26 best Asics track & Field shoes

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    • Sprint

      Shoes made for 100m - 400m sprints. They are usually lightweight and with either stiff or flexible spike plate. See sprint shoes


      Designed for 800m - 1500m distance. These shoes usually have small forefoot spike plate and small cushioned heel. See Mid distance track shoes


      Track shoes for long distance have fewer spikes but with full length cushioning for protection and support. See Long distance track shoes


      Slightly flexible track shoes with enough padding and heel support. See hurdling track shoes


      These are stiff track shoes with minimal cushioning. They usually have 6 to 10 spikes. See track shoes for relays

      Long jump

      These shoes offer right amount of padding in the heel to protect the foot when landing. See Long jump shoes

      -High jump

      These shoes have spikes placed in the forefoot and rearfoot. They usually have strap for lockdown and midfoot support. See high jump shoes

      Triple jump

      Shoes for triple jump events have different heel and have more cushioning than long jump shoes to reduce heel bruises. See shoes for triple jump events

      Pole vault

      They are very similar to long jump and triple jump shoes. They are moderately padded and stiff. See Pole vault shoes


      Discus throwing shoes have round, smooth outsole. They are sometimes labeled as rotational or hammer/discus. See discus throwing shoes

      Shot put

      These shoes have slightly textured outsole and wide, flat heel. They are flexible with ample ankle and midfoot support. See Shot put throwing shoes


      Also known as Javelin boots, these shoes are heavier than other throwing shoes. They also comes in either low, mid or high top cuts. See Javelin shoes

      Hammer throw

      Hammer throwing shoes have round and smooth outsole. They offer ample amount of support for the ankle, achilles, and midfoot. See Hammer throwing shoes


      Steeplechase shoes have a mesh upper and are water-resistant to protect the feet while running across water.

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    • Running

      Includes sprints, mid distance, long distance, hurdles and relays. Track shoes for running events are either stiff or flexible with minimal to moderate level of cushioning. See track shoes for running events


      This event inclused long jump, high jump, triple jump and pole vault. Jumping shoes have full length midsole for comfort, support and stability. See Jumping shoes


      Throwing events include javelin, hammer, discus and shot put. Throwing shoes are flexibile with wide and flat outsole. See throwing shoes

    • Asphalt

      It is the hardest surface to run on. The best shoes for asphalt surfaces have rubber outsole with flexible spike plate. See track and field shoes for asphalt


      Best to use track shoes with needle or pyramid spikes, common spike length is not more than 1/4 in. See track shoes for dirt surfaces


      These are indoor tracks with carpet-like surfaces. Shoes with smaller or needle spikes are ideal for wood surfaces.


      It is used for softer tracks. Shoes with pyramid, tartan, and Christmas tree spikes are ideal for this surface. See track shoes for rubber surfaces


      Also called turf. It provides nice cushion for running but can be slippery on rainy days. Pyramid spikes are best for this surface. See track shoes for grass


      It is a rubberized artificial surface thats is durable and water-resistant. See all-weather track shoes


      Most temporary indoor tracks are wood with a carpet-like surface. Use 3/16 needle or smaller spikes, if they allow any at all. See track shoes for indoors

    • Waterproof

      Track spikes with an upper material that prevents water from entering the shoe


      Track spikes with an upper material that offers minimum protection from water. These shoes are relatively more breathable compared to waterproof ones.

    • 1/4-inch

      This is the most common size of pyramid spikes, and are best used in running events on indoor surfaces, such as rubber or asphalt.


      This spike size is usually for dirt and grass surfaces; they are longer and, thus, sink deeper.


      Usually found in track spikes that are used for jumping events. This spike size works best on asphalt or other synthetic surfaces.


      This is the common spike size for track shoes used in javelin.


      Used in track shoes for javelin.

      Spike Size
    • Pyramid

      Classic spike designed for dirt, rubber, hard and grass surfaces; they usually have a lenght of 1/4 in. See Shoes with pyramid spikes


      Needle spikes are best for all-weather tracks. They are also called as "slim" because they are slimmer than pyramid spikes. See Track shoes with needle spikes

      Christmas tree

      They are also called as compression spikes and are ideal for softer tracks. See Shoes with Christmas tree spikes


      These are meant for rubber tracks. The spikes have cylindrical shaft and a pointy top.


      They have no spikes and are ideal for indoor use. See track shoes with blank spikes

      Spike Type
    • Color
    • Lace-up

      The conventional closure system for many athletic shoes; lace-up track spikes make use of shoelaces threaded through a series of eyelets and are knotted to secure the foot.

      Hook and loop

      Track shoes that utilize a hook-and-loop strapping method in the upper the secure the foot.


      Track spikes that can be easily worn or taken off without the use of a closure system.


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    1. Asics Hyper LD 5 - Black
      Any color
      Asics Hyper LD 5 - Black
      Asics Hyper LD 5 - Yellow
      $65 $28 Save 57%
    2. Asics Hypersprint 6 - Onyx Silver Flash Green
      Any color
      Asics Hypersprint 6 - White
      $65 $20 Save 69%
    3. Asics Hyper MD 5 - White/Silver/Black
      Any color
      Asics Hyper MD 5 - White/Silver/Black
      Asics Hyper MD 5 - Black Flash Yellow
      $65 $18 Save 72%
    4. Asics Hyper Throw 3 - Negro Blanco
    5. Asics Hypersprint 5 - Silver
    6. Asics Javelin Pro - Black-Flash Coral-Silver
      $120 $70 Save 42%
    7. Asics Long Jump Pro - Black
    8. Asics SonicSprint - Silver Fire Red Black
      $110 $50 Save 55%
    9. Asics Cosmoracer MD - Jet Blue White Dark Slate
      $120 $60 Save 50%
    10. Asics Spivey LD - Green/Black/Yellow
      $150 $20 Save 87%
    11. Asics Cosmoracer LD - Orange
    12. Asics Heat Chaser - Deep Blue Flash Yellow
      $100 $23 Save 77%
    13. Asics Fast Lap MD - Black/Silver
    14. Asics Throw Pro - Black Flash Coral
      $120 $100 Save 17%
    15. Asics High Jump Pro - Black
    16. Asics Hypersprint 7 - Red
    17. Asics High Jump Pro 2 - Sunrise Red Black
    18. Asics Sonicsprint Elite - Orange
      $160 $55 Save 66%
    19. Asics Hyper MD 7 - Black/White
      $65 $60 Save 8%
    20. Asics Hyper LD 4 - asics-hyper-ld-4-ed08
    21. Asics Hypersprint 4 - asics-hypersprint-4-69a7
    22. Asics Hyper MD 4 - asics-hyper-md-4-0047
    23. Asics Gunlap 2 - asics-gunlap-2-fdf6
    24. Asics Hyper LD 6 - Black/White
      $65 $62 Save 5%

    Being a Japanese multinational corporation, Asics has been putting high regard on producing top-quality and innovative performance athletic footwear. Such has been manifested in their track and field shoes that are renowned worldwide for having top of the line features yielding optimal performance. In fact, Asics track and field shoes are ranked as some of the top performance footwear in the market. 

    Asics began manufacturing track spikes for both men and women since the year 1974. This was the year that the brand unveiled to the world their PAW lineup of track and field shoes- a series wanting to kindle the concept of “claws of the tiger.” Since then, Asics track shoes evolved to track spikes that can accommodate track and field events such as running, jumping, and throwing. 

    This article will be an overview of how Asics’ track and field spikes are much different from other brands’ track shoes.  We will take a look at these track and field spikes’ notable qualities and technologies, as well as the various series produced by the brand itself, catering to track and field events. 

    What to look for in an Asics track and field shoe

    best asics track and field shoes
    Best Asics track and field shoes - November 2019

    • Lightweight. Speed is a critical factor in winning any track and field competition and is an essential feature of how good an athlete is. Sure, some athletes find this quality inherent in their biological makeup. However, it also takes an excellent shoe to give out a powerful performance. Speed is generated when a track spike employs minimal weight. That is why Asics track spikes are fashioned in a way that the materials integrated into the design are lightweight. This also helps the athlete conserve his/her energy in order to go to great lengths.
    • Durability. In the sport of track and field, harsh conditions and elements are to be anticipated. That is why the componentry of track shoes should encompass reliable and durable materials to withstand the different hazards on the track and other surfaces. Asics track shoes are configured in such a way that they incorporate durable materials and technology in the design. As a matter of fact, many elite-level athletes and beginners alike laud the durability of Asics’ track and field spikes.
    • Traction. It is an element in the track and field sport that’s not merely intended for preventing slippage. Traction, according to various research and studies, is also a fundamental part of the athlete’s speed enhancement as it helps in both acceleration and sudden shifts in directions. One of the many features that sets an Asics track and field spike from others is the excellent traction it supplies. This element of an Asics track shoe is mostly supplemented by the spikes integrated into the shoe and its spike plate design.
    • Security. A big no-no in any competition and training is a loosely-fitting track and field spike. That is why Asics have made sure that its track shoes have an accurate and lockdown fit. This gives athletes less to worry about their spikes slipping from their feet in the middle of their competition.  A secure track and field spike also provides a sufficient amount of support to the athlete. This is crucial in safeguarding stability and preventing injury from occurring during the performance.  

    The different Asics track and field shoe series

    Asics track and field shoes have been in the market for quite some time. Thus, it only makes perfect sense that over time, the brand has innovated and expanded its line of athletic shoes. Hence, the development of several track-and-field spike series that aid in running, jumping, and throwing. 


    The Cosmoracer from Asics best suits running events and is, in fact, available for both middle-distance and long-distance races. The series boasts unrivaled support and lightness to boost an athlete’s performance. Moreover, the Cosmoracer lineup also consists of extraordinarily put together components that aid in supplementing enhanced balance at great speeds. 


    One of the famous track running spike collections from Asics, the Hyper series consists of lightweight and supportive track spikes. Best for sprinters who participate in a 60-meter to 200-meter event, the Hyper series showcases both comfort and durability at an entry-level price point. 


    As the name pronounces, the SonicSprint lineup features the best Asics track and field shoes that yield optimal performance in sprints. Designed with reliable components and materials, the Asics track shoes in the SonicSprint series can also assist in short hurdles. If you are seeking a lightweight, durable, and highly flexible track spike, then most definitely, the SonicSprint is your perfect match. 

    Long Jump

    Packed with a supportive configuration, the Asics Long Jump series is intended for a high level of energy return. The Asics track shoes comprising this collection supplements maximized surface traction during the approach and maximum propulsion at takeoff. Just like other Asics’ men and women’s track and field shoes, the Long Jump series is built for maximum durability and sufficient flexibility. 


    The Throw series from Asics is best-suited for elite-level athletes. It allows for high-level performance in throwing events such as shot put, discus, and hammer throw. The lineup consists of Asics track spikes that are not only durable but also stable. The collection is engineered in such a way that it permits convenient and swift turns. This element is credited to the unique geometry of the sole and rubber compound—perfecting the series' overall configuration.  

    Notable elements found in Asics track and field shoes


    • The SpEVAFoam™ is incorporated into some of the Asics’ track shoes’ midsole. Considered one of the brand’s innovations, the SpEVAFoam™ is notable for being highly durable. Although employing a little more weight than the Solyte® midsole, the SpEVAFoam™ is still responsible for ensuring excellent cushioning to aid in the shoe’s comfort.  This midsole material also enhances the bounce-back properties of Asics track shoes.


    • Some of the Asics track and field spikes are graced with Solyte® midsole. It is a midsole component developed by the brand that is recognized for employing a lighter weight compared to other standard midsole compounds and even SpEVAFoam™ itself. It helps with the in-shoe cushioning of Asics track shoes to enhance comfort, as well as contributing to the durable design of the shoe to withstand natural wear-and-tear.  

    Pebax® plate

    • Common in almost all track and field spikes, and is even found in the design of the Nike Zoom 400, the Pebax® plate is responsible for the traction of the Asics track shoes. It also maximizes the rigidity-to-weight ratio of the track and field spikes. With such a lightweight configuration, the Pebax® plate helps in contributing to the athlete’s speed. Furthermore, the plate is also known for being stiff yet flexible enough to aid the various foot movements of the athlete, which makes it all the more exquisite and preferable. To top it all off, the plate is highly durable, which protects Asics track spikes from hazardous elements that can degrade the quality of the shoe. 

    RhynoSkin® synthetic leather

    • Employed as the upper material of some Asics track spikes, the RhynoSkin® synthetic leather is highly durable. It covers and protects the track shoe from hazardous and abrasive materials. It is also a tear-resistant material that gives a lockdown and secure fit to the foot of the athlete. Thus, this upper material adheres to the notable quality of Asics’ track shoes of having a secure fit. 

    SharkDuo® outsole

    • Presumably, one of the most important parts of a track and field spike is the traction it provides—highly essential in both speed enhancement and stability. That is why Asics have come up with a technology that helps in delivering superior traction to its track spikes- SharkDuo® outsole. 

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I clean my Asics track and field shoes? 

    There are several important things to remember when cleaning your Asics track and field spikes. Here are a few tips and reminders worth noting to maintain the quality of the track shoe: 

    • Do not put them inside the washing machine. This is the number one must-not-do cleaning method to your Asics track spikes. Doing so bears the risk of your Asics track shoe’s spike plate’s deterioration, as well as possible damage to your track shoe’s spikes. 
    • Instead, after using your Asics track spikes, take a dry brush and use the brush to clean your track shoes. 
    • A little reminder: before proceeding to wash your Asics track shoes, remove the chunks of dirt and grime stuck in the shoe’s spikes and plate. 
    • When washing your Asics track and field spikes, mix warm water with laundry detergent. Use a sponge when cleaning your track shoes. Remember to clean your insole and laces separately. 
    • To remove the soap, use a clean and wet sponge or rinse the shoe with warm (not too hot) running water. 
    • To dry your Asics track and field spikes, let it air dry. Never put it inside your dryer in order to avoid spike damage. 

    What are the benefits of using the Asics track and field shoes? 

    When getting a pair of Asics track and field spikes, you are gracing yourself with the brand’s reliable components and innovative technologies. Asics track and field shoes are highly regarded for their durable configuration, allowing long-lasting features to accompany you in your competitions and training. Second, Asics track and field shoes are very supportive, which aids in the stability of the runner, as well as injury prevention. Security should also not be an issue with Asics track spikes as they are built with a design that allows a snug and accurate fit. 

    15 best Asics track & Field shoes

    1. Asics Hyper Throw 3
    2. Asics Javelin Pro
    3. Asics Hyper LD 5
    4. Asics Long Jump Pro
    5. Asics Cosmoracer MD
    6. Asics Hypersprint 5
    7. Asics Throw Pro
    8. Asics Hyper MD 5
    9. Asics Fast Lap MD
    10. Asics Cosmoracer LD
    11. Asics Spivey LD
    12. Asics SonicSprint
    13. Asics Heat Chaser
    14. Asics Hypersprint 6
    15. Asics High Jump Pro