30 best Adidas slip-on running shoes

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      1. Adidas Ultraboost S&L - Green
        Any color
        Adidas Ultraboost S&L - Green
        Adidas Ultraboost S&L - Grey
        Adidas Ultraboost S&L - Cloud White Grey Two Scarlet
        Adidas Ultraboost S&L - Black
        Adidas Ultraboost S&L - Blue Blue Ftwr White Grey Three F17 Blue Ftwr White Grey Three F17
        $180 $121 Save 33%
      2. Adidas Ultraboost Parley - Carbon Carbon Blue
        Any color
        Adidas Ultraboost Parley - Carbon Carbon Blue
        Adidas Ultraboost Parley - Black
        $200 $98 Save 51%
      3. Adidas Pureboost RBL - Black
        Any color
        Adidas Pureboost RBL - Black
        Adidas Pureboost RBL - Clear Brown Carbon White
        Adidas Pureboost RBL - Green
        Adidas Pureboost RBL - Black
        Adidas Pureboost RBL - White
        $160 $66 Save 59%
      4. Adidas AlphaBounce Instinct - White
      5. Adidas Falcon Elite 5 - Black
      6. Adidas Questar Trail - Night Brown/Black/Mystery Ink
      7. Adidas Adizero Prime LTD - Blue
      8. Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond - Collegiate Royal White Black
      9. Adidas Purebounce+ - Black/Trace Grey Metallic/Grey
        $100 $40 Save 60%
      10. Adidas Pureboost - White/Black/Grey
        $140 $50 Save 64%
      11. Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged - Grey Grey Hi Res Green
      12. Adidas Ultraboost Laceless - White
      13. Adidas Adizero Prime - Black
      14. Adidas Pureboost All Terrain - Trace Cargo/Black/Trace Olive
      15. Adidas Vigor Bounce - Grey
      16. Adidas Adizero Sub 2 - Pink
      17. Adidas Alphaboost Parley - core black/linen gre
      18. Adidas Adistar Raven Boost - Black
      19. Adidas Pureboost LTD - Core Black Core Black Active Red
      20. No image
      21. Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged Parley - Legend Blue Core Blue
      22. Adidas Adizero Prime Parley - Carbon Blue Spirit S Ftwr White
      23. Adidas Climachill Sonic Boost - Grey Tech Grey Shock Blue
      24. No image
      25. Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow - Black
        $130 $90 Save 31%
      26. Adidas Pureboost RBL LTD - Black
      27. Adidas Tracerocker - Blu Azumis Negbas Gris
      28. Adidas Energy Bounce 2.0 - Grey
      29. Adidas Supernova Riot - Clear/Brown/Black/Base Green S

      Slip-on shoes are typically low, laceless footwear. This style is ideal for busy men and women who want their shoes to be easily put on and off but remains snug when worn. Most people wear slip-on shoes for casual wear but they can also be used in many situations like running, workout, and sports. 

      Many runners and athletes desire to acquire a good pair of running shoes that can help them save time and enhance their overall performance. This motivates Adidas to continuously innovate to provide quality Adidas slip-on running shoes that are not only convenient to use but also comfortable and highly durable.  

      Benefits from wearing Adidas slip-on running shoes

      Best Adidas slip-on running shoes - May 2020

      • Convenience - Since they are easy to put on and off, they help save time and make the user’s life much easier, especially when in a hurry. 
      • Comfort and Protection - Slip-on shoes utilize materials that are designed to keep the foot comfortable and protected. 
      • Speed - These shoes incorporate lightweight yet highly durable materials that help enhance the running efficiency. 
      • Versatility - Adidas slip-on running shoes generally feature minimalistic yet stylish design, giving a more casual feel. They are not only suitable for running and workout, but also everyday wear. 

      Technologies commonly used in Adidas slip-on running shoes

      With decades of continuous investment in innovation and enhancements, Adidas has developed several running shoe technologies that aim to promote comfort, durability, and versatility. 

      Here are some of the well-known technologies that are commonly used in Adidas slip-on running shoes.


      Adidas running shoes generally feature highly durable rubber outsoles that are designed in cooperation with Continental Tires. The Continental™ outsole is made from a rubber compound that can hold in both wet and dry surfaces with ease, allowing control over movement such as swerving, turning, and braking. 


      Adiwear® is another popular outsole technology from Adidas. It is composed of an extremely durable rubber material that is used primarily for high-abrasion areas in the outsole. This rubber outsole delivers long-term defense against the wearing effects of continued use. 


      The company first released the Boost™ midsole technology in 2013. The Boost™ cushioning system is made from thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU capsules that were first developed by a German chemical corporation. This material is designed to provide a soft and bouncy ride without compromising durability. The Boost™ midsole is usually featured in Adidas lightweight running shoes.  


      Bounce™ technology is a bouncy and responsive midsole material that is made using ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA foam. Compared to Boost™ midsole, the Bounce™ midsole is firmer and heavier. It allows the wearer to have a stable and distraction-free workout.   

      Torsion System

      Since 1988, the Torsion System has been utilized in most of Adidas’ performance running shoes. It incorporates thermoplastic arch support that bridges between the heel and forefoot. This technology allows the rearfoot and forefoot to move independently and adapt to the running surface without straining the foot. 


      Primeknit is a knitted upper material that offers a snug and sock-like fit. This technology utilizes the concept of digital knitting to produce an accurate level of flexibility and support. It wraps around the foot seamlessly without being too restrictive. 

      Another benefit of using a slip-on running shoe with a Primeknit upper is breathability. This upper material allows for continuous airflow to keep the foot dry and cool for an extended period. 

      Engineered Mesh

      The engineered mesh is a soft upper material that resembles cloth. Just like the Primeknit material, the mesh is used to deliver a sock-like coverage that is free of irritants. The mesh accommodates the natural shape and movement of the foot throughout the running gait. It also offers optimal breathability without compromising durability. 

      Frequently asked questions

      What are the disadvantages of wearing Adidas slip-on running shoes? 

      Adidas slip-on running shoes offer a more casual feel than the traditional collar-and-tongue ones. However, these types of shoes don’t usually include motion control features that help minimize unnecessary movements. 

      Also, most Adidas slip-on shoes are just made for walking and light running. They are not advisable for long-distance runs or heavy-duty training sessions. 

      What are your tips when buying Adidas slip-on running shoes?

      • Given that some Adidas slip-on running shoes fit without the benefit of tongues or shoelaces, the runner needs to ensure that the running footwear fits well to avoid heel slippage and discomfort.
      • Shoes play a big role in keeping running strong and stable. Runners need to understand the level of pronation to help them choose the right shoe that fits their running style. Understanding ones running gait can help avoid premature shoe wear that can lead to discomfort and foot pain. 


      9 best Adidas slip-on running shoes

      1. Adidas AlphaBounce Instinct
      2. Adidas Ultraboost S&L
      3. Adidas Ultraboost Parley
      4. Adidas Adizero Prime LTD
      5. Adidas Questar Trail
      6. Adidas Adizero Prime
      7. Adidas Terrex Agravic Flow
      8. Adidas Purebounce+
      9. Adidas Alphaboost Parley
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