12 best Adidas waterproof running shoes

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      While it is more advisable to run during sunny days for safety reasons, many people challenge themselves to run in less-than-perfect weather conditions. This is because running in adverse conditions like rain or cold forces a person to use more energy, which increases the metabolic rate and helps burn more fats. 

      Running during wet conditions also motivates the runners to step out of their comfort zones and maximize their athletic performance. But to ensure comfort and protection, appropriate running gear and preparation is a must. 

      It might be hard to find the motivation to stay active during rainy days, but a pair of reliable waterproof running shoes and cold-weather running clothes can make all the difference. However, finding the right shoe with an excellent waterproof feature is not easy. It is a good thing to know that there are plenty of Adidas waterproof running shoes available crafted with specialized materials and technologies, which offer a comfortable and secure ride.  

      Technologies commonly featured In Adidas waterproof running shoes


      Gore-Tex® technology is a synthetic waterproof fabric that is commonly featured in Adidas waterproof running shoes. This material prevents the water and moisture from getting inside the shoe while allowing proper circulation and ventilation. It keeps the foot dry and cool at all times.

      Best Adidas waterproof running shoes - May 2020

      Gore-Tex® 3D Fit technology

      To provide a sock-like fit, Adidas utilizes the Gore-Tex® 3D Fit technology in some of their waterproof running shoes. This lightweight material is designed to conform to the natural shape of the foot to provide a comfortable in-shoe experience. It also delivers waterproof protection without compromising breathability. 

      Continental™ Rubber 

      For extraordinary grip in both dry and wet conditions, Adidas uses the Continental™ rubber outsole in most of their running shoes. The Continental™ rubber is the same rubber material that is used in high-performance tires. Aside from providing multi-surface traction, this material also offers maximum durability and protection against abrasive elements.  


      Boost™ is Adidas’ innovative cushioning technology that uses TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) materials for high energy return. The TPU materials compress under pressure and instantly bounce back to its original shape, providing excellent shock absorption. 

      Benefits of using Adidas waterproof running shoes

      Waterproof running shoes keep the foot dry even in wet conditions.

      The waterproof materials incorporated into Adidas running shoes prevent water from entering the shoe and soaking the foot while running on wet surfaces. 

      Wearing waterproof running shoes helps prevent blisters and other injuries.

      When the foot is wet while running, it is more likely to develop blisters. This is because the skin becomes soft when wet and becomes susceptible to rubbing when walking or running. Keeping the foot dry also helps prevent unwanted odor. 

      Waterproof running shoes keep the foot warm in cold conditions. 

      Waterproof running shoes from Adidas don’t only keep the water out. They also keep the foot warm and dry if the temperature drops.  

      Waterproof running shoes remove excuses for not running in rainy weather. 

      Bad-weather days can make the running much harder. But Adidas utilizes waterproof materials and grippy outsoles that empower the users to continue running in any weather condition. 

      Frequently asked questions

      How can I get the longest life out of my Adidas waterproof running shoe?

      Make sure to always clean off dirt and mud by wiping the waterproof shoe with a cloth or soft brush. It is also recommended to remove the shoelaces from the shoe after it had been thoroughly soaked. This is because removing the laces will help the shoe dry faster.  

      Are there disadvantages to using Adidas waterproof running shoes? 

      • Waterproofing technology comes with a cost. This is the reason why most Adidas waterproof running shoes are a bit expensive compared to their non-waterproof models. 
      • Waterproof running shoes are not as flexible as the traditional models because of the additional layer of fabric, which makes the platform waterproof. 
      • The process and materials used in creating waterproof shoes tend to make them slightly heavier compared to non-waterproof versions. 
      • A lot of people also noticed that the waterproof running shoes are not as breathable as the non-waterproof versions. Feet can get too hot if the shoe is worn for an extended period during sunny days. 

      What is the difference between Adidas waterproof running shoes and Adidas water-repellent running shoes? 

      • The Adidas waterproof running shoes utilize Gore-Tex® technology that is impervious to all types of liquid. The Adidas water-repellent running shoes, on the other hand, generally use ballistic nylon or fabric that is designed to resist but not entirely prevent the penetration of moisture or water inside the shoe.

      2 best Adidas waterproof running shoes

      1. Adidas Terrex Agravic XT GTX
      2. Adidas Terrex Tracerocker GTX
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