5 best Ariat hiking boots

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    Shoes or boots for hikes that only last for half a day. Flexibility and lightness are the highlights of these kinds of footwear. See the best day hiking shoes and the best day hiking boots.


    For multi-day trips with a heavy pack. Manufacturers emphasize durability and support in the creation of backpacking boots. See backpacking boots

    Speed Hiking

    Designed for users who want to cover a greater distance by going fast, usually with a light pack. See speed hiking shoes.

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    Boots that grant insulation to the user during hikes. See winter hiking boots.


    Mainly sandals. Aside from hiking they can be used for other purposes such as water activities. See multi-sport hiking sandals.

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    Casual hikers can choose day hiking footwear or multi-sport sandals. More info here.

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    Shoes with a cuff that goes below the ankle. See low-cut hiking shoes.


    Boots with an ankle-height cuff. They provide extra ankle support. See mid-cut hiking boots and mid-cut mountaineering boots.


    Boots with a cuff that goes above the ankle. In the case of insulated ones, they may reach the calf. Also grants extra ankle support. See high-cut hiking boots and high-cut mountaineering boots.

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    Generally, for trails that are easy to tackle, go with low-cut shoes. Go mid to high if there are more trail obstacles.

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    Footwear with few offers from online retailers and sold out in most sizes.


    Shoes that have been taken out of production but are still sold by most online shops.


    Shoes that just came out and have not received sufficient feedback from the buyers.


    Completely prevents water intrusions up to the height of the footwear or the gusset. As for waterproof sandals, they dry quickly. See waterproof hiking footwear.

    Water repellent

    Footwear that has some degree of water protection. See water repellent hiking footwear.


    Here at RunRepeat, hiking footwear that goes below 500 grams are considered lightweight. See lightweight hiking footwear

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    Water protection isn't necessary if there are no wet elements along the trail.

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              Luke had a rough time surviving a near-fatal accident, but his love for bull-riding prevailed. No surprise, Luke rose up from the slump and went on to become a champion rider once again. The Ariat-sponsored rider featured in the movie The Longest Ride epitomizes the brand—tough, sporty, and unwavering. Since 1993, Ariat hiking boots, sports shoes, and performance gear have become brand ambassadors of their own. 

              Sure, Ariat is a brand best known in the riding and farming world as the go-to footwear brand. Their boots have become synonymous with the “yeehas” and perhaps a few yoodles of riders, but through the years, with more innovation, the Ariat logo has reached the outdoor adventure scene as well.  Fashionable and functional, Ariat hiking boots and outdoor boots are getting great attention.

              Ariat was founded by Beth Cross and Pam Parker in Union City, California but raving reviews from fans have made it into a well-loved brand in 42 countries all over the world. The company continues to improve its products with technology and innovation.  

              Why people love Ariat

              best ariat hiking boots
              Best Ariat hiking boots - December 2019

              Relatively a young brand, Ariat has grown a following in different parts of the world and across various activities. Among many things, its durability is one of the greatest factors that owners love about Ariat. Those who walked on their Ariats through harsh conditions are thankful that they stuck with them through the years. 

              Comfort is another reason why a lot of hikers choose Ariat as their go-to outdoor footwear brand. The right-out-of-the-box comfort that many models gave their owners has been praised. This could be attributed to the fact that they have wide versions that have enough room for people with a wider forefoot. 

              Most importantly, Ariat hiking boots are budget-friendly. Compared to other brands, owning a pair of Ariats will not cost so much. For a price a little over $100, a comfortable pair for some well-deserved outdoor adventures can be added to your arsenal.

              Some popular Ariat hiking boots for men and women

              In the years that Ariat has produced outdoor gear, several of its models have also gained popularity. We will take a look at three of the most popular Ariat hiking boots available:

              Ariat Terrain

              The Terrain from Ariat is designed for the great outdoors. It is crafted to be sturdy, durable, and comfortable to wear despite the long distances hikers need to cover. The round toe shape provides better comfort. There is no scrimping on the materials used – full-grain leather, moisture-wicking lining, padded collar, EVA midsole, and Duratread outsole.  

              One of the things that consumers loved about the Terrain is its budget-friendly price. And while it may be pocket-friendly, some owners were unhappy that the model only lasted a few months. Sizing is another aspect frowned upon by some owners.  

              Ariat Terrain Waterproof

              Joining other brands’ initiative to offer waterproof outdoor footwear, Ariat added the Terrain Waterproof to its roster. This model features a waterproof, full-grain leather upper material.  Apart from the waterproof membrane construction, a moisture-wicking lining is also added. Comfort features like the padded top collar, shock-absorbing EVA midsole, ATS performance features, and round toe shape are also shared with its non-waterproof counterpart.  

              While the Terrain Waterproof is built to stand most outdoor conditions, there have been some criticisms of it not being exactly waterproof. Some owners expressed disappointment that the model didn’t meet the waterproofness they were expecting of. The budget-friendly pricing of Ariat hiking boots is praised, but durability issues are common as well.  

              Ariat Terrain Pro

              Another model of Ariat hiking boots popular among outdoor lovers is the Terrain Pro. Like the two Terrain models, it also comes with a waterproof leather upper, moisture-wicking lining, padded top collar, EVA midsole, Duratread outsole, and ATS Pro technology. This overall design has been greatly loved by owners.  

              Unlike the two Terrain models, the Pro has been getting good reviews in the durability aspect. However, there are still rooms for improvement such as addressing the large sizing and slick laces that quickly loosen. 

              Benefits of wearing men's and women's Ariat hiking boots

              A good pair of outdoor footwear can take you to greater places. Ariat fans may have bought their hiking footwear as per the recommendation of friends, after thorough research, or because of some other reasons but experiencing the benefits first-hand make them stay. Here are a few advantages of wearing Ariat hiking boots for exciting trips:

              Comfort and fit

              Ariat hiking boots like the Terrain are made for some tough activities and rugged trails, but all features of the boots will help ease the pressures the feet will encounter. The padded top collar, cushioned footbed, and round toe shape are just a few of the features that enhance the comfort of the American brand’s products.

              Unlike other outdoor footwear, Ariat hiking boots namely Terrain, Terrain Waterproof, Terrain Pro, have round-toe shapes. This is a crucial difference as many discomforts, pains, and injuries are due to tight or ill-shaped toe boxes.  


              Having a pair of Ariat hiking boots means getting a reliable partner for outdoor activities. Models like the Terrain, Terrain Pro, and Terrain Waterproof are made of leather—a flexible and durable material often used in the best quality footwear.  


              A major requirement for a pair of hiking boots is an excellent system to support wearers in tackling simple to the moderately technical terrain. Ariat hiking boots are enhanced by features like the ATS performance technology to support and cushion the foot.  

              Another important feature that hikers can rely on is the sturdy ankle support. As the feet take a beating when walking long distances, it is but fair to wear a pair that can keep one steady. With this, chances of spraining the ankles are reduced.  


              A dependable outsole is necessary for hikers tackling slippery or uneven grounds. To address this need, Ariat equipped most models with outsoles like Duratread  to deliver slip resistance.


              There are different risks involved in outdoor activities like hiking. That’s why wearing protective footwear like Ariat hiking boots is a must. For a start, many of Ariat’s models come with a durable and protective leather upper to ward off animals that could bite or sting the skin, as well as rocks and bushes that can cause scrapes or cuts. They also offer  

              Qualities of Ariat hiking boots

              The best Ariat hiking boots are not products of miracles but of different materials and technologies that work together to provide the traction, support, and protection needed by wearers. Here are few of the things that make your pair great:

              Materials used

              In the production of Ariat hiking boots, it is a must to use different materials that can withstand the demands of an outdoor trip. Here are some of the materials used by the American brand:

              • Leather. Despite the advent of synthetic materials, there are still many footwear manufacturers that prefer to use leather as the primary upper material. Ariat hiking boots like the Terrain, Terrain Waterproof , and Terrain Pro  models feature a full-grain leather upper.
              • Weatherproof lining. Wetness is an enemy when hiking. Thus, Ariat hiking boots either come with a moisture-wicking or a waterproof  membrane. These keep water and moisture from making the trip uncomfortable.
              • Top collar padding. Comfort is a top priority especially for hikers who spend a day or more on a trip. The top collar padding of Ariat hiking boots not only protect the feet from blisters, but
              • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole. Walking can take a toll on the feet, so a midsole that maintains underfoot comfort is necessary. Adding a shock-absorbing EVA midsole provides cushioning and counters the impact on the foot upon touching the ground.

              Technologies used

              Apart from the materials used, the best Ariat hiking boots are also reinforced by technologies incorporated on different models. If you own a pair of Ariats, here are techs you have probably come across while reading the tag:

              • ATS performance technology– Known as Advanced Torque Stability Technology, ATS provides the support and cushioning that the moving foot needs. This also helps promote good posture and reduce fatigue to endure long hours of work or play. This technology is characterized by a moisture-wicking footbed, gel-cushioned footbed with heel stabilizer, and composite forked shank. 
              • Duratread outsole – An outsole with excellent traction is a must in Ariat hiking boots. That’s why you will notice the Duratread outsole on these models. This outsole technology uses an exclusive rubber compound that offers ergonomic performance, and oil, acid, and slip resistance.
              • Waterproof Pro – Protection from the elements is a necessity for hikers who want their Ariat hiking boots to be flexible and usable through weather changes. The Waterproof Pro technology is the brand’s top-of-the-line protection from rain, snow, and wet conditions. This is a durable, waterproof and breathable barrier used in some models.


              For everyone who looks forward to a fruitful hike but feels hesitant to spend a lot of money, the good news is that an Ariat pair is among the least expensive in the market. Getting the best Ariat hiking boots is worthwhile because of their performance that comes at a pocket-friendly price. A pair of outdoor boots could bear a $100 to $200  price tag.


              Ariat ships to different international destinations through its partnership with Borderfree. The company ships their hiking boots and other products to Central America and the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, and the Russian Federation.  There are also Ariat retail partners around the world that can cater to followers. 

              Ariat hiking boots FAQs

              How do I make sure that I have the perfectly-fitting Ariat hiking boots?

              Finding a pair of perfectly-fitting Ariat hiking boots is not a very difficult thing to do. You just have to remember the basics:

              • Remember that trying the boots on is the best way to determine if it is the best fit for you. The good old advice of your mother to shop for footwear at the end of the day still holds true. Experts say that around this time, the feet have already swollen enough. In choosing the best Ariat hiking boots, find a pair that will accommodate your feet in this condition.
              • See if your foot fits right by pulling the footbed out and placing your foot from heel to toe.
              • Place a thumb at the toe area and see if it fits comfortably.
              • Check if there are any pressure points, pinching, or uncomfortable points. Even the thickest socks won’t take these discomforts away.
              • Try on a lot of Ariat hiking boots and don’t settle for a pair that feels the tiniest bit uncomfortable. You will only be able to spend so much for a pair of outdoor footwear so if you must pay a little more to get the most comfortable model, then so be it. At the end of the day, it will be a worthy investment.  

              How do I find the right pair when shopping Ariat hiking boots online?

              Online purchasing is more convenient, especially in today’s fast-paced world. While there is absolutely nothing that can replace the experience of buying shoes in a physical store, the growing number of online stores really help in squeezing in some shopping without leaving the house or office. Here are some ways to make sure that you will find the best Ariat hiking boots even if you will be shopping online:

              • Shop only from reputable stores. Ariat has its online order system in place. You may browse their site for available models, deals, new offerings, and clearance sales. Complete the process of placing your order of Ariat hiking boots, and you will simply wait for the pair to arrive.
              • Do your research and identify the models that suit your activities, foot requirements, and budget. There are plenty of expert reviews and rankings (we have these here at RunRepeat) on the best Ariat hiking boots which you can use as a reference.
              • Familiarize the brand’s sizing chart for each shoe. As mentioned earlier, the Terrain model has been notorious for running a tad too large than standard. You can measure the size of your favorite shoes and compare the length and width indicated by Ariat on its sizing chart.
              • Make sure to evaluate the return policies thoroughly. Do not simply tick the “I understand the terms and conditions” box since returning the products is a possibility you cannot simply forget about. Conditions have been set for returning Ariat hiking boots so make sure to comply.

              Also take note that choosing footwear from a brand you previously owned will make your search easier. If you are an Ariat lover, you will likely have a better idea of their sizing.

              Are Ariat hiking boots true to size?

              Each pair of Ariat hiking boots come with a product guide detailing materials, technologies, and sizing specifics – an equivalent of which is reflected in the brand’s size charts page . However, as much as there are charts followed, some models may still run a size smaller or larger. The Terrain is a model that is considered too large by some users, so they end up purchasing a pair that is half size smaller and wearing thick socks.  

              How do I take care of my Ariat hiking boots?

              Caring for your Ariat hiking boots is the most effective way to make sure that it will last for a long time. There really are no secrets to caring for one’s boot, just a few obvious steps. While applying leather care products is advised by Ariat, it is of utmost importance for you to keep your boots clean and dry. See to it that you remove mud and dirt after use. Make sure that these are air-dried and are stored in a cool and dry place when not in use.

              Are waterproof coatings advisable to reinforce the water-resistance capacity of my Ariat hiking boots?

              Ariat hiking boots have a waterproof full-grain leather upper and moisture-wicking lining to keep the feet from getting wet. However, you may enhance the water resistance capacity of the boots by using waterproofing coatings and sprays. Before doing this, make sure that you read the product instructions to determine which ones are okay to use.

              4 best Ariat hiking boots

              1. Ariat Terrain Waterproof
              2. Ariat Terrain
              3. Ariat Terrain Pro
              4. Ariat Terrain Pro H2O
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