender. They size their offerings according to fit—narrow and wide. This strategy allowed the brand to move away from gender-specific shoes, and focus on volume-oriented approach to allow potential buyers to get gears based on their personalities. 

            Lifelong underfoot support

            All Butora climbing shoes are designed with a full-length ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) midsole. It is made of three-dimensional matrix of elements—hence the ABS—creating a lightweight and durable material. It helps keep the original shape of the shoe despite constant use, promoting long-lasting underfoot support. 

            How to get the best fit in your Butora climbing shoes

            One of the many reasons why beginner and seasoned climbers love Butora climbing shoes is that the brand believes rock shoes do not need to be painful to perform. Their shoes are created with an optimal mix of comfort and performance. Every Butora shoes available in their website comes with sizing tips based on your preferred fit. Here are a few general tips that can help you get the best fit in your Butora climbing shoes.

            • Your Butora climbing shoes should provide a snug fit—not overly tight and not too loose. 
            • The toes can either be flat or slightly bent at the knuckles without feeling pinched. 
            • The rearfoot should conform to the shape of your heel nicely. If there is a dead space either in the toe or heel area, it can affect your performance.
            • Do your research online. Look out for sizing reviews of Butora climbing shoes. 
            • Once you have decided on what Butora model you are interested in, pay a visit to an authorized dealer and have a feel of your ideal shoe. Trying it on will help you decide if it is the right shoe (and size) for you.
            • Do not hesitate to try on different sizes. You will never know unless you have tried them on.
            • You can order two sizes (start with your usual street shoe size and Butora recommendation) online. Try them at home and return the other pair for a 100% refund. Please note that the returned shoes must still be in an unused condition. 

            Care and maintenance of climbing shoes for men and women from Butora

            Now that you have your pair of Butora climbing shoes, it is important that you know how to take care of them. Keep in mind that some climbers spent a lot of time discovering which rock shoe model can help optimize their performance. That said, it makes sense that you want your climbing shoes to last too. This section will give you tips in proper care and maintenance of your Butora footgear.

            What to do

            • In between climbs, remove the shoes from your foot. Let them dry and breathe. As much as possible, if climbing indoors, do not walk around barefoot then slip on your rock shoes at once and get ready for your next send. Walking barefoot will collect dirt that might contribute or cause the development of odor in your shoes. 
            • If you’re heading home, instead of keeping the dirty shoes in a plastic bag, hang them on your packs using the heel tabs; besides, that’s one of the purposes of the pull loops! 
            • After every climb, clean the interior using a damp cloth to remove accumulated dirt and sweat. Dry thoroughly before storing.
            • Spot clean the exterior using a mix of diluted alcohol and little water. Be careful not to saturate the leather as it may damage its integrity.
            • Air them often. This will help prevent the development of odor.
            • You may also use a deodorizing powder to help keep an odor-free interior. Do not put too much that it will build up when it comes in contact with sweat.

            What not to do

            • Do not wear your Butora rock shoes when you are not climbing. Accumulated dirt may affect its stickiness, compromising your performance on the rocks.
            • It is not recommended to wash your leather rock shoes in a washing machine. 
            • Do not expose them to extreme heat. Also, it is not a good habit to leave them in your car’s trunk, especially when it’s hot outside.

            Frequently asked questions

            Do climbing shoes from Butora stretch?

            As specified by Butora, their full-leather rock shoes and their hemp linings limit stretch. However, over time and use, the materials will soften up and will mold nicely to the shape of your foot. The brand also vetoed on getting their shoes in painfully small sizes.

            Can I order my Butora climbing shoes in split sizes?

            Yes, you can order Butora climbing shoes in split sizes through their website only. It does, however, come at an extra cost.

            What is the best Butora climbing shoe size for me?

            This question relies on your preference and comfort level. Surely, you have friends that would tell you many ways on how you should size your climbing shoes. However, when you are shopping for a pair of Butora climbing shoes, it is important to keep in mind that their shoes do not stretch much, and for every model they sell, they include sizing recommendations. So, make sure to visit their website and read on the product specifications. 

            How should my Butora rock shoes fit?

            As mentioned above, Butora does not sell their rock shoes based on gender. They do offer it according to the foot’s overall volume; hence, they have wide and narrow versions. For individuals with high arches, they are better off with a narrow model while those with low arches find the fit of wide shoes more comforting. Keep in mind that both versions vary in every dimension (width and volume) but the length. 

            Should I resole my climbing shoes from Butora?

            It depends. Ask yourself if you really need a new one or if you feel that your current pair of Butora rock shoes is a match made in heaven and you want to extend its life. Here are a few things you need to know that can also help you decide whether it is better to resole or not.

            • When the sole of your rock shoes begin to wear out, consider resoling it. Do not wait for the rand to be worn out before you send them for repair. It will cost you more. 
            • Resoling is a cost-effective way of bringing back your shoe’s out-of-the-box performance without costing too much. 
            • The resoling cost depends on the extent of damage on your climbing shoes. If the rand and sole of your gear needs replacement, maybe a better decision is to buy a new pair.
            • If this is your first time sending a footgear for repair, check the manufacturer’s website for their list of authorized cobblers. Consider the distance, shipping cost, and turn-around time.

            5 best Butora climbing shoes

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