2 best Brooks waterproof running shoes (October 2017)

39 runners reviewed these shoes with an average score of 80/100

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Brooks has partnered with GORE-TEX® to provide runners reliable waterproof running shoes. Aside from preventing water from entering the shoes, GORE-TEX® membrane provides a breathable foot coverage. The waterproof lining allows internal sweat and moisture to escape. With the Brooks waterproof running shoes, runners can finally say goodbye to soggy wet feet and squeaky sound of wet shoes.

Brooks waterproof trail and road running shoes

Brooks designed a few waterproof running shoes for trail and road running. These shoes feature the reliable GORE-TEX® membrane that keeps the foot dry while running in wet conditions. They are also reliable enough to efficiently conquer the muddy terrain. Just like the other brands, Brooks also uses the abbreviation “GTX” along with the shoe name to signify that it is a waterproof version.

Both waterproof trail and road shoes are expected to be heavy because of the added protection in the upper. As compared to the regular versions, these shoes have the slight increase in weight.

The premium GTX membrane is considered as an advanced waterproofing technology and is a bit pricey than the other waterproofing and water-repellent materials. When it comes to the price, non-waterproof versions are approximately $30 lesser than the GTX models.

Features of Brooks waterproof running shoes

Brooks designed waterproof running shoes for both trail and road running enthusiasts. These Brooks running shoes are packed with the necessary technologies for a better running experience even on extreme weather conditions.

  • Waterproof Protection – The presence of the GORE-TEX® membrane provides the feet a full waterproof coverage. Water, dirt, and mud can’t easily get into the shoe. Brooks got you covered while running on puddles. However, one must remember that the feet are still vulnerable to moisture once the sock absorbs some water while running in wet or rainy weather.
  • Comfort and Breathability – The GORE-TEX® membrane is engineered to provide a breathable coverage. It efficiently releases sweat and moisture, keeping the foot cool and dry for a comfortable running experience.
  • Heel drop – Same as the traditional models, the Brooks waterproof running shoes have a heel-to-toe drop of 12mm. This measurement is considered to be average. These shoes are ideal for heel strikers.
  • Cushioning – The waterproof running shoes from Brooks feature the BioMoGo DNA cushioning system. It delivers firm yet responsive cushioning. The cushioning are durable and comfortable enough for long-distance and daily runs.
  • Durability – Waterproof running shoes are generally durable. These shoes are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Also, the GORE-TEX® membrane is made from durable materials and gives the shoe added integrity, preventing wear and tear.