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  1. Any color
    Adidas Ultraboost 19 - core black/ftwr whit
    Adidas Ultraboost 19 - White
    Adidas Ultraboost 19 - Brown
    Adidas Ultraboost 19 - Black
    Adidas Ultraboost 19 - Black
    $180 $86 Save 52%
  2. Any color
    Adidas Ultraboost - Grey
    Adidas Ultraboost - White
    Adidas Ultraboost - Black
    Adidas Ultraboost - Black
    Adidas Ultraboost - Grey/Grey/Dark Grey Heather
    $180 $50 Save 72%
  3. Any color
    Adidas Pure Boost Go - Grey
    Adidas Pure Boost Go - Black/Grey/Grey
    Adidas Pure Boost Go - White/Solid Grey/Crystal White
    Adidas Pure Boost Go - Brown
    Adidas Pure Boost Go - Clear Brown/Carbon/Active Red
    $120 $30 Save 75%
  4. Any color
    Adidas Senseboost Go - Tech Ink White Black
    Adidas Senseboost Go - Ftwr White / Grey One / Core Black
    Adidas Senseboost Go - Grey One / Grey Three / Tech Ink
    Adidas Senseboost Go - Grey
    Adidas Senseboost Go - Core Black / Grey Five / Ftwr White
    $120 $49 Save 59%
  5. Any color
    $140 $63 Save 55%
  6. Any color
    $120 $43 Save 64%
  7. Any color
    $140 $37 Save 74%
  8. Any color
    $100 $40 Save 60%
  9. Any color
    $80 $40 Save 50%
  10. Any color
    $180 $105 Save 42%
  11. Any color
    $120 $53 Save 56%
  12. Any color
    $160 $62 Save 61%
  13. Any color
    $140 $49 Save 65%
  14. Any color
    $180 $112 Save 38%
  15. Any color
    $200 $90 Save 55%
  16. Any color
    $220 $92 Save 58%
  17. Any color
    $120 $56 Save 53%
  18. Any color
    $140 $55 Save 61%
  19. Any color
    $120 $31 Save 74%
  20. Any color
    $300 $195 Save 35%
  21. Any color
    $60 $26 Save 57%
  22. Any color
    $160 $43 Save 73%
  23. Any color
    $120 $49 Save 59%
  24. Any color
    $200 $71 Save 65%
  25. Any color
    $150 $47 Save 69%
  26. Any color
    $100 $45 Save 55%
  27. Any color
    $80 $40 Save 50%
  28. Any color
    $110 $49 Save 55%
  29. Any color
    $120 $50 Save 58%
  30. Any color
    $200 $60 Save 70%

Having been recognized as the brand that sets the bar for innovative shoes, Adidas held no reservations for its neutral running shoes. Packed with new technologies and leading technical components, Adidas aims to deliver neutral running shoes that power the performance of the runner. To date, the well-known shoe brand has released 4 lines of different neutral running shoes that provide different benefits.

What to look for in an Adidas neutral running shoe

best adidas neutral running shoes
Best Adidas neutral running shoes - October 2019

  • Fit. One of the things that you do not want happening to you when running is having an injury. That is why a lockdown fit should be one of your priorities when looking for a pair of Adidas neutral running shoes. Known for employing materials that basically conform to the shape of your foot, Adidas neutral running shoes will help deliver all-day comfort and a sock-like fit. 
  • Cushioning. One of the notable features of an Adidas neutral running shoe is the amount of cushioning it employs. It utilizes a dual-density Boost® midsole foam that not only brings comfort but also sets stability when running. It also keeps the runners at a neutral stride. 
  • Lightweight. One of the elements that Adidas focuses on is the lightweight feel and ride delivered by its neutral running shoe. Lightweight materials make up the shoe in order to conserve the energy of runners when running and give room for more miles. 

The different series of Adidas neutral running shoes


  • Built for racing, Adizero is one of the neutral running shoe lineups introduced by Adidas. The fan-favorite Adizero Boston Boost 7 is one of the neutral running shoes in this collection. This shoe lineup promises to deliver enhanced speed with its responsive Boost® midsole cushioning while delivering lightweight running experience through the shoe’s open mesh coverage. 

Ultra Boost 

  • Boasting an excellent level of responsiveness, the Ultra Boost collection of Adidas’ neutral running shoes presents maximized energy return for each step taken by the runner, thanks to the Boost® cushioning of the shoe. It is also recognized for bringing a sock-like and secure fit to the foot with its featured PrimeKnit upper. 

Pure Boost

  • The Pure Boost collection is crafted for city running, these neutral running shoes are reactive to the elements of urban running. It also offers an energized ride that allows runners to handle sudden direction shifts and quick cornering. They are constructed with a lightweight design, featuring a knit upper. 


  • Last, but definitely not the least—the AlphaBounce collection. It is designed for power running, it features premium cushioning for all-day comfort while delivering flexibility and springy ride, and fortified support to assist the side-to-side movement of the foot. 

Technologies of the Adidas neutral running shoe

Having been dubbed as one of the world’s most innovative brands, Adidas features several notable technologies into their neutral running shoes to deliver top-notch performance. Here are some of the premier technologies of these neutral running shoes: 


Composed of a lightweight knitted fabric that’s stitched together as one whole piece, the PrimeKnit upper of an Adidas neutral running shoe offers a sock-like fit and breathability to the foot. It allows sufficient airflow into the shoe that keeps the foot feeling fresh even after a long run. 

Boost® technology 

It has been claimed by many that Adidas is the manufacturer of the most comfortable running shoes in the market. This claim is branching from the fact that the midsole component of the neutral running shoe from Adidas is made out of Boost® technology.  Boost® is made out of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) compound that compresses when under pressure and instantly bounces back to its original form. It gives runners stability and yields a high energy return that delivers a consistent running experience. 

Continental™ Stretchweb outsole

Having partnered with Continental for a couple of years, Adidas neutral running shoes employ Continental™ Stretchweb rubber. It is an outsole component that is as sturdy as a vehicle tire, protecting the shoe from hazardous elements when running. Other than that, it also provides good traction, regardless of the surface and the condition. It also flexes naturally which energizes the ride. 

Stabilizing Torsion System

It is a lightweight construction and is embedded in the midsole, employing thermoplastic arch support, it enhances the support with each landing and provides a snappy transition for speedy propulsion. It helps combat the improper flexing of the arch. 

Energy Rail midsole

For added support and stability, Adidas neutral running shoe utilizes the Energy Rail midsole that guides the foot of the runner via neutral toe-off. 

Solar Propulsion Rail 

It is also embedded in the midsole of the Adidas neutral running shoe which is crafted to deliver an energetic and soft underfoot feel. It works together with the Boost® to guide the foot. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the most popular Adidas neutral running shoe? 

The most popular among all the Adidas neutral running shoe is the Adidas Ultra Boost 19. This is based on the fact that it has a high recall rate and has been rated highly by a lot of users, garnering a RunRepeat Corescore of 95%. It has also been highly recommended by several customers and is highly acclaimed for the comfort and durability it features. 

Is an Adidas neutral running shoe expensive? 

There are some Adidas neutral running shoes that are offered below the $100 mark, which classifies these shoes as cheap running shoes. Although these are offered at a significantly lower price, it does not mean that quality has been compromised. These runners still deliver the same quality performance and features just as Adidas promised. 

15 best Adidas neutral running shoes

  1. Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 7
  2. Adidas AlphaBounce RC 2.0
  3. Adidas Ultraboost 19
  4. Adidas Ultraboost S&L
  5. Adidas Adizero Adios 4
  6. Adidas Pure Boost Go
  7. Adidas Solar Glide
  8. Adidas Solar Boost
  9. Adidas Solar Drive
  10. Adidas Pure Boost
  11. Adidas AlphaEdge 4D
  12. Adidas Asweego
  13. Adidas Ultraboost
  14. Adidas AlphaBounce
  15. Adidas Pulseboost HD
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