72 best aggressive climbing shoes

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      1. Evolv Phantom - evolv-phantom-6f6f
        $185 $148 Save 20%
      2. La Sportiva Solution - White/Yellow
        Any color
        La Sportiva Solution - White/Yellow
        $180 $136 Save 24%
      3. Black Diamond Shadow - black-diamond-shadow-cf31
        $190 $100 Save 47%
      4. Five Ten Quantum - Shock Blue/Solar Yellow
        $170 $70 Save 59%
      5. So iLL Free Range - Lime Green, Black
        $150 $100 Save 33%
      6. La Sportiva Solution Comp - 999100
      7. Evolv Agro - black-red
        $165 $140 Save 15%
      8. Five Ten Arrowhead - five-ten-arrowhead-a8de
        $175 $102 Save 42%
      9. Evolv X1 - Seafoam/Neon Yellow
        $140 $98 Save 30%
      10. La Sportiva Miura - Lime
        $165 $120 Save 27%
      11. So iLL Street LV - Black and Teal
        $140 $100 Save 29%
      12. Five Ten Dragon VCS - Orange
      13. La Sportiva Skwama - black/yellow
      14. La Sportiva Otaki - Blue/Flame
        $180 $163 Save 9%
      15. Five Ten Hiangle - Gris Clair Gris Intense Turquoise
        $150 $100 Save 33%
      16. Scarpa Furia Air - Blue
        $200 $150 Save 25%
      17. La Sportiva Genius - la-sportiva-genius-351a
        $195 $128 Save 34%
      18. Five Ten Quantum VCS - Jaune Soleil Noir Rouge
      19. Evolv Shaman - Blue/Orange
        $160 $136 Save 15%
      20. So iLL Street - Black
      21. La Sportiva Miura VS - Blue
        $185 $105 Save 43%
      22. Tenaya Mundaka - tenaya-mundaka-2336
      23. Mad Rock Drone HV - Blue/White
      24. Mad Rock Drone LV - mad-rock-drone-lv-534d
      25. Scarpa Drago - Yellow
        $200 $120 Save 40%
      26. La Sportiva Testarossa - Red Black
      27. La Sportiva Futura - Blue / Yellow
        $185 $174 Save 6%
      28. Scarpa Booster - scarpa-booster-35a8
      29. So iLL New Zero - Grey and Black
      30. Five Ten Dragon - five-ten-dragon-a232

      Aggressive climbing shoes are designed for steep and difficult routes. These kicks are extremely downturned and have a high level of asymmetry that allows climbers and boulderers to optimize their performance. 

      If you have already mastered the techniques of climbing and do not mind sacrificing comfort, aggressive rock climbing shoes are your best bet. On the other hand, if you are a newcomer to the sport, we recommend checking out RunRepeat’s list of the best beginner climbing shoes

      Benefits of using the best aggressive rock climbing shoes for men and women

      Best aggressive climbing shoes

      Best aggressive climbing shoes - November 2019

      Individuals looking for ultimate performance in their ascents will surely appreciate the perks of wearing aggressive rock climbing shoes. They tend to be pricier than your neutral and moderate rock kicks, however, they are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and backed up by numerous research. Read on to discover other benefits of aggressive shoes. 

      Excellent footwork

      Transitioning to aggressive rock shoes means that you have already perfected your climbing techniques. These rock shoes will allow you to stick your foot into the tiniest nubbins and steepest boulders. Their downturned shape will give you excellent toe- and heel-hooking prowess. 

      Superb sensitivity

      Aggressive rock climbing shoes offer the highest level of sensitivity, thanks to the thin rubber used in their soles and rands. This design allows climbers to feel every nubbins and dimple on most terrain, enabling them to gain a secure foothold. 

      Outstanding responsiveness

      If climbers are able to feel more connected to the ground, they earn the confidence needed to tackle steep crags and boulder problems. It will also help increase proprioception (awareness of body position), providing superb performance. 

      Known brands that manufacture aggressive rock climbing shoes

      Five Ten

      Five Ten is an American brand known for their outdoor gear products. Their aggressive rock climbing shoes will allow your feet to perform excellently on tricky overhangs. The Stealth rubber used in most of their rock shoes provides maximum stickiness on slabs and plastics. A couple of Five Ten offerings are designed with foot-hugging uppers, so they feel like an extension of your foot. 

      La Sportiva

      La Sportiva rock shoes boast quality craftsmanship. This Italian brand is successful in providing climbers with reliable and sturdy shoes that work in a variety of climbing disciplines. Their aggressive rock shoes are equipped with features that aim to optimize your performance, whether you are climbing indoors or outdoors. Their No Edge technology will bring your foot closer to the rock, yielding increased sensitivity and better performance.


      Scarpa’s rock climbing shoes cater to men and women. Their aggressive products boast readiness against challenging crags and boulder problems. The product engineers ensure that their shoes will be able to provide precise footwork and superb sensitivity. Their performance shoes also come in different closure systems, giving you more options.


      Climbing shoes from Evolv suit a wide range of climbers. Their aggressive rock shoes are designed to give you the performance, power, and protection you need in every send. The brand’s very own TPS or Tension Power System will keep their shoes’ downturned position, maintaining their aggressiveness. You can also take advantage of Evolv’s split sizing (at an additional cost) when you purchase from their website. 

      15 best aggressive climbing shoes

      1. Black Diamond Shadow
      2. Evolv Agro
      3. Five Ten Quantum VCS
      4. La Sportiva Otaki
      5. La Sportiva Skwama
      6. La Sportiva Solution
      7. Five Ten Dragon VCS
      8. So iLL Street LV
      9. So iLL Free Range
      10. Five Ten Quantum
      11. Evolv Phantom
      12. Five Ten Arrowhead
      13. La Sportiva Solution Comp
      14. Five Ten Hiangle
      15. La Sportiva Testarossa