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Football has significantly evolved as a sport. Traditionally, the football pitch hosted competing teams dressed in uniforms of all color, but one thing remained constant, football boots in black. Come the late 1900s, things slowly changed as the pitch welcomed colored cleats to the game. Since then, the football field has become a runway of the simplest to the most outrageous styles of football boots. From classic-looking monochromes to more audacious neon colorways, the football world has probably seen it all.

Of the countless choices available for players and shoe enthusiasts, beige football boots are among the subtle options that they can pick. This color selection is much more subdued in an elegant kind of way. They are also very classy making them a very fitting choice for some traditionalists who love a little twist.

What do beige football boots represent

best beige football boots
Best beige football boots - October 2018

Beige is described as a pale sandy fawn color, a grayish tan, a pale to grayish yellow, or a light-grayish yellowish brown. It also includes a range of pale brown and light brown shades. All these descriptions speak of the simplicity and quiet character of beige.

Traditionally, beige is seen as a conservative, calm, and relaxing hue. It offers the warmth of the color brown and the coolness of the color white. When combined with other shades, beige adapts to the attributes of the color it accompanies.

Beige football boots also bring the same aura to the playground. They represent players who are flexible and dependable, and who do not easily succumb to panic. They are for those who athletes who show grace under pressure as well as for those who are not afraid to let others shine.

Notable beige football boots

With all the bright and loud colorways seen on the football pitch, beige football boots provide a subtle option for players who appreciate old-school style and do not feel the need to wear flashy boots to stand out.

Here are some of the notable beige football boots that have ever been released.

Adidas Women’s Predator 18.3 FG

Designed to rule the firm ground pitch, this beige football boot is engineered with a high-performance TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)- injected layers in the outsole that serve to provide stability. Its upper showcases a Talc/Vapour Grey combo with a maroon accent around the ankle. It wears a sock-like construction for that second-skin fit and firm lockdown of the feet. Set in a Maroon/Beige colorway, it features a supportive mesh upper that gives great ball control.

Adidas Nemeziz Tango 17+ 360 Agility

Built for the risk takers, this beige football boot sports a hybrid look that combines the best iconic stadium style with modern performance. This Nemeziz version has been updated with the brand’s energizing boost technology. It also features a foot-hugging textile upper that offers comfort alongside a clean ball feel. It is released in three colorways, including a Clear Brown/Chalk White combination.

Nike Tiempo Legend V FG

This beige football boot is engineered to provide the perfect first touch while ensuring long-lasting comfort in all conditions. It wears a water-resistant kangaroo leather upper that features the brand’s Hypershield technology. Meanwhile, its soleplate offers transitional flexibility and impeccable traction on the firm ground. This football boot comes in a beige colorway accented with orange details on its laces and its sole.

Puma Cellerator Shudoh

Meant to compete with the likes of the Adidas Predator and Nike Mercurial Vapor, this version of the Shudoh is arguably one of Puma’s best boots of all time. It wore a beige upper and featured few of the brand’s innovative technologies, including the PowerFrame technology and the Dynatec upper. Moreover, this beige football boot was famously worn by Robert Pires in Arsenal’s Invincibles season.

Choosing the right beige football boots for your kind of game

No matter what kind of sport you are playing, having the right footwear on is vital. Since football is played on so many types of surfaces, picking the right shoe that will match the kind of pitch you are playing on can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right beige football boots for your type of game.

Soft muddy fields

During days when the sky literally rains on your parade, and the ground becomes wet, you would not want to use a flat-footed beige football boot. To prevent slipping and sliding on the pitch, you need a pair of soft ground football boots. This kind of boots normally feature a 6-stud design, which are replaceable. Studs are also longer, so it digs into the mud to ensure that players are keeping upright on their feet.

Firm natural grass

A freshly cut and sprinkled natural grass pitch is the best surface to play football. It allows players to move around smoothly without bare, sun-drenched patches to cause problems. For this type of surface, a Firm Ground (FG) football boot works best. This type of beige football boot can have a stud configuration that consists of conical studs, blades, or a combination of both. Called mid-way cleats, firm ground football boots can also be used on other surfaces without causing too much trouble. Then again, they are best used on nice, lush grass.

Hard and dry grounds

Playing in hot, sunny conditions where water and sprinkler system are inaccessible will demand the need for Hard Ground or HG football boots. These are boots that have lower profiles that bring the feet closer to the ground. These beige football boots also feature conical studs in huge quantities that distribute pressure resulting in better traction on grounds that are hard and less giving.

Indoor courts

When playing on indoor surfaces, there is only one way to go - indoor football boots. The outsole of indoor beige football boots is configured to supply the needed grip to move with ease on the indoor court. Then again, each company develops its own kind of style so don’t be surprised when you see different styles.

Artificial turf

With the evolution of the game, more and more fields are switching to artificial turf. One main reason is that it provides a consistent surface all year round with minimal maintenance needed. In fact, today’s best turfs mimic a top quality FG surface. As the game has moved in this direction, companies were also quick to catch up creating their own unique AG soleplate configurations that suit the modern type of surface. Some brands have brought innovation to a higher level by creating boots that can easily transition through different kinds of surfaces.

Frequently asked questions

Aside from the ones mentioned, what Men’s Beige Football Boot is offered by Adidas?

The Adidas X+ PureSpeed FG is one great option to use on the firm ground. This beige football boot features flexible compression material that wraps snugly on the foot. Its sock-like fit alongside its lightweight construction offers comfort, support, and stability. Designed with a SprintFrame outsole, this Adidas low top allows players to run at maximum speed on dry, natural grass.

How can I preserve the life of my beige football boots?

Football boots take a hard beating out there on the pitch. That is why it is vital for players to take good care of their pair of boots to keep them in their best condition. Here are a few practices that can help you better care of your beige football boots and extend their life.

First and foremost, always use the right football boot that suits the surface you are playing on. Football boots perform and react differently to different surfaces. Moreover, using football boots that are inappropriate for the type of pitch can damage the boots, and can even cause injury its wearer.

Another thing you should do is to observe proper cleaning and drying of your beige football boot. A soft-bristled brush and some cold water can do the trick when trying to remove those dirt and stains. On the other hand, stuffing your football boots with newspaper is a great way to dry them.

If you have leather cleats, never soak them in hot water. Contrary to what others say, this practice actually ruins your shoes beyond repair.

1 best beige football boots

  1. Adidas X Tango 18.1 Trainers
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