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  1. Any color
    Adidas Predator 18+ Firm Ground - Blue
    $300 $150 Save 50%
  2. Any color
    Adidas Predator 19+ Firm Ground - Blu
    $275 $149 Save 46%
  3. Any color
    Adidas Predator 18.1 Firm Ground - Navy
    $225 $120 Save 47%
  4. Any color
    $200 $105 Save 48%
  5. Any color
    $225 $120 Save 47%
  6. Any color
    $257 $47 Save 82%
  7. Any color
    $225 $100 Save 56%
  8. Any color
    $120 $60 Save 50%
  9. Any color
    $280 $225 Save 20%
  10. Any color
    $225 $117 Save 48%
  11. Any color
    $200 $100 Save 50%
  12. Any color
    $130 $50 Save 62%
  13. Any color
    $75 $40 Save 47%
  14. Any color
    $225 $135 Save 40%

In 1970, the taboo on colored soccer cleats was finally broken when Alan Ball, a player from the England team donned a pair of white soccer cleats in the Charity Shield for Everton. It happened in an era when black was the only acceptable color in the pitch. The bold marketing move of painting Ball’s Adidas cleats into white was masterminded by Hummel, a sportswear company. It was their way of getting the world’s attention, and it paid off with a twelve thousand-pair purchase the Monday after the game.

The succeeding years after that, a plethora of colored soccer cleats became widely available in the market. Soccer shoes of all sorts of prints and colors were a fad. Blue soccer cleats, for one, were widely favored and its serene nature is to be blamed.

Whether it’s your favorite color or not, blue is easy to love. It is often associated with loyalty and trust. It exudes focus and calmness which are two driving forces especially needed in sports. Legendary soccer icons such as Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar have worn blue soccer cleats. Even their signature cleats were frequently designed with the influential hue either as a base color or as an accent.

Notable blue soccer cleats for men

best blue soccer cleats
Best Blue soccer cleats - November 2019

The following are noteworthy silos for men that are dominantly wrapped in blue. They are all featured in different variations of the soothing hue:

Nike Neymar Written in the Stars Mercurial Vapor

The “Written in the Stars” Mercurial Vapor is Neymar’s first ever signature edition cleats. The blue soccer cleat is literally meaningful as each design element represents his personal story. The vibrant blue orbit palette with volt accents is symbolic of his home country, Brazil. Signifying his career success are the unique constellation graphic strategically arranged to display his favorite goals. This blue soccer cleat is packed with some of Neymar’s favorite numbers symbolizing birthdays of his loved ones and memorable dates of his career.

Adidas Blue Blast Pack

The Blue Blast Pack showcases Adidas top silos in a dominantly blue upper with a touch of solar pink, solar orange, and white. The color range was worn by soccer stars Messi, Suarez, and Ibrahimovic. The high-tier Ace 17+ FG, X16+ PureChaos, Copa 17.1 FG and Nemeziz Messi 17+Agility are all part of the color collection. The blue soccer cleats were released in January of 2017.

Adidas Nemeziz Ocean Storm

The legend ink and energy blue composition of this colorway truly represent the tranquil yet mighty ambiance of the ocean. The signature stripe design of the Nemeziz line was made even more striking with the mixture of the contrasting palettes. The Adidas stripes add up to the energy with a vibrant volt hue. Messi, Firmino, and Draxler were the main models of the lineup which includes all the Nemeziz soccer cleats and sneakers.

New Balance Visaro 2.0 Pro FG

One of the few football silos of New Balance was paraded in a refreshing Maldives Blue palette in January of 2018. The blue soccer cleat was launched together with the contrasting Hi-Lite silhouette of the Furon 3.0 FG. The blue soccer cleat is paired with a bright Hi-lite soleplate and NB branding. It also features a black Hexaprene control on the heel side. The second generation Visaro Pro is worn by prominent players such as Aaron Ramsey and Yohan Cabaye.

Mizuno Morelia Neo II Made in Japan

A classic hand-crafted black soccer cleat has always been synonymous with Mizuno. However, it does not stop them from producing colored soccer cleats that are of equal quality. The second generation of the Mizuno Morelia Neo in Blue Atoll - Blue Depths colorway was launched in December of 2017. The icy color mixture brings a soft and calming hue to the strong contender in firm ground cleats, the Made in Japan Morelia Neo. What makes this blue soccer cleat a stand-out is not just its tantalizing palette but its lightweight composition which weighs at 6.3 ounces.

Notable blue soccer cleats for women

Here are some examples of notable blue soccer cleats for women.

Spark Brilliance Pack Olympic Pack

Following the release of the Spark Brilliance Pack for men, a women’s version of the collection was launched for the Rio Olympics in 2016. Most of the cleats are dominantly white but are tainted with blue and red accents, inspired by the American flag. The stand-out blue soccer cleat from the white palette-lineup is the Mercurial Superfly V which is wrapped in blue Speed Rib stripes and blue collar.

Nike Lieke Martens Special Edition Mercurial Superfly

The special edition signature Superfly was designed to commemorate the success of the Dutch soccerer, Lieke Marten. The blue soccer cleat has a silver soleplate and a dominantly blue upper. The lioness icon on the heel and the orange palette on the Swoosh were significant symbolism for her team. With the launch of her signature cleats, she hopes to influence younger girls to be more inclined to soccer.

Adidas Nemeziz 17.1 FG Trace Blue

A game changer color scheme for women’s soccer was released in 2018 highlighting the tracer blue and core black palettes. The dark blue composition was featured in Nemeziz 17.1 FG and Nemeziz 17.3 FG. The trademark Nemeziz stripes are subtly displayed in a glossy dark accent while the red zest Adidas stripes stand out on the lateral side. The bold colorway was launched together with the champagne red Predator 18 for women.

Three reasons why blue is the color for you and your soccer cleats

  • Blue is considered to be the color of the mind. It has been proven, through studies that the calming hue can stimulate us mentally. Its soothing nature help increase focus and consequently, intelligence. Sporting those blue soccer cleats on the pitch may help you win the game by activating those brain cells. You’ll never know the strategies you can formulate while sporting those blue cleats!
  • Darker blues bring clear thoughts while softer blues exude calmness. Whatever part of the blue spectrum it belongs, it will surely do a great job in keeping your cool in your games. For lesser chances of a yellow card or red card caution, blue is a perfect choice.
  • Blue is one of the top-scoring colors for a soccer cleat in the Premier League, next to white and black. The relaxing hue just can’t seem to relax in the field as it produced several goals including Wayne Rooney’s eight goals in one season a few years ago. He was wearing a blue Nike T90 soccer cleats. The stats clearly show how blue soccer cleats can influence your strikes!

Frequently asked questions

What do the numbers in Neymar “Written in the stars” soccer cleat represent?

  • 03.96 is his younger sister’s birthday
  • 08.11 is the birthday of his son
  • 05.92 is his own birthday
  • The constellations represent his six favorite goals.
  • 26.13 is his first goal against Madrid

Is Neymar “Written in the stars” blue soccer cleat a limited edition?

The blue soccer cleat is a special edition silo but the distribution is not limited. Additionally, standard sizes are available for the Firm Ground, Turf, Indoor and Junior versions.

What jersey or knee-sock colors are best paired with blue soccer cleats?

Players can still look sleek and fashionable even on the pitch. Following simple color guidelines won’t hurt if you’d like to look as presentable as possible in your stressful games. Contrasting colors such as yellow, neutral, brown, white and green are the commonly suggested colors that can best match blue soccer cleats. Avoid overmatching by not mixing up your blue soccer cleats with any shade of blue.

Can I use a bleaching agent to wash my blue soccer cleats?

Avoid using bleaching agents when caring for your blue soccer cleats as it may cause discoloration. It is always safe to follow the care label attached to the soccer cleat.

Are blue soccer cleats expensive?

When it comes to soccer cleats, the color is usually not a good indicator of its value. Whether it’s blue, gold or silver, the color palette will never tell us the price. In general, special edition or limited-edition soccer cleats are more expensive. Additionally, soccer cleats with more advanced technologies such as in the high-tier models of each brand, the rate is typically much higher.

For instance, the Adidas Predator 18+ FG is $215 more expensive than the low-tier Predator 18.3 FG because it features high-quality, expensive technologies such as the Primeknit upper, Boost cushioning, Controlskin, stretchy sockfit and ControlFrame soleplate. The Adidas 18.3, on the other hand, only features Primemesh upper, Control embossing, and a TPU outsole. In short, the Predator 18+ is the more costly version of the Predator 18.3. However, that does not mean that the 18.3 is low-quality. It still undergoes intense quality control to ensure your comfort and performance.

15 best blue soccer cleats

  1. Adidas Predator 19.3 Firm Ground
  2. Adidas Predator 18.1 Firm Ground
  3. Adidas Predator 19+ Firm Ground
  4. Adidas Predator 18+ Firm Ground
  5. Adidas X 18.1 Firm Ground
  6. Adidas Predator Tango 18+ Trainers
  7. Adidas X 18+ Firm Ground
  8. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7
  9. Adidas Predator 19.1 Trainers
  10. Adidas X 17.1 Firm Ground
  11. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite Firm Ground
  12. Adidas Predator 19.1 Firm Ground
  13. Adidas Predator 19.2 Firm Ground
  14. Nike Phantom Vision Academy Dynamic Fit MG
  15. Nike Phantom Vision Elite DF Firm Ground
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